Pop quiz hot-shot.

What are the most important positions on a football team?

If you said “quarterback” and “head coach”, go ahead and give yourselves a cookie!

No other positions on a football team are more important than those two positions. If you have a legend at either position, your team is likely seeing a lot of success on the football field.

Just look at the New England Patriots. They have a guy named Bill Belichick as their head coach and he’s the best the business has ever seen and that’s why the Patriots are the greatest football dynasty we’ve ever seen.

So, how good has your football team been at hiring head coaches? It’s no secret that some teams are much better than other teams at this feat and so it’s time to devote some serious time and money into figuring out the best head coaches of every NFL team during the Super Bowl era.

This will be fun trust me.


Let’s Rank All Of The Baltimore Ravens Head Coaches 



3. Ted Marchibroda


Years Coached: 1996-1998

Total Games Coached: 48

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 16-31-1


Ted Marchibroda was the first-ever head coach in Baltimore Ravens history (although if you want to get technical, he was actually replacing the recently fired Bill Belichick from the Cleveland Browns where the team came from). Marchibroda was in a tough situation from the start in Baltimore and after three losing seasons, he was shown the door. It may not be fair to call Marchibroda the worst coach in Ravens history, but he is. He’s actually the only Ravens coach who hasn’t won a Super Bowl so…….


2. Brian Billick


Years Coached: 1999-2007

Total Games Coached: 144

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 80-64


Brian Billick was Ted Marchibroda’s replacement and he did a bang-up job turning the Baltimore Ravens into a premiere NFL franchise. In nine seasons in Baltimore, Billick had just three losing seasons, four seasons where the team finished with over double-digit wins, two division titles, four playoff appearances, and oh yeah….a Super Bowl title in 2000. While Billick was never quite able to re-capture the magic of that 2000 season again, you can’t deny that the guy was a damn good football coach while in Baltimore. It still shocks me to this day that Billick never tried his hand at another NFL coaching job, but you can never say never.


1. John Harbaugh

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers

Years Coached: 2008-present

Total Games Coached: 176

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 104-72


John Harbaugh is the GOAT when you want to talk about the Baltimore Ravens head coaches. I’m still amazed that there were rumors that the Ravens & Harbaugh were heading towards a split in the off-season a few months ago. Those rumors have since been squashed as Harbaugh has agreed to an extension with the team and he’ll be sticking around for a while and for good reason. The guy is a good coach and he has the credentials to prove it. 11 seasons in Baltimore now with just ONE losing season! 7 playoff appearances in 11 seasons with an overall 10-6 record in the post-season. 3 division titles and of course, the granddaddy of them all, the Super Bowl trophy the team won in 2012. Very few NFL franchises have been blessed like the Ravens have when it comes to head coaches. It looks like Harbaugh is going to be around for a long time and for good reason…..