There’s no need for an introduction anymore. By now, you know what we’re doing here. We are taking every single NFL franchise and ranking every head coach that they’ve hired during the Super Bowl era.

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Let’s Rank All Of The Carolina Panthers Head Coaches 



4. George Seifert


Years Coached: 1999-2001

Total Games Coached: 48

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 16-32


Unfortunately for George Seifert, he has the distinction of being the only head coach in Carolina Panthers history that never made the playoffs. Now, to be fair….the Panthers are still a relatively new NFL franchise in terms of being active during the Super Bowl era. However, you can’t deny facts. Seifert took the reigns of the Panthers job after Dom Capers was fired and things didn’t start off too bad. Carolina went 8-8 the first season and 7-9 in Seifert’s second season. And then it went off the rails. The Panthers went 1-15 losing 15 straight games in 2001 and that signaled the end of the Seifert era in Carolina.


3. Dom Capers


Years Coached: 1995-1998

Total Games Coached: 64

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 30-34


Does Dom Capers get the respect he deserves for what he was able to do with the Carolina Panthers? The Panthers were an expansion team in 1995 and they choose Dom Capers as the man to lead their team, and it wasn’t expected to be a very good team like most expansion teams. Carolina ended up setting an NFL record that first year when they finished a shocking 7-9. You know what they ended up doing for an encore the next season? Carolina went 12-4 and made it all the way to the NFC Championship before losing to the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately for Capers and the Panthers, that was the highlight of his tenure there as the team started to regress after that and Capers was let go after going 4-12 in 1998.


2. John Fox


Years Coached: 2002-2010

Total Games Coached: 144

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 73-71


John Fox spent nine seasons as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and it was a rocky ride during his tenure. Under Fox’s leadership, the Panthers seemed to either swim around the .500 mark or they would have a boom year where they would reach double-digit wins and make the playoffs. To Fox’s credit, the Panthers were competitive during his entire tenure minus his final season when the team went 2-14 and everything exploded. Fox did end up going 5-3 in the post-season as head coach of the Panthers and even made it to Super Bowl XXXVIII where they lost to the New England Patriots. He would be the best head coach in Carolina Panthers history if it wasn’t for……


1. Ron Rivera


Years Coached: 2011-present

Total Games Coached: 127

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 71-56-1


Ron Rivera is the best coach in the Carolina Panthers short history with all due respect to John Fox. Rivera has the best winning percentage out of all the other coaches, the most playoff berths earned, 3 division titles (which is one more than Fox has), a Super Bowl appearance of his own, and also has a “Coach of the Year” award to his credit. Rivera doesn’t get the love that he should because his playoff record is spotty (outside of 2015 where the Panthers went 15-1 and made it to the Super Bowl), but the guy is a damn good head football coach. He’s not the best in the world, but trust me when I say it could be a lot worse…..