There’s no need for an introduction anymore. By now, you know what we’re doing here. We are taking every single NFL franchise and ranking every head coach that they’ve hired during the Super Bowl era.

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Let’s Rank All Of The New Orleans Saints Head Coaches



10. J.D. Roberts


Years Coached: 1970-1972

Total Games Coached: 35

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 7-25-3


If you’re relatively new to the NFL game, you may not know that for the most part, the New Orleans Saints have been somewhat of a miserable NFL franchise. Sure, they have experienced a ton of success lately under Sean Payton, but how many people are aware that the Saints were in the NFL FOR NINTEEN YEARS BEFORE POSTING A RECORD BETTER THAN 8-8???? I’m not joking guys. When they first arrived in the NFL, the Saints were cellar dwellers and they had a hard time getting out from under that moniker. During that time span, the Saint had ten different head coaches (some of them serving on an interim basis) and let’s just go ahead and get all those bums out-of-the-way right now. First up? J.D. Roberts. The second ever head coach in Saints history. He coached the Saints for 2 1/2 seasons and his best season was a 4-8-2 year. This was J.D. Roberts only job ever as a head coach on any level in football. After the Saints fired him, he quit football and started an oil company. Suck on that one Saints.


9. Hank Stram


Years Coached: 1976-1977

Total Games Coached: 28

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 7-21


Hank Stram was a legendary Super Bowl winning coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. After his tenure with the Chiefs was over in 1974, Stram should’ve retired. He didn’t though and decided to keep coaching. In 1976, he joined the New Orleans Saints in hopes of turning that franchise around. The Saints had been in the NFL for almost ten years at that point and had yet to experience a winning season. Stram had a lot success in the NFL, so if anyone could get the franchise turned around, it would be him. Wellllllllll, unfortunately that never came to fruition. After two extremely disappointing seasons as Saints head coach, Stram’s time was up, but not before he went out with a blaze. Stram’s last game as Saints head coach was a horrible loss against a Buccaneers team that was previously on a 26-game losing streak! Stram was so reportedly upset with the loss that he reportedly burned the game film. Maybe he should have just burned the franchise down instead?


8. Tom Fears


Years Coached: 1967-1970

Total Games Coached: 49

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 13-34-2


It’s never easy taking over as head coach for an NFL expansion team and Tom Fears found that out the hard way. Fears was a long-time player and assistant coach who took the job as Saints head coach after one year in Atlanta as an assistant (the Falcons went 2-12 that year). Fears knew it was going to be a tough job, but I don’t think he had any idea just how hard it would be turning the Saints into a winning team. After 3 1/2 miserable seasons under Fears, the Saints decided to move on and Fears never became a head coach in the NFL again.


7. Mike Ditka


Years Coached: 1997-1999

Total Games Coached: 48

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 15-33


It was supposed to go better than this. After getting fired by the Bears in 1992, Mike Ditka took a few years off from coaching to try his hands in other things. The Saints managed to surprise everyone when they hired Ditka in 1997. Ditka was a Super Bowl winning coach for the Chicago Bears who was taking over the reigns of a franchise that only had five total winning seasons and ZERO PLAYOFF WINS since joining the NFL. If anyone could get this thing turned around, Ditka was the man to do it. Unfortunately, that never happened. Ditka spent three seasons in New Orleans. His teams never went better than 6-10 and the Saints fired literally EVERYONE following the 3-13 season in 1999. At least he’ll always have his time in Chicago to look back on though….


6. John North


Years Coached: 1973-1975

Total Games Coached: 34

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 11-23


John North was a longtime assistant coach who was hired as the third head coach in New Orleans Saints history in 1973. At the time, the Saints had been in the NFL for six seasons and had yet to experience a winning season. After two and a half seasons with North at the helm, the Saints had been in the NFL for eight and a half seasons and had yet to experience a winning season. See what I did there?


5. Dick Nolan


Years Coached: 1978-1980

Total Games Coached: 44

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 15-29


Dick Nolan. What a great head of hair.


4. Bum Phillips

Bum Phillips

Years Coached: 1981-1985

Total Games Coached: 69 (nice)

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 27-42


If I was ranking coaches just based on appearance and how cool they are, Bum Phillips would always be #1. Phillips was a legendary defensive coach who was former head coach of the Houston Oilers when the Saints hired him in 1981 to turn their franchise’s fortunes around. At the time of his hire, the Saints had been in the NFL for 13 years and had never made it to the playoffs. Too say the Saints were desperate to get this thing turned around would be putting it mildly. Phillips was coming off a very successful stint as Oilers head coach and Saints fans were jacked for the hire, but tell me if you’ve heard this story before? The Saints hire a guy who had success elsewhere to turn their franchise around and he fails to do exactly that. There was a curse on the New Orleans Saints in the 90’s and no one could win.


3. Jim Haslett


Years Coached: 2000-2005

Total Games Coached: 96

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 45-51


Jim Haslett was an assistant coach in the NFL for numerous teams when he finally got his big break when the Saints hired him as head coach in 2000. Haslett’s job wasn’t going to be easy though. Not only was he taking over a team that hadn’t had a winning season in eight years, but he was taking over a team that HAD NEVER WON A PLAYOFF GAME! Think about that for a second. When the Saints hired Haslett in 2000, they had been in the NFL for almost 33 years AND HAD ZERO PLAYOFF SUCCESS!!!!! Enter: Jim Haslett. In just his first year as Saints head coach, Haslett’s team went 10-6, won a division title for only the second time in franchise history, AND THEY ACTUALLY WON A PLAYOFF GAME Y’ALL! No joke! It took the city of New Orleans almost 35 years to see their football team win a playoff game, but Jim Haslett was the man who finally made that happen. Now, after this season, Haslett’s team started to regress and he was fired after the 2005 season, but we’ll always have that first playoff win.


2. Jim Mora


Years Coached: 1986-1996

Total Games Coached: 167

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 93-74


Jim Mora Sr. was the first head coach in New Orleans Saints history to have success. He’s the first coach in Saints history to lead his team to the playoffs (even though they never won in the post-season). He’s the first head coach in Saints history to win a division title. With 167 games under his belt, he’s the second longest tenured coach as well as the second winningest coach in team history. You can definitely tell from reading this list that the New Orleans Saints have had a rough time hiring head coaches in their franchise’s history. It’s pretty sad that Jim Mora never won a playoff game in New Orleans and he would be the best head coach in New Orleans history if it wasn’t for this guy…….


1. Sean Payton


Years Coached: 2006-present

Total Games Coached: 192

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 118-74


The G.O.A.T. of head coaching when it comes to the New Orleans Saints. Sean Payton is easily the winningest coach in Saints history. His 8-6 record in the playoffs absolutely blows every other Saints coach out of the water. His teams have also won five division titles (four more than any other head coach), an NFC Championship, and oh yeah…..SUPER BOWL XLIV! I don’t think people respect what Sean Payton has done in New Orleans enough. The Saints are a miserable NFL franchise who lucked into hiring Payton and trading for Drew Brees and they’ve reaped the benefits. Every few years or so, the front office likes to flirt with the idea of firing Payton and hitting the reset button once again. I highly suggest Saints officials read this column anytime they get that inclination in the future……