There’s no need for an introduction anymore. By now, you know what we’re doing here. We are taking every single NFL franchise and ranking every head coach that they’ve hired during the Super Bowl era.

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Let’s Rank All Of The New York Giants Head Coaches



12. Bill Arnsparger


Years Coached: 1974-1976

Total Games Coached: 35

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 7-28


The New York Giants went through a bit of a rough patch from 1964 to 1980. The team only had two winning seasons during that time span and zero playoff appearances. The Giants also went through a number of different head coaches around this time and none were worse than ol’ Bill Arnsparger. Arnsparger was the Giants head coach for two full seasons and was fired halfway into his third year with the team after a dreadful 0-7 start. His stint with the Giants was Arnsparger’s only stint as a head coach in the NFL, although he was hired as LSU’s head coach in 1984. Shockingly he only lasted three seasons in Baton Rouge though…


11. John McVay


Years Coached: 1976-1978

Total Games Coached: 37

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 14-23


John McVay took over as Giants head coach after the team fired Bill Arnsparger following an 0-7 start in 1976. Fortunately for the Giants, McVay was a better coach than Arnsparger and immediately had more success, taking that 0-7 team and running them to a 3-4 finish to end the season. Unfortunately for McVay, the Giants really struggled to find a quarterback during his time with the team (in 1977, the Giants had three rookie QBs on their roster) and that eventually proved to be his undoing. After a 6-10 finish in 1978, the Giants decided to go their separate ways and the rest is history.


10. Pat Shurmur


Years Coached: 2018-present

Total Games Coached: 16

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 5-11


The New York Giants are a legendary NFL franchise. Every NFL franchise goes through a rough patch though and that’s what the Giants are experiencing right now. The Giants are a joke at the moment guys. They are clinging on to a Super Bowl winning QB who is WAY past his prime and is no longer good. They are letting truly talented players walk out their doors and are replacing them with scrubs. I have no idea what this team is doing right now and in my opinion, current head coach Pat Shurmur is a dead man walking. For one, Shurmur isn’t that good of a head coach. Yes, he’s a tremendous offensive coordinator who has a proven track record with QB’s. However, when it comes to being a head coach, some people just aren’t cut out for the job and that’s Pat Shurmur. Shurmur has been a head coach in the NFL for three full seasons and he’s gone 4-12 once and 5-11 twice. Don’t be shocked to see him fired this season.


9. Ray Handley


Years Coached: 1991-1992

Total Games Coached: 32

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 14-18


It’s never easy to replace a legend, especially in sports. It’s really difficult to replace a Super Bowl winning head coach in the NFL and it’s a job that few people can succeed at. Ray Handley was an assistant coach under Bill Parcells when Parcells was winning Super Bowl titles with the team. He was promoted to head coach after the Giants won the Super Bowl in 1990 and Parcells abruptly announced his retirement. Handley had a tough job in front of him and it all proved to be a little too much. In his first year with the team, New York went from a Super Bowl winning team to an 8-8 team that missed the playoffs. After another disappointing 6-10 season and another year in which they missed the playoffs, it was enough and the Giants were convinced they needed to go in another direction. That was the right decision.


8. Ben McAdoo

NFL: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings

Years Coached: 2016-2017

Total Games Coached: 28

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 13-15


If you’re an NFL team who is looking for a change, it’s better to fully hit the reset button than it is to fire a guy and give the job to someone who was on that fired head coach’s staff. There are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many examples where NFL teams have promoted from within and have had the thing blow up in their faces. That’s what happened to the Giants when they hired Ben McAdoo as head coach in 2016. After Tom Coughlin stepped down as head coach, the Giants didn’t want to make a drastic change and promoted McAdoo from offensive coordinator to head coach. At first, it looked like a great move. In just his first season with the team, McAdoo took a team that went 6-10 the previous year and got them to 11-5 and a playoff appearance. Not too shabby, right? Unfortunately the whole thing would fall apart the next year. The Giants got off to a 2-10 start and the people in the front office had seen enough. McAdoo was fired a little over halfway into his second year with the team. He has yet to return to the NFL in any sort of capacity.


7. Alex Webster


Years Coached: 1969-1973

Total Games Coached: 70

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 29-40-1


Alex Webster was a legendary running back for the New York Giants who retired in 1964 and joined the Giants coaching staff a few years later. He was an assistant coach who was promoted to the head coach position after Allie Sherman’s time in New York came to an end. You know how I feel about promoting from within on football staffs by now and this is just another example of it not working out. Webster was the Giants coach for five seasons and the team only had two winning seasons with zero playoff appearances in that time span. That’s just not good enough to get the job done at the end of the day. Webster resigned following a 2-11-1 season in 1973 and never coached again.


6. Ray Perkins


Years Coached: 1979-1982

Total Games Coached: 57

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 23-34


Ray Perkins was the Giants head coach from 1979-1982 and he probably doesn’t get the respect he rightfully deserves. I’m not coming out and here and proclaiming Perkins as the best coach of all-time or anything, but let’s start giving the guy a little bit more respect for what he built-in New York. Perkins took over a Giants team in 1979 that hadn’t been to the playoffs in almost twenty years! He got them back to the playoffs in 1981 following a 9-7 season (the Giants best season in over 10 years at that time), but it’s who he hired and the team that he built that matters here. Perkins is responsible for drafting a lot of the guys that won a Super Bowl for Bill Parcells, a guy that Perkins hired (Perkins also hired some guy named Bill Belichick and brought him on board as well) and brought on board in New York. Perkins may not have been the best football coach on this list, but the guy had an amazing eye for talent.


5. Dan Reeves


Years Coached: 1993-1996

Total Games Coached: 64

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 31-33


Dan Reeves is a legendary NFL head coach, but his time spent in New York as coach of the Giants was just odd. Reeves was coming off a long stint as Broncos head coach and had just recently been fired from the team following an 8-8 season. The Giants were also still trying to re-build things up after Bill Parcells announced his retirement in 1990, so Reeves made a ton of sense. Unfortunately, it just never really worked out. Reeves and the Giants had a great year in Reeves’ first season with the team. New York went 11-5, made it to the playoffs and Reeves was named “Coach of the Year”. It seemed like the Giants had found their replacement for Parcells. Three mediocre seasons later with no return trip to the playoffs and Dan Reeves was fired once again and the Giants were scrambling to find another guy to replace the legendary Parcells. I hope you’re paying attention Patriots fans.


4. Allie Sherman


Years Coached: 1961-1968

Total Games Coached: 112

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 57-51-4


I wasn’t even close to being alive during Allie Sherman’s days as head coach of the New York Giants, but I’m sure it was a fantastic time to be alive and there’s nothing that compares to it in today’s day and age. Sherman was a longtime assistant coach for the Giants who was promoted to head coach and kept the gig for 8 seasons. They didn’t really win anything with Sherman as head coach, so I’m not sure why he was kept on for so long, but it was a different time back then my friends.


3. Jim Fassel


Years Coached: 1997-2003

Total Games Coached: 112

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 58-53-1


Jim Fassel was a longtime position coach in both college football and the NFL when he finally got his big break as head coach of the Giants in 1997. The Giants were going through a bit of a rough patch at the time as it had been three seasons since the team saw post-season action and the fans were getting antsy and impatient. Fassel wasn’t exactly a big-name hire at the time, but he got immediate results and that’s exactly what you want from any rookie head coach. In Fassel’s first year with the team, the Giants went 10-5-1, won the division title and returned to the playoffs where they lost a close game to the Minnesota Vikings. New York kind of treaded water the next couple of seasons, but Fassel’s team in 2000 was easily the best team of his coaching career. In 2000, the Giants went 12-4, won the division, DOMINATED the Vikings in the NFC Championship (41-0!) and made it all the way to the Super Bowl before being upset by the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately for Fassel, that was the highlight of his time as head coach of the Giants. The Giants couldn’t recapture the magic of that 2000 season and after a 4-12 season in 2003, Fassel was fired and was never a head coach in the NFL again.


2. Tom Coughlin


Years Coached: 2004-2015

Total Games Coached: 192

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 102-90


Tom Coughlin is a fantastic NFL head coach and for the most part, a resume like his would get you the G.O.A.T. status for that team. Coughlin coached the Giants for 12 seasons, much longer than any other Giants head coach in the Super Bowl era. He’s got more wins than any other Giants head coach in the Super Bowl era. Oh, and did I mention? HE’S GOT TWO SUPER BOWL TITLES WITH THE GIANTS! That’s what we play for, right guys? Coughlin’s time in New York may not have ended well, but we can’t forget what this guy brought to the team. It’s been three years since Coughlin left the Giants AND THEY ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A DECENT GUY TO REPLACE HIM WITH! Why? Because legends aren’t easy to replace. Tom Coughlin is a Giants coaching legend and he would #1 on this list if it wasn’t for this guy right here…….


1. Bill Parcells


Years Coached: 1983-1990

Total Games Coached: 127

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 77-49-1


The G.O.A.T. of head coaching when it comes to the New York FOOTBALL Giants! Let’s not put too much thought into this one, alright people? Parcells is a Hall-of-Fame head coach and it’s all because of the time he spent as head coach of the Giants. Eight seasons in New York. Only two losing seasons during that time span (his first year was one of them). 5 playoff appearances. Eight playoff wins. And here’s the grand daddy of them all……TWO SUPER BOWL TITLES, one in 1986 and one in 1990! Not only that, but Parcells pulled the ultimate pimp move by winning a Super Bowl and then riding off into the sunset and calling it a career (or so we thought….). You can debate this one all you want guys. Bill Parcells is the G.O.A.T. of the Giants coaching circle and we can fight to the death if you disagree.