The college football season has come to an end.

All we have left is a bunch of bullshit bowl games that no one wants to watch and four teams in the playoffs that I’m sure will be exciting, but it feels like something is missing this year.

Anyway, with the end of the college football regular season, it’s time to take a look back at how I did on my predictions. I take my predictions extra serious every year. A lot of time goes into them, which is why I feel it’s important to go back and take a look at just how bad/good they were this year. I do it every year and it’s always fun to see how wrong/right I was back when I made these predictions in July.

So without any further distractions……





14. North Carolina Tar Heels

Record: 3-9

Predicted Record: 8-4

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: Military Bowl vs. Memphis

Nailed It or Failed It?: FAILED IT! Welp, we all shit the bed on this one didn’t we? I don’t think anyone expected North Carolina to be this bad this season, but the wheels fell off the wagon and it went into a ditch. Is Larry Fedora good enough to re-build the wagon and get it back on the road? I know a lot of people who have their concerns about him going forward. Fedora is one of those guys who is a good recruiter, but a questionable in-game coach. I personally think it’s going to get worse before it gets any better at UNC. It’s never good when a team goes from an eight-win season to the worst team in their conference.


13. Syracuse Orange

Record: 4-8

Predicted Record: 4-8

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! 100% spot on with this prediction. I’m a fan of Syracuse head coach Dino Babers. He did a good job at Bowling Green and he’s trying to get the Syracuse program up to respectability. The problem is, I don’t know if Syracuse is a program where you can win at on a consistent basis. Syracuse has only been to back-to-back bowl games once since the year 2000. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that that’s not the sign of a good football program. Babers might be in over his head at Syracuse, but with any luck, he’ll get the Orange to a bowl game next season and parlay that into a better job because Syracuse sucks.


12. Pittsburgh Panthers

Record: 5-7

Predicted Record: 8-4

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: Belk Bowl vs. Texas A&M

Nailed It or Failed It?: FAILED IT! This one I missed out on, but that was totally my bad. I’ve been a fan of Pittsburgh’s head coach Pat Narduzzi since he was hired. He turned a consistent 6-7 win team to a consistent 8-win team and the arrows were pointing up for the team’s future. Then this season happened. The wheels fells off and Pittsburgh ran into a wall. The bad news is, it wasn’t a good season for Pitt. They should have made a bowl game. They should have won at least another eight games this season, but lost to teams they had no business losing to. And they missed out on a bowl game for the first time in years. The good news is, head coach Pat Narduzzi was given a contract extension for some reason, so if this gets worse before it gets any better, at least it will cost Pitt a ton of cash.


11. Virginia Cavaliers

Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 3-9

Bowl Game: Military Bowl vs Navy

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

Nailed It or Failed It?: FAILED IT! Virginia was much better than anyone thought they would be this season. Bronco Mendenhall has done a hell of a job in just his second season in Virginia. This is a team that hasn’t been to a bowl game in six seasons. As a matter of fact, they’ve gone 17-43 in the last five seasons. They’ve been a dumpster fire with no hope for the future. Bronco was comfortable coaching at BYU when Virginia came calling two years ago and offered him the job. Everyone thought he was crazy for taking it when he had a good thing going at BYU, but he wanted a new challenge and he went for it. Two years in and it’s starting to look better already. The arrow is pointing up at Virginia, which is all you can ask for.


11. Duke Blue Devils

Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 3-9

Bowl Game: Quick Lane Bowl vs. Northern Illinois

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

Nailed It or Failed It?: FAILED IT! I blew this one. I was expecting a down year for Duke. After not making a bowl appearance for almost 20 straight years, head coach David Cutcliffe got the Blue Devils back to prominence. Let’s not bullshit here though people. Duke has over-achieved a lot recently.. The Blue Devils are a team that should get around 4-5 wins a season in a good year. Last year, they returned to normalcy with a 4-win season and I expected more of the same this year. Once again though, David Cutcliffe coached his ass off and got the Blue Devils to their fifth bowl game in six seasons. I should probably start giving that guy more credit than I actually do.


11. Florida State Seminoles

Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 11-1

Bowl Game: Independence Bowl vs. Southern Mississippi

Predicted Bowl Game: College Football Playoff vs. Ohio State (Sugar Bowl)

Nailed It or Failed It?: FAILED IT! OOPS! Not only did I take the car off the road on this one, but it flipped over multiple times and caught on fire in the end. There’s no rescuing people from this wreck. I totally didn’t see this one coming at all. I didn’t expect FSU to turn into a joke of a program this year. I didn’t expect head coach Jimbo Fisher to leave the program at the end-of-the-year and take a job that’s definitely more difficult to win at. I didn’t expect Oregon head coach Willie Taggart to be FSU’s #1 target to be their head coach (Taggart wasn’t anything special yet, but he was building something) to replace Fisher. I have a feeling that this is going to get worse before it gets any better. Everyone that knows me, knows I liked the hire of Willie Taggart at Oregon because of the staff he built and the recruiting that staff was doing. I was never sold on Taggart as far as being an effective in-game coach. He obviously had his struggles last season as a playcaller and Oregon’s offense was extremely ugly once QB Justin Herbert went out with a shoulder injury. I just think the hire by FSU was an odd one. FSU is a top 5 job in my opinion. They could have got almost anyone to take the job, but it seems like they settled on Taggart right out of the gate. I honestly think they will be looking for a new head coach in 3-4 years. Mark my words.


8. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Record: 5-6

Predicted Record: 7-5

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: Indepedence Bowl vs. LSU

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! Georgia Tech is a hard team to predict. You just never know which way they are going to go. Head coach Paul Johnson is a good coach, but his team’s have been inconsistent from year-to-year. For instance, in 2014 the team went 11-3 and had a very successful year where they were three points short of an ACC title. They followed that up with a disappointing 3-9 year the next year where they only had one conference win all-year long. Last year, Georgia Tech went 9-4 and with 16 starters returning overall, expectations should have been high this year, but the Yellow Jackets only mustered up a 5-win season and missed out on a bowl game for the second time in three years. Is Paul Johnson a good coach? I have no idea. And I don’t think Georgia Tech fans do either.


7. Boston College Eagles

Record: 7-5

Predicted Record: 5-7

Bowl Game: Pinstripe Bowl vs. Iowa

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! Boston College under Steve Addazio have been about a 5-7 win team every single season. BC is a fine program, but they are never going to be a great one. That’s just life and the way it is.


6. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Record: 7-5

Predicted Record: 5-7

Bowl Game: Belk Bowl vs. Texas A&M

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! With no disrespect to the wonderful people over at Wake Forest, but they have been a dumpster fire of a program for as long as I can remember. Under head coach Dave Clawson though, they have shown some slow improvement. In his first two seasons with the team, they went 6-18 and were just pure garbage. Last year, they started to improve by posting a 7-6 record and a victory in the Military Bowl against a good Temple team. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them this season, but I figured they would fall somewhere in the 5-7 win category. When’s the last time Wake Forest finished better than a seven-win season anyway?


5. Louisville Cardinals

Record: 8-4

Predicted Record: 10-2

Bowl Game: TaxSlayer Bowl vs. Mississippi State

Predicted Bowl Game: Orange Bowl vs. Wisconsin

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! I thought Louisville would be better than they were this year, but they were still a good football team. I figured Bobby Petrino and Lamar Jackson would flirt with a potential playoff spot as I had their only losses of the year a road game against UNC and a road game against FSU. They ended up doing worse in conference play than I thought, but still ended up having a fairly good season overall. This will be an interesting team to watch next year, especially if Jackson sticks around for his senior year.


4. N.C. State Wolfpack

Record: 8-4

Predicted Record: 8-4

Bowl Game: Sun Bowl vs. Arizona State

Predicted Bowl Game: Camping World Bowl vs. Oklahoma State

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! With a good head coach, 17 returning starters, and coming off a 7-6 season….the Wolfpack seemed like one of those teams that could pop this season. I hesitated to call them a potential surprise playoff team like some college football experts did, but I honestly figured they had the chance to surprise some people and challenge for the conference title. As long as you ignore what happened in the last five weeks of the season, NC State was exactly that.


3. Virginia Tech Hokies

Record: 9-3

Predicted Record: 10-2

Bowl Game: Camping World vs. Oklahoma State

Predicted Bowl Game: Music City Bowl vs. South Carolina

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! Justin Fuente is a very good head coach. When Frank Beamer called it quits a few years ago, some VT fans were worried about the future of the program. After the hire of Fuente from Memphis, I knew that the Hokies were in good hands for the future. Fuente’s first season in Blacksburg was a success as VT went 10-4 and battled the eventual National Champions Clemson to a tight game in the ACC Championship. What did they have up their sleeve for an encore? Well, they weren’t quite as good this season, but they were still one of the top teams in the ACC. I expect them in that same position next season.


2. Miami (FL) Hurricanes

Record: 10-2

Predicted Record: 10-2

Bowl Game: Orange Bowl vs. Wisconsin

Predicted Bowl Game: Citrus Bowl vs. Tennessee

Nailed It or Failed It?: NAILED IT! 100% spot on with my Miami prediction. When the Hurricanes hired Mark Richt two seasons ago, it was a home-run hire. I thought it was stupid of Georgia to fire a good head coach like Richt (Georgia is doing fine now with Kirby Smart though) and Miami picking him up was an excellent move. Richt was going to bring the Hurricane program back into prominence and it only took him two seasons to do exactly that. This is just the beginning folks. Watch out for Miami in the next couple of years. The ACC might be wide open for them to take in the next few seasons.


1. Clemson Tigers 

Record: 12-1

Predicted Record: 9-3

Bowl Game: College Football Playoffs vs. Alabama

Predicted Bowl Game: Sun Bowl vs. Oregon

Nailed It or Failed It?: FAILED IT! I really have to stop disrespecting Clemson and head coach Dabo Swinney and give them way more credit than I have been. Maybe I’m still used to the many years of “CLEMSONING” that the school was known for before winning it all last season? Maybe I thought the team would see a bit of a downfall after losing QB Deshaun Watson? Maybe I’m always extremely too high on Florida State and not high enough on what Dabo has been building in Clemson? I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m changing my tune from here on out. No more disrespecting these guys. Dabo has turned Clemson into one of the best programs in the Nation and they are contending for National Championships every year until he leaves. The ACC is Clemson and Miami now. Enjoy the battles of Dabo vs. Richt for the next few years, because I know I will.


And that’s it for the ACC! Up next? THE BIG 12!!!!!!