With this preview right here, we have officially previewed EVERY single NFL team for the upcoming 2017-18 season. I think I speak for everyone here at THE USB when I say…..you’re welcome.

It’s been a real treat to preview these teams and now that we are just days away from actual kick-off, I’m more excited than Jimmy G celebrating a Tom Brady injury.

Ladies and gentlemen, the last team to be previewed. THE TENNESSEE TITANS!!!!!!!






2017 NFL Preview



Record Last Five Seasons: 6-10 (2012), 7-9 (2013), 2-14 (2014), 3-13 (2015), 9-7 (2016)

Last Playoff Win: 2003 Wild Card vs. Baltimore

Last Playoff Appearance: 2008 Divisional vs. Baltimore

Super Bowl Wins: None

Last Super Bowl Appearance: Super Bowl XXXIV vs. Los Angeles Rams


The Head Coach:

Mike Mularkey

Coaching Record: 27-46

Playoff Record: 0-0

Grade: D


2016-17 Team Leaders:

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: Marcus Mariota (3,426), Marcus Mariota (26)

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: DeMarco Murray (1,287), DeMarco Murray (9)

Receiving Yards/Touchdowns: Rishard Matthews (945), Rishard Matthews (9)

Tackles: Avery Williamson (103)

Interceptions: Perrish Cox (3)


2017 Projected Starters:

Grade Key:

  • GOOD


QB: Marcus Mariota

RB: DeMarco Murray

FB: Jalston Fowler

WR: Eric Decker

WR: Rishard Matthews

TE: Delanie Walker

LT: Taylor Lewan

RT: Jack Conklin

RG: Josh Kline

LG: Quinton Spain

OC: Ben Jones


DE: Jurrell Casey

DE: DaQuan Jones

DT: Austin Johnson

LB: Avery Williamson

LB: Wesley Woodyard

LB: Brian Orakpo

LB: Derrick Morgan

CB: Logan Ryan

CB: LeShaun Sims

FS: Kevin Byard

SS: Johnathan Cyprien


The Schedule:

vs. Oakland Raiders (September 10)

vs. @ Jacksonville Jaguars (September 17)

vs. Seattle Seahawks (September 24)

vs. @ Houston Texans (October 1)

vs. @ Miami Dolphins (October 8)

vs. Indianapolis Colts (October 16)

vs. @ Cleveland Browns (October 22)


vs. Baltimore Ravens (November 5)

vs. Cincinnati Bengals (November 12)

vs. @ Pittsburgh Steelers (November 16)

vs. @ Indianapolis Colts (November 26)

vs. Houston Texans (December 3)

vs. @ Arizona Cardinals (December 10)

vs. @ San Francisco 49ers (December 17)

vs. Los Angeles Rams (December 24)

vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (December 31)


Three Things I Like About The Titans This Season:

-Solid Roster: It wasn’t that long ago that the Tennessee Titans had one of the worst rosters in the NFL. They finished 2-14 in 2014 and 3-13 in 2015 for good reason. They just weren’t that talented. However, things have changed quickly for this team. Looking at their roster from top-to-bottom, there isn’t a whole lot of weaknesses. Yes, they could use some depth at cornerback and defensive tackle, but outside of that….I would put the Titans roster up there with any other roster in the NFL. It still feels a little weird to say that considering how bad they were just a few years ago.

-Marcus Mariota: Anyone that knows me knows my love for Marcus Mariota. I’m a die-hard fan of the Oregon Ducks and Mariota is the greatest Oregon Duck of all-time. As long as he’s the QB of the Titans, they will continue to be my second favorite NFL team. I expect Mariota to take that next step this year. He’s been solid so far as an NFL QB, but this could be the season that he jumps up into the “top 5-10 QB discussion”. The weapons are in place. The offensive line is fantastic. The only thing stopping him from success is himself.

-AFC South: The AFC South has arguably been the worst division in football the last couple of years. The Houston Texans have been a good team, but they are a QB away from really scaring anyone. The Indianapolis Colts have been a decent team, but they revolve entirely around Andrew Luck and I’m not sure what kind of year to expect from him. And then there are the Jacksonville Jaguars and we all know their story. The Titans are head and shoulders above the rest of the division and it would be a shame if they didn’t make the playoffs this year thanks to a division title.


Three Things I Hate About The Titans This Season:

-Mike Mularkey: I didn’t like the Mike Mularkey hire when it went down and I’m still not a fan of it. I’m sure Mularkey is a great guy, but the Titans have a roster that is ready to compete in the NFL. The one major thing that they’re missing that makes me hesitate to pull the trigger on them is their head coach. I just can’t get fully behind a Mike Mularkey coached team. Go ahead and feel free to prove me wrong though.

-No Elite Players: I mentioned earlier that the Tennessee Titans have one of the NFL’s best rosters from top-to-bottom and I stand by that statement. However, the one thing that the Titans are missing is elite players! Every NFL team needs elite players if they are going to compete with the big boys in the NFL. Where are Tennessee’s? The Titans have a lot of players that I would consider “great”, but it’s high time one or two of them jumped up into the next level. Who will it be? One of the offensive linemen? Mariota? Corey Davis? I don’t know, but someone has to do it if this team wants to take that next step.

-Horrible Back-up QB: Marcus Mariota has been in the NFL for two years now and every year so far his season has ended with an injury. It’s mainly due to the style of QB that he is and how his body is built and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see Mariota miss some games again this year. With a QB like Mariota, you had better have a good back-up QB in place and unfortunately the Titans have Matt Cassel ready to come in and stink the joint up if Mariota goes down. It’s safe to say that with Mariota, the Titans could potentially win 13 games this season. With Mariota out, they could potentially win 3. That’s a scary thought.


The Prediction: