It’s in the air people. You smell it. I smell it. Everyone smells it. The grass is getting cut. The lines in the field are getting drawn. Football players everywhere are starting to get nervous because football season is ALMOST UPON US!

Every year I predict how every single FBS college football team is going to perform. I breakdown every team by conference and put some serious thought into these predictions. I like to pride myself on being correct (who doesn’t these days though?) so I go over every single team with a fine tooth comb.

College football is a unique sport. The roster transition from year-to-year can make it so a team can go from a 12-0 season to a 3-9 season with no time to stop and think about what the hell went wrong. No other sport deals with the kind of roster changes that college football head coaches have to deal with every year. That in itself makes college football one of the most interesting sports out there in my opinion.

And guess what folks? Kick-off is right around the corner so it’s time to nut up and find out what the wonderful world of college football has in store for us this year. It’s time for the 2018 College Football preview so sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.


The Guide:

Last Year’s Record: Pretty self-explanatory

Last Year”s Bowl Game: Did the team compete in a bowl last year

Last Bowl Game Appearance: If the team wasn’t in a bowl last year, when’s the last time they made a bowl game?

Head Coach: The team’s leader

Head Coach Effect: A nice little formula featuring +/- that lets you know how good your coach performed last season. A + grade is how many wins I credit the coach for last season while a – grade means the coach did a pretty bad job with what he was working with

Top Returning Players: These are the best players from last year that are returning this year

Top Incoming Players: The top recruits in the Nation who will be joining your favorite team

Potential NFL Hopefuls: These are the guys on your favorite team’s roster that are already on the NFL’s radar. Obviously the more NFL talent you have on your team, the more I like your team

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: How difficult is your schedule compared to the other 129 FBS teams? Credit to Phil Steele for the schedule rankings

Predicted Record: How good will your team be next season?


And that’s it. ENJOY THE PREVIEW FOLKS!!!!!!




10. Kansas Jayhawks

Last Year’s Record: 1-11

Last Year’s Bowl Game: No bowl game

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2008 Insight vs. Minnesota (Won 42-21)

Head Coach: David Beaty (3-33 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: -2

Top Returning Players: Daniel Wise (DL), Joe Dineen (LB), Hakeem Adeniji (OL), Bryce Torneden (DB), Khalil Herbert (RB), Steven Sims (WR), Mavin Saunders (TE), Gabriel Rui (K), Carter Stanley (QB), Quan Hampton (WR), Jeremiah Booker (WR), Andru Tovi (OL), Chris Hughes (OL), Clyde McCauley (OL), J.J. Holmes (DL), Josh Ehambe (DL), Keith Loneker (LB), Hasan Defense (DB), Shakial Taylor (DB), Tyrone Miller (DB), Mike Lee (DB)

Top Incoming Players: Azur Kamara (DL), Najee Stevens-McKenzie (DL), Corione Harris (DB), Elijah Jones (DB), Stephon Robinson (WR), Elmore Hempstead (DB), Pooka Williams (RB), Codey Cole (DL), Kenny Bastida (LB), Nick Williams (OL)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Hakeem Adeniji (OL), Danny Wise (DL), J.J. Holmes (DL), Joe Dineen (LB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 22nd

Predicted Record: 2-10 (0-9)


9. Baylor Bears

Last Year’s Record: 1-11

Last Year’s Bowl Game: No bowl game

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2016 Cactus vs. Boise State (Won 31-12)

Head Coach: Matt Rhule (1-11 @ Baylor, 29-34 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: -8

Top Returning Players: Denzel Mims (WR), Ira Lewis (DL), Clay Johnston (LB), Grayland Arnold (DB), Sam Tecklenburg (OL), Charlie Brewer (QB), Jake Fruhmorgen (OL), Connor Martin (K), Johnathan Lovett (RB), Jalen Hurd (WR), Chris Platt (WR), Blake Blackmar (OL), Xavier Newman (OL), Patrick Lawrence (OL), Greg Roberts (DL), Tyron Hunt (DL), Jalen Pitre (LB), Harrison Hand (DB), Verkedric Vaughns (DB), Drew Galitz (P)

Top Incoming Players: Johncarlo Valentin (OL), Josh Fleeks (WR), Gerry Bohanon (QB), Craig Williams (RB), Isaac Power (K), Byron Hanspard (DB), Josh Landry (DL), Connor Galvin (OL), Bralen Taylor (TE), Jackson Kimble (OL), Kalon Barnes (WR), Casey Phillips (OL), Christian Morgan (DB), Ylijaah Hall (OL), Ben Sims (TE)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Denzel Mims (WR), Kyle Boyd (FB), Sam Tecklenburg (OL), Blake Blackmar (OL), Ira Lewis (DL), Tyrone Hunt (DL), Clay Johnston (LB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 33rd

Predicted Record: 3-9 (1-8)


8. West Virginia Mountaineers

Last Year’s Record: 7-6

Last Year’s Bowl Game: Heart of Dallas vs. Utah (Lost 14-30)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2017 Heart of Dallas vs. Utah (Lost 14-30)

Head Coach: Dana Holgorsen (53-37 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: -1

Top Returning Players: Will Grier (QB), David Sills (WR), Yodny Cajuste (OL), David Long (LB), Dravon Askew-Henry (DB), Gary Jennings (WR), Colton McKivitz (OL). Kenny Robinson (DB), Josh Sills (OL), Ezekiel Rose (DL), Dylan Tonkery (LB), Toyous Avery (DB), Jacob Buccigrossi (OL), Reese Donahue (DL), Skyler Simcox (K), Billy Kinney (P)

Top Incoming Players: Josh Norwood (DB), Kwantel Raines (DB), Dante Stills (DL), Charlie Benton (LB), Leddie Brown (RB), Blaine Scott (OL), Keith Washington (DB), Dillon Spalding (WR), T.J. Banks (TE), Trey Lowe (QB), James Gmiter (DL), Mike O’Laughlin (TE), Junior Uzebu (OL)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Will Grier (QB), Kennedy McKoy (RB), David Sills (WR), Gary Jennings (WR), Yodny Cajuste (OL), Colton McKivitz (OL), Josh Sills (OL), David Long (LB), Dylan Tonkery (LB), Dravon Askew-Henry (DB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 12th

Predicted Record: 6-6 (4-5)


7. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Last Year’s Record: 6-7

Last Year’s Bowl Game: Birmingham vs. USF (Lost 34-38)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2017 Birmingham vs. USF (Lost 34-38)

Head Coach: Kliff Kingsbury (30-33 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: 0

Top Returning Players: Dakota Allen (LB), Jah’Shawn Johnson (DB), T.J. Vasher (WR), Terence Steele (OL), Broderick Washington (DL), Jack Anderson (OL), Eli Howard (DL), Justus Parker (DB), Da’Leon Ward (RB), Travis Bruffy (OL), Kolin Hill (DL), Jordyn Brooks (LB), Paul Stawarz (C), Dawson Deaton (OL), Octavious Morgan (DB), DaMarcus Fields (DB), Vaughnte Dorsey (DB), Clayton Hatfield (K), Dominic Panazzolo (P)

Top Incoming Players: Erik Ezukanma (WR), Ta’Zhawn Henry (RB), Alan Bowman (QB), Demarcus Marshall (OL), Hakeem White (OL), SaRodorick Thompson (RB)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Paul Stawarz (OL), Madison Akamnonu (OL), Eli Howard (DL), Kolin Hill (DL), Broderick Washington (DL), Dakota Allen (LB), Jah’Shawn Johnson (DB), Justus Parker (DB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 30th

Predicted Record: 7-5 (4-5)


6. Kansas State Wildcats

Last Year’s Record: 8-5

Last Year’s Bowl Game: Cactus vs. UCLA (Won 35-17)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2017 Cactus. UCLA (Won 35-17)

Head Coach: Bill Snyder (210-110-1 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: +5

Top Returning Players: Dalton Risner (OL), Reggie Walker (DL), Duke Shelley (DB), Alex Barnes (RB), Trey Dishon (DL), Isaiah Zuber (WR), Adam Holtorf (OL), Elijah Sullivan (LB), Alex Delton (QB), Tyler Mitchell (OL), Abdul Beecham (OL), Scott Frantz (OL), Denzel Goolsby (DB), Kendall Adams (DB)

Top Incoming Players: Rahsaan York (LB), Darreyl Patterson (DB), Luke Sowa (FB), Wayne Jones (DB), John Holcombe (QB)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Skylar Thompson (QB), Alex Barnes (RB), Dalton Risner (OL), Scott Frantz (OL), Jordan Mittie (DL), Kendall Adams (DB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 21st

Predicted Record: 7-5 (5-4)


5. Iowa State Cyclones

Last Year’s Record: 8-5

Last Year’s Bowl Game: Liberty vs. Memphis (Won 21-20)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2017 Liberty vs. Memphis (Won 21-20)

Head Coach: Matt Campbell (11-14 @ Iowa State, 46-29 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: +3

Top Returning Players: David Montgomery (RB), Chase Allen (TE), Brian Peavy (DB), Ray Lima (DL), Marcel Spears (LB), Kyle Kempt (QB), Hakeem Butler (WR), Josh Knipfel (OL), Willie Harvey (LB), D’Andre Payne (DB), JaQuan Bailey (DL), Bryce Meeker (OL), Julian Good-Jones (OL)

Top Incoming Players: Brayden Narveson (K), Joseph Scates (WR), Joey Ramos (OL), Greg Eisworth (DB), Re-Al Mitchell (QB), Corey Dunn (K), Trevor Downing (OL), Sean Shaw (WR), Will McDonald (DL), Brock Purdy (QB)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Kyle Kempt (QB), David Montgomery (RB), Hakeem Butler (WR), Chase Allen (TE), Sam Seonbuchner (FB), Julian Good-Jones (OL), Josh Knipfel (OL), JaQuan Bailey (DL), Ray Lima (DL), Marcel Spears (LB), Will Harvey (LB), Brian Peavy (DB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 17th

Predicted Record: 8-4 (6-3)


4. TCU Horned Frogs

Last Year’s Record: 11-3

Last Year’s Bowl Game: Alamo vs. Stanford (Won 39-37)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2017 Alamo vs. Stanford (Won 39-37)

Head Coach: Gary Patterson (160-57 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: +5

Top Returning Players: Ben Bangou (DL), Darius Anderson (RB), Ty Summers (LB), Niko Small (DB), Lucas Niang (OL), Ross Blacklock (DL), Jalen Reagor (WR), Cordel Iwuagwu (OL), L.J. Collier (DL), Jeff Gladney (DB), Kavontae Turpin (WR), Ridwan Issahaku (DB), Jeff Gladney (DB), Cole Bunce (K)

Top Incoming Players: Anthony McKinney (OL), Atanza Vongor (DB), Justin Rogers (QB), Fabian Franklin (RB), Pro Wells (TE), Bryson Jackson (WR), Ben Wilson (LB), Trevon Moehrig-Woodard (DB), Esteban Avila (OL), Ar’Darius Washington (DB), Taye Barber (WR), Ochaun Mathis (DL), John Lanz (OL), Izaih Filikitonga (DL), John Stephens (WR), Jacoby Simpson (LB), Tevailance Hunt (WR)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Darius Anderson (RB), Ben Banogu (DL), Ross Blacklock (DL), Jawuan Johnson (LB), Jeff Gladney (DB), Ridwan Issahaku (DB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 18th

Predicted Record: 8-4 (6-3)


3. Texas Longhorns


Last Year’s Record: 7-6

Last Year’s Bowl Game: Texas vs. Missouri (Won 33-16)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2017 Texas vs. Missouri (Won 33-16)

Head Coach: Tom Herman (7-6 @ Texas, 29-10 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: -2

Top Returning Players: Gary Johnson (LB), Kris Boyd (DB), Andrew Beck (TE), Patrich Vahe (OL), Breckyn Hager (DL), Collin Johnson (WR), Zach Shackelford (OL), Malcolm Roach (LB), Sam Ehlinger (QB), Lil’Jordan Humphrey (WR), Derek Kerstetter (OL), Chris Nelson (DL), Charles Omenihu (DL), Anthony Wheeler (LB), P.J. Locke (DB), Brandon Jones (DB)

Top Incoming Players: Anthony Cook (DB), Brennan Eagles (WR), B.J. Foster (DB), Caden Sterns (DB), Keondre Coburn (DL), Jalen Green (DB), Al’Vonte Woodard (WR), Joshua Moore (WR), Cameron Rising (QB), Ayodele Adeoye (LB), Keaontay Ingram (RB), Malcolm Epps (TE), Cameron Dicker (K), DeMarvion Overshown (DB), D’Shawn Jamison (DB), Joseph Ossai (LB), Casey Thompson (QB), Rafiti Ghirmai (OL), Junior Angilau (OL), Mikey Grandy (OL), Byron Hobbs (LB), Reese Moore (OL), Daniel Carson (DL), Mike Williams (DL)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Shane Buechele (QB), Tre Watson (RB), Lil’Jordan Humphrey (WR), Collin Johnson (WR), Andrew Beck (TE), Zach Shackelford (OL), Patrick Vahe (OL), Charles Omenihu (DL), Breckyn Hager (DL), Chris Nelson (DL), Kris Boyd (DB)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 8th

Predicted Record: 9-3 (6-3)


2. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Last Year’s Record: 10-3

Last Year’s Bowl Game: Camping World vs. Virginia Tech (Won 30-21)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: 2017 Camping World vs. Virginia Tech (Won 30-21)

Head Coach: Mike Gundy (114-53 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: -1

Top Returning Players: Marcus Keyes (DL), Jordan Brailford (DL), Justice Hill (RB), Jalen McCleskey (WR), Justin Phillips (LB), Calvin Bundage (LB), Rodarius Williams (DB), Zach Sinor (P), Matt Amendola (K), Britton Abbott (TE), Johnny Wilson (OL), Cole Walterscheid (DL), Darrion Daniels (DL), A.J. Green (DB)

Top Incoming Players: C.J. Moore (WR), Spencer Sanders (QB), Mike Scott (DL), Amadou Fofana (DL), Jake Ross (TE), Tanner McCalister (DB), Bryce Bray (OL), Tyrese Williams (OL), Blake Barron (LB), Sean Michael Flanagan (DB), JayVeon Cardwell (DB), Jacob Farrell (OL), Hunter Anthony (OL), Hunter Woodard (OL), Tyler Lacy (DL), Kolby Peel (LB), Jahmyl Jeter (RB)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Justice Hill (RB), Marcus Keyes (OL), Jordan Brailford (DL), Trey Carter (DL), Calvin Bundage (LB), A.J. Green (DB), Matt Amendola (K), Zach Sinor (P)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 41st

Predicted Record: 9-3 (6-3)


1. Oklahoma Sooners

Last Year’s Record: 12-2

Last Year’s Bowl Game: [College Football Playoffs] Rose vs. Georgia (Lost 48-54)

Last Bowl Game Appearance: [College Football Playoffs] Rose vs. Georgia (Lost 48-54)

Head Coach: Lincoln Riley (12-2 all-time)

Head Coach Effect For 2017-18 Season: 0

Top Returning Players: Rodney Anderson (RB), Marquise Brown (WR), Ben Powers (OL), Dru Samia (OL), Kyler Murray (QB), Bobby Evans (OL), Kenneth Murray (LB), CeeDee Lamb (WR), Grant Calcaterra (TE), Marquise Overton (DL), Caleb Kelley (LB), Tre Norwood (DB), Austin Seibert (K), Amani Bledsoe (DL), Parnell Motley (DB)

Top Incoming Players: Tramonda Moore (OL), Brey Walker (OL), Michael Thompson (DL), T.J. Pledger (RB), Brendan Radley-Hiles (DB), Ron Tatum (DL), Darrell Simpson (OL), Nikolas Bonitto (LB), Ronnie Perkins (DL), Jaqualyn Crawford (WR), Jalen Redmond (DL), Miguel Edwards (DB), Tanner Mordecai (QB), Brian Asamoah (LB), DaShaun White (LB), Jordan Kelley (DL), Patrick Fields (DB), Starrland Baldwin (DB), Kundarrius Taylor (WR), Jaylon Robinson (WR), Brayden Willis (TE)

Potential NFL Hopefuls: Rodney Anderson (RB), Marquise Brown (WR), Bobby Evans (OL), Ben Powers (OL), Dru Samia (OL), Caleb Kelley (LB), Jordan Parker (DB), Parnell Motley (DB), Austin Seibert (K)

Schedule Ranked By Difficulty: 19th

Predicted Record: 10-2 (7-2)