We are just ONE DAY AWAY from the 2017 GREAT ECLIPSE!!!

Are you as excited for it as everyone else is? I know for a fact people are excited about it, because the state I live in has seen an influx of traffic over the last few days and the news is telling people to prepare for the worst traffic jam in state history.

And that’s the main reason I’m going to enjoy the eclipse from the comfort of my own house, maybe writing an NFL preview or two when it’s going on just to see if it gives me MAGICAL PREDICTING POWERS!

Anything is worth a shot, right?


LA doesn’t care about them. Does this team care about playing football?






2017 NFL Preview





Record Last Five Seasons: 7-9 (2012), 9-7 (2013), 9-7 (2014), 4-12 (2015), 5-11 (2016)

Last Playoff Win: 2013 Wild Card vs. Cincinnati

Last Playoff Appearance: 2013 Divisional vs. Denver

Super Bowl Wins: Never

Last Super Bowl Appearance: Super Bowl XXIX vs. San Francisco


The Head Coach:

Anthony Lynn

Coaching Record: 0-1

Playoff Record: 0-0

Grade: Incomplete


2016-17 Team Leaders:

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: Philip Rivers (4,386), Philip Rivers (33)

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: Melvin Gordon (997), Melvin Gordon (10)

Receiving Yards/Touchdowns: Tyrell Williams (1,059), Tyrell Williams/Antonio Gates (7)

Tackles: Jatavis Brown (79)

Interceptions: Casey Hayward (7)


2017 Projected Starters:

Grade Key:

  • GOOD


QB: Philip Rivers

RB: Melvin Gordon

FB: Derek Watt

WR: Keenan Allen

WR: Tyrell Williams

TE: Antonio Gates

LT: Russell Okung

RT: Joe Barksdale

RG: Kenny Wiggins

LG: Matt Slauson

OC: Spencer Pulley


DE: Joey Bosa

DE: Melvin Ingram

DT: Corey Liuget

DT: Brandon Mebane

LB: Korey Toomer

LB: Jatavis Brown

LB: Kyle Emanuel

CB: Jason Verrett

CB: Casey Hayward

FS: Dwight Lowery

SS: Jahleel Addae


The Schedule:

vs. @ Denver Broncos (September 11)

vs. Miami Dolphins (September 17)

vs. Kansas City Chiefs (September 24)

vs. Philadelphia Eagles (October 1)

vs. @ New York Giants (October 8)

vs. @ Oakland Raiders (October 15)

vs. Denver Broncos (October 22)

vs. @ New England Patriots (October 29)


vs. @ Jacksonville Jaguars (November 12)

vs. Buffalo Bills (November 19)

vs. @ Dallas Cowboys (November 23)

vs. Cleveland Browns (December 3)

vs. Washington Redskins (December 10)

vs. @ Kansas City Chiefs (December 16)

vs. @ New York Jets (December 24)

vs. Oakland Raiders (December 31)


Three Things I Like About The Chargers This Season:

-Philip Rivers: Love him or hate him (and you probably hate him), but Rivers is likely the most underrated QB in the NFL. The name alone can bring hatred to some people’s eyes. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe Rivers just has one of those faces you want to punch? Maybe it’s because it looks like he’s always complaining on the sidelines? Either way, you can’t deny that Rivers has been one of the best QB’s in the NFL since he entered the league many moons ago. I would take him on my team any day of the week.

-Underrated Roster: From top-to-bottom, the Los Angeles Chargers have a pretty good overall roster. Yes, they have some sour spots on their offensive line and could badly use some depth there, but I really like what the Chargers are bringing to the table this season. If they can remain healthy, and that’s a BIG if, I don’t see any reason why the Chargers shouldn’t be flirting with a playoff spot. There’s a lot of talent here to work with.

-Defensive Ends: Joey Bosa is 22 and has played one season in the NFL and he’s already one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. On the other side you have Melvin Ingram who is already one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. This duo is going to be an absolute nightmare for offensive lineman everywhere. Good luck stopping them.


Three Things I Hate About The Chargers This Season:

-No Home Field Advantage: For some reason, the Los Angeles Chargers have turned into the team that no one wants. Well, I guess technically San Diego kind of wanted to keep them, but in the end….the town didn’t do enough to keep them around. Now the Chargers have a new home in Los Angeles, yet the city wants nothing to do with them. Last year when the Rams held their first practice in Los Angeles, it was attended by almost 100,000 people. The Chargers barely got 20,000 people to their first practice. Are the Chargers going to have home field advantage at all this season or is their stadium going to be filled with fans of the other team? C’mon Los Angeles. If I lived in LA and I had to pick a team to root for, I’d pick the Chargers over the Rams. Better QB and better overall team. However, no one ever accused people in LA of being smart.

-Injury Concerns: The Chargers have shown over the course of the last few years that they just can’t remain healthy. We’ve seen it time and time again. Yes, every NFL team has it’s injuries…but the Chargers injuries have been pretty awful the last few years. And now first-round draft pick Mike Williams, who the Chargers really needed this season, is already out with a back injury and isn’t expected back until October. It’s hard to trust a team like the Chargers with the injuries that they’ve had in recent years.

-AFC West: The AFC West is one of the toughest divisions in football, which is going to be one of the reasons it could be difficult for the Chargers to reach the post-season this year. The Oakland Raiders are a popular Super Bowl pick amongst a lot of people (not myself). They’ll be one of the top teams in the league. The Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the top teams over the past few seasons as well, and there’s no reason to believe they should drop off big time this year. Then you have the Denver Broncos who are just two seasons removed from a Super Bowl win and likely a QB away from returning to that glory. There is no slouch team in the AFC West folks. It’s going to be a dog fight in the division and whoever comes out on top will have rightfully earned that playoff spot.


The Prediction: