The NBA playoffs have arrived everyone. It’s time to strap in and get this settled.

After 82 regular season games, it all boils down to this. 16 teams all vying for one prize.

The question is, who wants it more? The Eastern Conference looks wide open for the first time in the LeBron James era. The Cavaliers look extremely vulnerable to me and this could be the first time since the 2009-2010 season that we get an NBA Finals without LeBron James involved.

What about the Western Conference? That’s where things get even more interesting. Of course you have the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors who are heads and shoulders above everyone else in the league, but when you look outside of those two teams, it really was the WILD WILD WEST this year. Only two games separate the third seed from the eighth seed. TWO GAMES PEOPLE! The West is really going to be tough to predict, but if anyone can do it correctly….it’s this guy.

So anyway, let’s stop with the bullcrap and get to the goods. Who’s winning the NBA title this year?




2018 NBA Playoff Predictions


Eastern Conference


(1) Toronto Raptors def. (8) Washington Wizards in 6 games

(4) Cleveland Cavaliers def. (5) Indiana Pacers in 7 games

(3) Philadelphia 76ers def. (6) Miami Heat in 7 games

(2) Boston Celtics def. (7) Milwaukee Bucks in 6 games



(1) Toronto Raptors def. (4) Cleveland Cavaliers in 7 games

(2) Boston Celtics def. (3) Philadelphia 76ers in 6 games


Eastern Conference Finals:

(1) Toronto Raptors def. (2) Boston Celtics in 7 games



Western Conference


(1) Houston Rockets def. (8) Minnesota Timberwolves in 5 games

(4) Oklahoma City Thunder def. (5) Utah Jazz in 7 games

(3) Portland Trail Blazers def. (6) New Orleans Pelicans in 7 games

(2) Golden State Warriors def. (7) San Antonio Spurs in 5 games



(1) Houston Rockets def. (4) Oklahoma City Thunder in 6 games

(2) Golden State Warriors def. (3) Portland Trail Blazers in 5 games


Western Conference Finals:

(2) Golden State Warriors def. (1) Houston Rockets in 7 games


2018 NBA Finals Match-Up:

Golden State Warriors def. Toronto Raptors in 5 games



Go Blazers.