Heading into the 2016 season, the Atlanta Falcons had 80-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. Even though they didn’t achieve that goal, they were still a longshot to even make it to the big game. Gamblers who were brave enough to put money down on the Falcons before the season started were definitely sweating bullets heading into the big Falcons/Patriots Super Bowl game.

Heading into the 2017 season, the Philadelphia Eagles had 40-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. Will they achieve those goals today? We will definitely find out later. What we do know though is, much like the Falcons the year before them, the Eagles were longshots to even get to the big game and they managed to do exactly that.

Last year about this time, I ranked the eight teams that I thought you should bet money on to make it to the Super Bowl if you wanted to throw some money down on a team that had a realistic shot at actually pulling it off. I put the Philadelphia Eagles on this list. If you read that column last year and decided to throw a little bit of cash down on Philly to win it all today….well, you’re welcome.

And guess what guys? I have eight new teams that are longshots to make it to the Super Bowl next season that you should go ahead and throw some money down on right now. I told you the teams that would do it last season and at this point next year, one of these teams will be in the Super Bowl. Mark my words.


8. Buffalo Bills (100 to 1)

The Buffalo Bills made the playoffs this past season for the first time in almost twenty years. You know how they get rewarded? With 100-to1 odds to win the Super Bowl next season, which ties them with four other teams as the teams with the worst odds to win it all. While I have absolutely no faith in the Bills winning the Super Bowl next season at all, you have to be tempted to throw a little coin on a team that is coming off a playoff loss with those kind of odds. You never know what could happen this off-season and it’s called gambling for a reason folks. If the Jacksonville Jaguars can make the AFC Championship these days, hell…anything is possible.


7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (40-to-1)

There are a few key things I look for in trying to find a dark horse team as a Super Bowl contender. One of them is finding a team that has a capable QB that’s still playing on a rookie contract. I don’t think the average NFL fan knows how important is it to your team if you have a guy who is a franchise QB and is playing on a rookie deal. QB’s swallow up the majority of a team’s salary cap. If you have a guy on a rookie contract, you can still afford to pay other guys, which is why you see a lot of NFL teams that have franchise QB’s on rookie deals make it to the Super Bowl (the Eagles this year, Seattle in the past, etc.). While I’m not a fan of Tampa Bay’s head coach Dirk Koetter, I still like those 40-to-1 odds enough to throw a little bit of coin on them. It’s becoming somewhat of a joke in the NFL that the Buccaneers will be the surprise team of the year that season and it never happens. IT’S GOTTA HAPPEN EVENTUALLY RIGHT???


6. Cincinnati Bengals (100-to-1)

There’s no way in hell that a team with Marvin Lewis as their head coach and Andy Dalton as their franchise quarterback will win a Super Bowl. However, you have to look at those odds and start drooling a little bit. If you throw some money down on the Bengals, maybe you’ll get lucky and Marvin Lewis will decide to abruptly retire and a new guy comes in and turns Andy Dalton’s career around. Now, I wouldn’t throw A LOT of money down on the Bengals to win it all next year considering they haven’t won a playoff game since Saturday Morning Cartoons was a big deal, but a twenty spot definitely wouldn’t hurt.


5. Washington Redskins (60-to-1)

This is one that could sneak up and surprise some people next season. Washington is a team that has hovered around 8-8 the last few seasons and they do have the talent to potentially pop and surprise some people. It’s no secret that the team is looking to get rid of Kirk Cousins and they have brought in Alex Smith to help smooth things over with the QB position. Well, laugh all you want guys….but that was a good move by Washington. Cousins gets a lot of hype amongst NFL fans because the guy is a gun-slinger, but trust me when I say that there’s a very high chance that he’s going to end up disappointing whatever team picks him up. In Alex Smith, Washington is getting a guy who is a fantastic game manager and has shown that he can win in the regular season and has even captained a team to an NFC Championship in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see the underrated Smith take a Washington team back to the Super Bowl for the first time in almost thirty years. MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!


4. Baltimore Ravens (40-to-1)

Anytime you give me 40-to-1 odds on an elite head coach, I’ll grab them. Oh, you don’t think John Harbaugh is an elite head coach? If he was fired by the Ravens today, every other NFL team would look for an opening to slot him in. It’s not his problem the dumbasses in the front office decided to hamper his team by giving Joe Flacco a ridiculous contract that would deplete them of talent. If there’s anyone who can get the Ravens out of the hole they are currently in, it’s Harbaugh. Baltimore desperately needs some offensive talent and if they can go out and pick some up, we might be looking at Joe Flacco hoisting another Lombardi Trophy next year. You laugh now, but we weren’t laughing back in 2012 when they came out of nowhere and pulled it off.


3. Indianapolis Colts (40-to-1)

The Colts have a garbage roster. That’s not a secret. However, they went out and made potentially the best hire they could have by grabbing Chris Ballard as their new general manager. That guy is going to put talent on this team in no time at all. Plus, if Andrew Luck returns healthy next season….that dude is going to have something to prove. I absolutely love when elite athletes have something to prove and I’m still 100% convinced that Luck is a top-5 QB when healthy. He’s led a talent-depleted Colts team to a spot in the AFC Championship before. If he’s fully healthy next season, he could do it again and I’ll go ahead and reap all the benefits with those 40-to-1 odds.


2. Tennessee Titans (40-to-1)

Even though the Tennessee Titans have a pretty good roster from top-to-bottom and are coming off a season where they got their first playoff win in almost ten years, they have long odds to win it all next season. A lot of that is uncertainty with their coaching staff. Mike Vrabel has never coached an NFL game before so we have no idea what we are getting from this guy. However, the Titans still have one thing that I extremely love and that’s MARCUS FUCKING MARIOTA! THIS GUY WAS THROWING TOUCHDOWN PASSES TO HIMSELF IN THE PLAYOFFS GUYS! Now that Mike Mularkey is out of the picture, it’s time to take the leash off of Mariota and let him run amok on the NFL. Vrabel knows this. I know this. Mariota knows this. Next season is going to be an amazing one for Marcus. Just wait for the encore folks.


1. New York Giants (60-to-1)

Let’s all just try to forget what happened to the New York Giants this last season. When a team goes from an 11-win team to a 3-win team, something went completely wrong and we all know the Giants coaching staff lost the team. There was turmoil amongst the players and everything just completely fell apart. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh face to get things turned around fast. Pat Shurmur is a good coach. The Giants players are going to be rejuvenated next season after the year they had this year. They still have a lot of talent on this team and if they can add a potential franchise quarterback in the NFL Draft, that could end up benefiting this team more than anyone thinks. I’ll go ahead and lay a nice hearty chunk of coin on the Giants to win it all next year. There are worse things you could do.