Another bad sports week for this guy. It all started with me having to put my dog down on Thursday morning (RIP ROCKY!). Then the Chiefs ended up losing a heartbreaking game to the Raiders on Thursday night and it all started to go downhill from there.

I just need to catch a break man. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY RIGHT?!!!!?!?!

Until then, let’s talk some NFL football……


NFL Sunday Round-Up

Week Seven



Most Impressive Teams Of The Week


Buffalo Bills: Heading into the season, the Buffalo Bills were a popular pick to finish last amongst NFL teams while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a popular pick to make the playoffs. Here we are almost halfway through the season and the Bills are 4-2 and a half game out of first place in the AFC East while the Bucs are 2-4 and can’t seem to find a way to win games on the road. Let’s not just brush off the Bills as a team that’s getting here by luck either. This is a good defensive team that runs the ball well which is always a winning combination to have in the NFL. This win over the Bucs makes Buffalo 3-0 at home and now they welcome the Raiders into their building next weekend. If the Bills can find a way to pull out that one, it might be high time for the New England Patriots to start worrying about their division title streak.


Chicago Bears: How the hell does a team win in today’s NFL when their QB is 4 of 7 for 107 yards? I don’t know, but the Chicago Bears found a way to do exactly that this weekend against the Panthers. This one might have been the biggest shocker of the weekend folks. The Bears are not a very good football team while the Panthers have looked pretty good up until this week. The Bears just manhandled the Carolina offense and don’t look now but Chicago is 3-4 on the season and are riding a two-game win streak into their game against the Saints next weekend. I fully expect Chicago to fall off the map any week now, but let’s enjoy this team until that happens.


New Orleans Saints: Ya, Aaron Rodgers is out….but getting a victory in Green Bay is good no matter how it comes. Don’t look now, but MY EXTREMELY DARK HORSE SUPER BOWL New Orleans Saints are now 4-2 on the year and are 3-1 on the road! They are currently riding a four-game win streak and they get the Bears at home next week followed by Tampa Bay in their own house as well. Put me down on record right now. The Saints are going to be 6-2 before they travel to Buffalo in what could end up being a huge game for both teams on November 12th. I’m drinking the Saints Kool-Aid and y’all should as well.


Jacksonville Jaguars: HOW ABOUT THEM JAGUARS?!?!?! I know, the Indianapolis Colts are a garbage football team, but this was an impressive win by the Jaguars. Jacksonville has quietly put together one of the NFL’s best defenses this year and once again, they showed up this week by shutting out the Colts in their own house. Blake Bortles still sucks and that’s something the Jaguars will have to concern themselves with if they do manage to sneak into the post-season, but let’s all just enjoy what these guys are doing right now. Here we are at week seven and Jacksonville has a WINNING RECORD IN THE NFL!!!! Don’t pinch Jacksonville fans because they don’t want to wake up from this dream.


Los Angeles Rams: You guys. We seriously underrated this Rams team heading into the season. This is a damn good football team and a team that wouldn’t surprise me at all to see win a playoff game or two this season. Something has happened to Jared Goff and that something is Sean McVay. Here’s a blue print for other NFL teams to follow. If you have yourself a rookie QB, you put him in the best chance to be successful if you put him with an offensive guy. McVay has changed Goff’s game for the better and the Rams look like a legit Super Bowl contender at the moment. It’s pretty simple people. Defensive guys as head coaches is becoming a thing of the past and the proof is in the pudding. The Rams creamed the Cardinals in London this weekend and this one was only close in the first-quarter. After that, the Rams opened up the can and went ahead and finished it all in one sitting. Way to go.


Minnesota Vikings: The Minnesota Vikings still have Case Keenum at QB and the Minnesota Vikings still find ways to win football games. The Baltimore Ravens aren’t a very good football team in my opinion and the Vikings handled business at home. Are we sleeping too much on Minnesota at this point? The Vikings are 5-2 and they are doing this with CASE KEENUM GUYS! What happens when Sam Bradford and/or Teddy Bridgewater come back healthy? I mean, neither one of those guys are Aaron Rodgers, but they are upgrades over Keenum. I don’t know what to think right now. The NFC has a bunch of good teams, but who’s the best? Good luck figuring out that one.


Miami Dolphins: Matty Matty Matty Moore Y’ALL!


Pittsburgh Steelers: They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers didn’t just beat the Broncos this weekend, they mauled them. It was a big win for the Chargers not only because it was a divisional game, but also because they needed it to stay alive in the playoff race. The Chargers have now won 3 in a row, but they get to travel to Foxboro this next weekend to test their luck against the New England Patriots. If Los Angeles comes away with a victory in that, this will be a team we need to watch out for going forward.


New England Patriots: Once again, perhaps we were all a little too eager to start throwing dirt on the Patriots grave after that embrassing loss in week one to the Kansas City Chiefs. Here we are almost halfway through the season and the Patriots once again look like one of the best teams in the league. Going into this game against Atlanta, it was no secret that the Patriots had lots of issues on the defensive side of the ball. With Atlanta sporting one of the NFL’s best offenses, this looked like a potential 34-28 kind of game. We were all wrong. Somehow the Patriots put together their best game plan of the season against one of the NFL’s best offenses and now everyone in the AFC is once again shaking in their boots. Brady and Belichick just won’t go away folks.



Most Disappointing Teams Of The Week


Cleveland Browns: The Cleveland Browns are not only 0-7 on the year, but it seems like the coaching staff has absolutely no idea what they are doing right now. They seem to be playing musical chairs at the QB position with Cody Kessler and rookie DeShone Kizer and that’s never a good formula to win games in the NFL. Stick with one of the guys and run with him. Let him take his bumps. That’s the only way one of them will improve. Then again, when has the word “improved” ever been associated with the Cleveland Browns? These guys suck.


Carolina Panthers: Carolina was a dog this week, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Just to put things into perspective, the Bears threw the ball just seven times in this game. Meanwhile, Cam Newton threw the ball almost 40 times, got picked twice, and had a QB rating of 54.9. This all came against a Bears team that was allowing the 8th most points per game in the league and somehow the Panthers just managed to muster up 3 points. This was a piss poor performance by what should be a pretty good Carolina football team.


Indianapolis Colts: It’s been a bad week for Colts fans. Early in the week, the team got news that Andrew Luck had a setback in his shoulder and will miss more time than originally thought. In my opinion, I would be shocked to see Luck play at all this year and the Colts would be better to just keep him out at this point. Without Luck, it’s obvious that Indianapolis is just plain garbage and this team needs talent in the worst kind of way. New GM Chris Ballard will get some talent into Indy, he just needs time and good draft picks. You know how you get good draft picks? By performing shitty on the football field, a scientific formula that the Colts have mastered.


Arizona Cardinals: My god this was not a good week for the Arizona Cardinals. How are you going to take the time to travel all the way to London to play the Los Angeles Rams only to get your QB hurt and get blown out 33-0? If any team could hit a reset button this week, I bet it would be the Arizona Cardinals. No NFL team likes going to London. No NFL team likes going to London and getting blown out by a divisional rival while watching your old franchise QB go down in shambles.


San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers are 0-7 with no hope for the future. Has any franchise ever regretted firing a coach more than the 49ers regret letting Jim Harbaugh walk? I mean, when the 49ers and Harbaugh were together, it was a thing of beauty. Here we are a few years later and the 49ers field a team that would barely be competitive in the CFL. They’re a joke and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them go 0-16 this year.


Denver Broncos: Once upon a time (a few weeks ago if you want to be exact), a lot of NFL fans considered the Denver Broncos to be a top-10 NFL team. Fast forward to the present time and boy oh boy, do those people look stupid now or what? Denver sucks and they got housed by the Chargers in Los Angeles this weekend. The only bad thing about this game is, no one was there to see it happen. Where does Denver go from here? They face a tough game against the Chiefs on Monday night next week. Then they travel to Philadelphia. And the cherry on top of it all is a game against the New England Patriots when Denver finally returns home. The Broncos are going to be 3-6 by the time mid-November rolls around. Can Broncos fans handle that?


Atlanta Falcons: OK, forget the Super Bowl Hangover. This team is far from hungover now guys. They are officially on the toilet with nasty stuff coming out of both ends. Sell your Falcons stock.



Players Of The Week

*These are the top fantasy football players of the week



1. Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders)

2. Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

3. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

4. Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs)

5. Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)


Running Backs:

1. Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys)

2. Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams)

3. Aaron Jones (Green Bay Packers)

4. LeSean McCoy (Buffalo BIlls)

5. Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers)


Wide Receivers:

1. Amari Cooper (Oakland Raiders)

2. Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs)

3. Kenny Stills (Miami Dolphins)

4. Ted Ginn (New Orleans Saints)

5. Travis Benjamin (Los Angeles Chargers)


Tight Ends:

1. O.J. Howard (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

2. Jared Cook (Oakland Raiders)

3. Evan Engram (New York Giants)

4. Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys)

5. Jimmy Graham (Seattle Seahawks)



1. Chicago Bears

2. Los Angeles Chargers

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

4. Los Angeles Rams

5. Dallas Cowboys


NFL Head Coach Stock Watch

Being an NFL head coach is one of the toughest jobs in the world. When your team is winning, everyone loves you. When your team is losing, everyone wants your head on a stake placed in front of the stadium for everyone to spit on. This section of the column will keep tabs of which coaches stocks are exploding and who’s stocks are dropping at a significant rate….



Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs)

Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)

Mike McCarthy (Green Bay Packers)

Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints)

Sean McVay (Los Angeles Rams)

Doug Pederson (Philadelphia Eagles)

Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks)


Anthony Lynn (Los Angeles Chargers)

Jay Gruden (Washington Redskins)

Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Bill O’Brien (Houston Texans)

Bruce Arians (Arizona Cardinals)

Mike Mularkey (Tennessee Titans)

Doug Marrone (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Mike Zimmer (Minnesota Vikings)

Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys)

Sean McDermott (Buffalo Bills)

Adam Gase (Miami Dolphins)


Jim Caldwell (Detroit Lions)

Todd Bowles (New York Jets)

Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers)

John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens)

Jack Del Rio (Oakland Raiders)

Vance Joseph (Denver Broncos)

Dan Quinn (Atlanta Falcons)

Dirk Koetter (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Kyle Shanahan (San Francisco 49ers)


Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals)

John Fox (Chicago Bears)

Ben McAdoo (New York Giants)

Hue Jackson (Cleveland Browns)

Chuck Pagano (Indianapolis Colts)