Black Monday is here NFL fans. It’s not a time that we NFL fans need to worry about.

Oh no.

Usually it’s a time for NFL fans to rejoice because it’s time for the teams that failed to do anything this season to make some much-needed changes and that usually starts with the head coach position.

Every year we have multiple head coaches fired in the NFL on “Black Monday” and this is the place to go to keep up-to-date on which head coaches lost their job on this “holiday” of sorts for NFL fans (I feel bad calling it a holiday considering a ton of people are getting fired, but let’s call it what it is….).



-The Indianapolis Colts have fired head coach Chuck Pagano (53-43 all-time, 3-3 in playoffs). 

(This is a good move by the Colts and was a long-time coming. Indianapolis hired a new general manager in Chris Ballard a few months ago and it’s time for him to hire a new guy to help fix Andrew Luck and this broken team.)


-The Oakland Raiders have fired head coach Jack Del Rio (25-23 all-time in Oakland, 0-1 in playoffs)

(This move was one that needed to happen as well. Jack Del Rio is a decent NFL head coach, but he’s never going to get your team to the promised land. The Raiders completely fell apart this year and that totally fell on Del Rio’s plate. Rumors are that the Raiders are targeting Jon Gruden now and the rumor is they will even offer Gruden an OWNERSHIP STAKE to return to the team. Desperate teams do desperate things and this would be a ridiculous move by Oakland for numerous reasons. Gruden was a decent head coach back in the day, but he had a .500 record in Tampa Bay after winning the Super Bowl in his first year. Gruden would want to hire all of his own guys, which likely would mean the end of Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie who has done a hell of a job since the Raiders brought him on board. And if that wasn’t enough, Gruden has a horrible track record with QB’s as a head coach. You want someone to ruin Derek Carr? Hire Gruden. This is just a dumb move by the Raiders if it happens. Raiders fans will be excited, but they shouldn’t)


-The Detroit Lions have fired head coach Jim Caldwell (36-28 all-time in Detroit, 0-2 in playoffs)

(The Lions probably needed to fire Jim Caldwell, but I’m not entirely sure it needed to happen this season. What are Lions fans expectations every year? A Super Bowl appearance? Please. An NFC title game appearance? HA! A playoff win or two? Well, that hasn’t happened in twenty years now. So, you see what I mean? What should Detroit fans expect from their team every season? In my mind, they should expect to go around 8-8 or so with a playoff appearance every now and again. Well, Caldwell got them there. Firing Jim Caldwell signals that Detroit isn’t messing around anymore and they are desperate for playoff wins. They just signed QB Matthew Stafford to a huge deal and now they need to find a guy who can help get this team over the hump. Is there anyone out there who can boost the lowly Detroit Lions into playoff contenders?)


-The Chicago Bears have fired head coach John Fox (14-34 all-time in Chicago, 0-0 in playoffs)

(This one needed to happen. Coaches should get a three-year window and if you don’t start seeing progress, they need to be left go. The Bears have been crap under Fox. They’ve never finished higher than fourth in the NFC North. Fox’s best season in Chicago was his first-year when he won six games and it’s been hell ever since. It’s probably time for John Fox to ride off into the sunset. He’s been a head coach in the NFL for sixteen seasons and I would be utterly shocked if he gets another job.)