Pop quiz hot-shot.

What are the most important positions on a football team?

If you said “quarterback” and “head coach”, go ahead and give yourselves a cookie!

No other positions on a football team are more important than those two positions. If you have a legend at either position, your team is likely seeing a lot of success on the football field.

Just look at the New England Patriots. They have a guy named Bill Belichick as their head coach and he’s the best the business has ever seen and that’s why the Patriots are the greatest football dynasty we’ve ever seen.

So, how good has your football team been at hiring head coaches? It’s no secret that some teams are much better than other teams at this feat and so it’s time to devote some serious time and money into figuring out the best head coaches of every NFL team during the Super Bowl era.

This will be fun trust me.

First up? A team that has a REAL hard time finding a head coach who can coach the team for multiple seasons…..


Let’s Rank All Of The Arizona Cardinals Head Coaches 



15. Hank Kuhlmann 


Years Coached: 1989

Total Games Coached: 5

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 0-5


After head coach Gene Stallings abruptly retired as head coach of the Cardinals in 1989, the team named Hank Kuhlmann as interim head coach and he went off and finished the season with an amazing 0-5 run that ended with a thud. It may not be fair to classify Kuhlmann as the worst head coach the Cardinals have had in the Super Bowl era, but it’s true.


14. Steve Wilks


Years Coached: 2018

Total Games Coached: 16

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 3-13


A lot of people thought Steve Wilks was fired a little prematurely this off-season by the Cardinals after having only coached one season with the team. Well, those people are nuts. Wilks was absolutely dreadful in his run as the Cardinals head coach. Yes, the roster was extremely limited and maybe he didn’t quite get a fair shake, but the guy knew what he was getting into when he took the job in the first place. With a young QB on the roster, the Cardinals needed to get a head coach in place who could develop the guy into a franchise QB. Wilks wasn’t that guy.


13. Dave McGinnis


Years Coached: 2000-2003

Total Games Coached: 57

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 17-40


I personally remember a lot about the Dave McGinnis/Arizona Cardinals era. The reason I remember it is because I was a young man who was starting to REALLY get into the NFL at that time. I also remember that I didn’t know a lot about the NFL back then, but I knew the Arizona Cardinals were the laughing-stock of the league. They had one decent year under McGinnis (7-9 in 2001), but they started to slide in the opposite direction after that year and quickly regressed. That’s a sign of bad coaching my friends and when you think of bad head coaches, Dave McGinnis deserves a place at the top of that list.


12. Bob Hollway


Years Coached: 1971-1972

Total Games Coached: 28

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 8-18-2


Bob Hollway’s coaching tenure in Arizona was loooooooooong before my time started, but thanks to the power of Wikipedia and other sources I can confirm that his tenure in Arizona didn’t go very well. In both of his seasons at the helm, Hollway’s teams went 4-9-1 before he was shown the door and never became a head coach in the NFL again. Life sure was rough back in 1971.


11. Bud Wilkinson


Years Coached: 1978-1979

Total Games Coached: 29

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 9-20


Bud Wilkinson was a long-time head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners (1947-1963) who jumped into broadcasting once his college coaching career was done. His broadcasting career was successful but that didn’t stop Wilkinson from eventually pursuing new challenges such as coaching in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, his NFL coaching career went the exact opposite way that his college coaching career did. After two disappointing seasons as head coach of the Cardinals, Wilkinson eventually returned to broadcasting where he probably realized he never should have left.


10. Joe Bugel


Years Coached: 1990-1993

Total Games Coached: 64

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 20-44


If you’re an Arizona Cardinals fan who remembers the Joe Bugel era, well…..I’m sorry. Bugel was hired in 1990 after working on the Washington Redskins staff where he helped the team win multiple Super Bowls. Unfortunately, he was never able to get the Cardinals out of the pits of NFL hell and right when it looked like there might be some hope for him (the team finished 7-9 in his final year), he was shown the door. Twenty wins in four seasons should usually end in that result though.


9. Dennis Green


Years Coached: 2004-2006

Total Games Coached: 48

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 16-32


The Dennis Green/Arizona Cardinals era is best remembered in the NFL world for one thing and one thing only…..



8. Buddy Ryan


Years Coached: 1994-1995

Total Games Coached: 32

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 12-20


Buddy Ryan is a legendary NFL head coach, but by the time he got to Arizona he was on the cusp of retirement and his time had passed. Even though the team went 8-8 in his first season as head coach, they regressed the following year and Ryan never coached in the NFL again.


7. Gene Stallings


Years Coached: 1986-1989

Total Games Coached: 58

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 23-34-1


Gene Stalling was a part of Tom Landry’s staff in Dallas for 13 years and finally got his chance at a head coaching job in 1986 when the Cardinals came calling. All in all, Stallings never reached the playoffs and never had a winning season in four seasons as head coach of the Cardinals, but the Cardinals were a competitive team in his run. After leaving the Cardinals, Stallings went on to become head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide and won the 1992 National Championship so things ended for him just fine.


6. Charley Winner


Years Coached: 1966-1970

Total Games Coached: 70

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 35-30-5


You think a guy with a name like Charley Winner would have won more, but it is what it is. Winner’s time with the Cardinals franchise was WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL before I was alive, but the guy spent five seasons as the Cardinals head coach and the team was pretty decent during his run. Unfortunately they never won anything that really mattered which is why Mr. Winner isn’t higher on this list.


5. Jim Hanifan


Years Coached: 1980-1985

Total Games Coached: 89

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 35-30-5


Jim Hanifan was the coach of the Arizona Cardinals about the same time I was being introduced to this wonderful thing we call “Earth”. He coached the Cardinals for six seasons. He had three winning seasons and three losing seasons. His teams made it to the playoffs once (in 1982 and lost in the first-round to the Green Bay Packers) and then after that playoff appearance, the team fell off the map and didn’t make another appearance in the playoffs for sixteen straight seasons. But hey, those Jim Hanifan years were pretty good…..right?


4. Don Coryell


Years Coached: 1973-1977

Total Games Coached: 70

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 35-30-5


Don Coryell was a pretty good head football coach. Coryell was in charge of the Cardinals for five seasons and he ended his career with a respectable 35-30-5 overall record and even won the “Coach of the Year” award in 1974. Unfortunately, Coryell’s teams couldn’t do anything in the post-season. After making the playoffs in his second and third years with the team, they failed to win a playoff game and were sent home early every time. Some people are just better bridesmaids.


3. Vince Tobin


Years Coached: 1996-2000

Total Games Coached: 71

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 28-43


I remember a lot about the Vince Tobin/Arizona Cardinals era. I remember how mediocre of a football franchise the Cardinals were around this time. I remember that the team had gone through five head coaches, a relocation, and 13+ seasons of no post-season football by the time Tobin came into town. Tobin’s teams were far from world beaters and the guy only had one winning season while head coach in Phoenix, but the team won a playoff game in the Super Bowl era with Tobin as head coach….so he gets a bump here.


2. Bruce Arians


Years Coached: 2013-2017

Total Games Coached: 80

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 49-30-1


Bruce Arians was known for being a snazzy dresser and a guy that players like to play for. Did you also know that he’s a pretty good head coach as well? After serving as offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts, Arians was named the interim head coach of the team after Chuck Pagano was sidelined due to medical reasons. Arians ended up having a great year with the Colts and parlayed that gig into a permanent one with Arizona and he did a fine job with this team. In five seasons with the Cardinals, Arians only had one losing season which is pretty impressive considering the history of this team. Yes, the team never won a playoff game in the Arians era and he abruptly announced his retirement last year (he’s since come out of retirement to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), but you can’t deny that Arians had way more success than almost every other Cardinals coach in the Super Bowl era.


1. Ken Whisenhunt


Years Coached: 2007-2012

Total Games Coached: 96

Win/Loss/Tie Record: 45-51


Ken Whisenhunt is the best head coach the Arizona Cardinals have had in the Super Bowl era. Who saw this one coming? For all the good that Whisenhunt did while in Arizona, the guy’s name sure gets dragged through the mud a lot, but hey…..let’s just ignore that for now, OK? After a disappointing hire in Dennis Green, the Cardinals needed to make a splash and so they went after Whisenhunt. In his first year with the team, they went 8-8. Pretty good. The next year though? That was a game-changer. The Cardinals went 9-7 in 2008, but they shocked the world when they went on a playoff run winning three straight games en route to an appearance in the Super Bowl. After years of displaying miserable football teams, the Cardinals somehow made it the promised land….but they came up short. The following year, expectations went up but the team fell short again after getting absolutely housed in the NFC Divisional game by the New Orleans Saints. Following that year though, the Cardinals started to regress and Whisenhunt couldn’t get the ship corrected and back on course. He was sent packing in 2013 and went on to become the head coach of the Tennessee Titans….but let’s not speak about that.