About a month ago I made the decision to close The USB down and focus on starting a new blog that blended my love of sports with my love of everything else pop culture. I’ve been writing about sports online for over 20 years now and it’s time to change shit up a bit.

After going through numerous ideas on how to revamp my blog game, I decided to continue using the USB name for various reasons. One, I have kind of built a following here and it’s tough to leave you guys behind. Going back and reading through some of the comments was awesome and it really made it difficult to shut this thing down. I bought TheUltimateSportsBlog.com URL a few years back and why not continue to add value to it?

Yes, we will have the same URL and have the same name. However, this will be a new blog. It will be only me and my stupid opinions on sports, movies, television, and anything else that crosses my mind. Maybe one day we will even see a face or two from the past pop-up for a special appearance? Who knows? The only thing I know is that it’s a new era at the USB and I hope you guys continue to support me for this ride…….