Here we are everyone.

Season seven of the best show on television is halfway over and it’s time once again to check on the power rankings of everyone in the GoT Universe.

Which characters have lost power in season 7?

Which characters have gained power in season 7?






25. Oleanna Tyrell

Unfortunately for “The Queen of Thorns”, the Lannisters finally invaded Highgarden and took it from the Tyrells ending a long legacy. Oleanna also ended up finally meeting her maker at the hands of some poison courtesy of Jaime Lannister, but she went out with a bang! Before drinking the poison and ending her life, Oleanna confessed that she was actually responsible for the death of Jaime’s son Joffrey. It was rough seeing Oleanna go, but she went out the only way the “Queen of Thorns” could.

Previous Ranking: 11th


24. The Hound

The Hound hasn’t done much this season on Game of Thrones. He’s only been on one episode and in that one episode, the Brotherhood Without Banners filled Sandor Clegane’s head with knowledge of the upcoming invasion of the White Walkers and now they are seemingly headed North to deal with the problem. I fully expect The Hound’s ranking to go up by the time this season is over. Big things are coming for him,.

Previous Ranking: 12th


23. Brienne of Tarth

Brienne has been relatively quiet so far this season, but she gets this ranking because SHE DID IT! She fulfilled her wish to Lady Catelynn Stark and got the Stark girls back home to Winterfell. Sure, she had very little to do with it, but she STILL DID IT! She also had a fun little showdown with Arya Stark in last week’s episode that showed us all exactly how much of a badass Arya really is.

Previous Ranking: 23rd


22. Hot Pie

Oh, you forgot ol’ Hot Pie did you? Sure, we haven’t seen Arya’s old friend in a long time, but it sure was good to see his chubby face this season. He may not have added much to the overall story, but we have to give him credit for pointing Arya back towards Winterfell. If it wasn’t for him, she would probably still be on her way to King’s Landing and we never would have gotten the much-anticipated STARK GIRLS REUNION! THANK YOU HOT PIE! May you make another return down the line sometime…..

Previous Ranking: Unranked


21. Dickon Tarly

Samwell’s little brother has become a bit of a joke on the show in reference to his name. However, the dude apparently knows how to fight and has become an important piece for the Lannisters. He managed to save Jaime’s ass last week before you know what happened, and something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Dickon Tarly. Not by a long shot.

Previous Ranking: Unranked


20. Melisandre

The Red Woman has had a bit of an up-and-down season so far on Game of Thrones. She finally came face-to-face with Daenerys Targaryen and filled her in on the “Prince That Was Promised” stuff and I thought we were headed for big things between Melisandre and Daeny. However, Jon Snow and Davos arrived on Dragonstone and Melisandre took her bags and left. She’s apparently headed to Volantis, but before she took off…she left Varys with a little message. She mentioned that she will return to Westeros one day because that’s where she will die. And Varys as well. MIC DROP!

Previous Ranking: 17th


19. Grey Worm

Yeah, so the takeover of Casterly Rock didn’t go quite as planned….BUT THE GUY BANGED MISSANDEI AND HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A PENIS! Dude should be #1 or top 10 for that at least. The #19 ranking might be the worst thing I’ve ever done.

Previous Ranking: Unranked


18. The Mountain

The Mountain hasn’t done anything on this season of Game of Thrones outside of stand in the corner and intimidate people. You know what though? THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME! The guy is still the biggest dude on Game of Thrones and he’s probably going to end up going face-to-face with a dragon….and it’ll be a close fight. Get ready for a top 5 ranking by season’s end from this guy.

Previous Ranking: 7th


17. Varys

Varys is the ultimate survivor on Game of Thrones. The guy seems to know where the ball is going to bounce before the ball actually gets there. No one has really called him out on it before, until his showdown with Daenerys Targaryen this season. Daeny almost called Varys out on his bullshit, but once again he managed to talk his way into a position of power. What is the end game for Varys? Thanks to Melisandre we now know that Varys is going to die in Westeros…but when exactly? Anytime soon or when he’s an old merling floating in the ocean?

Previous Ranking: 15th


16. Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

It has not been a good season for Littlefinger. The guy has been working for years to position himself as the most powerful man in Westeros. That includes conspiring with Lysa Arryn to murder Jon Arryn and blame it on the Lannisters. That includes hiring a guy to murder Bran Stark and making it look like it was done by the Lannisters. That includes poisoning Joffrey at his wedding and blaming it on Tyrion. That includes killing Lysa Arryn so he can be in control of The Vale. See what I mean? The guy has done plenty of evil over the years and it’s all about to come crashing down. When he went out to talk to Bran Stark and Bran hit him with the “chaos is a ladder” line, Baelish was floored. And then all of a sudden Arya comes out of nowhere and we all remember Arya seeing Baelish talking to Tywin Lannister at Harrenhal years ago don’t we? Baelish’s master plan is unfolding in front of him and if he doesn’t make a move quickly, he’s going to die. Most likely at the hands of Arya Stark.

Previous Ranking: 8th


15. Qyburn


Previous Ranking: 21st


14. Davos Seaworth

Davos hasn’t done a whole lot this season on Game of Thrones, but since he’s still the “Hand of the King” to Jon Snow, he gets this ranking by proxy. To his credit, Davos might have had the funniest line of the season so far when after hearing Daenerys’ long list of nicknames, Davos hit her with the “This is Jon Snow. King of the North”. Simple and effective. Just like Davos.

Previous Ranking: 16th


13. Jorah Mormont

Jorah isn’t supposed to be here anymore. After getting touched by a “Stone Man”, Jorah got greyscale and it was supposed to be over for the knight. Once you get greyscale, it covers your entire body and you’re done. Thankfully for Jorah, he ran into Samwell Tarly who was apparently feeling froggy and did the unthinkable. HE CURED JORAH’S GREYSCALE! Jorah is now likely on his way back to Daenerys to help out the woman he’s loved since the beginning of the show. And just in time as well.


12. Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion might be my personal favorite character on the show. However, we must not overlook the fact that he’s made a couple of boneheaded moves this season. His plan to split up Daeny’s armies and send them to different parts of Westeros sure sounded great on paper, but ultimately it ended up biting them in the ass and Tyrion paid for that one. Then Tyrion got to watch as his brother Jaime try to stupidly charge a dragon with a spear and might have paid the ultimate price with his life. It hasn’t been a very good season so far for Tyrion. Maybe things will pick up soon though for the Imp?

Previous Ranking: 6th


11. Bronn

Bronn was having a relatively quiet season on Game of Thrones. And then last week happened. A big battle against Daenerys’ army that culminated with BRONN SHOOTING A DRAGON WITH A CROSS BOW! Bronn has always been one of the best swordsman in GoT, but we had no idea the guy had deadly aim with a giant cross-bow. Bronn might have single handedly killed a dragon. This #11 ranking might be a little too low, especially if Drogon does end up dying (PLEASE DON’T!!!!!!).

Previous Ranking: 20th


10. The Night’s King

The Night’s King hasn’t been seen at all on this season of GoT so far. However, we know he’s still lurking beyond the Wall and HE’S FUCKING COMING PEOPLE! Just because he’s been quiet doesn’t mean we should all just sit down and get some rest. This dude has a lot of homies and yes….they are still on the way.

Previous Ranking: 1st


9. Samwell Tarly


Previous Ranking: 24th


8. Jaime Lannister

Jaime is/was the leader of the Lannister army and was having a fantastic season. He outsmarted Tyrion and abandoned Casterly Rock and took Highgarden from the Tyrell’s in a great move. And then the shit hit the fan. Jaime and his crew were heading back to King’s Landing with a train full of loot AND THEN EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL! Daenery’s showed up with her dragons and fucked shit up. To his credit, Jaime fought until the end and even went as far as to charge Daeny and Drogon with a spear, before Drogon almost lit his face on fire. Thankfully for Jaime, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater was there to tackle him into the river and avoid the dragon breath….but what’s to become of Jaime now? The last time we saw him he was sinking to the bottom of the river because there’s just no way you can swim with the armor and the hand that he has on right now. So what does the future hold for Jaime? Is he dead (I doubt it)? Will he be rescued by someone we haven’t seen in a long time (Gendry?)? Or will Tyrion make the rescue in order to bring his brother on board to their side? So many questions about Jaime’s future right now.

Previous Ranking: 14th


7. Bran Stark

After years of being away from Winterfell, Bran Stark is back. Yes, he’s REALLY fucking weird now, but wouldn’t you be weird after years of hanging out underneath a tree, eating some weird ass paste that makes you tweak out, and now you can see pretty much everything that’s ever happened in the past? That kind of thing can fuck a guy up and we are seeing that first hand with Bran. Yes, he’s weird as shit. But I guarantee you that Bran is going to have a major role to play in the end game of GoT. He knows way too much now and has evolved into one of the more interesting characters on the show.

Previous Ranking: 10th


6. Sansa Stark

Sansa looks sweet and innocent, but she has slowly become one of the most powerful females on the show. With Jon Snow out-of-town, Sansa is in control of the North at the moment. She got some great news when ARYA returned home last week and now the shit is about to hit the fan. With Sansa as the brains and Arya as the brawn, the Stark women are here to chew gum and kick ass and they are all out of gum. CERSEI! THEY COMING FOR YOU GIRL! I HOPE YOU READY!

Previous Ranking: 9th


5. Euron Greyjoy



We’ve been waiting for Euron Greyjoy to turn into the bad guy we were all promised when it was announced his character would be on the show. After a disappointing first season on the show, EURON IS FUCKING HERE EVERYONE! Let’s not beat around the bushes here. Euron owns the seas on Game of Thrones. If you have a fleet, chances are that it’s nowhere near as good as Euron’s and he’ll gladly smash it to prove his point. After telling Cersei that he was going to bring her a priceless gift, he did exactly that by attacking Yara’s fleet and capturing both Yara and Ellaria Sand in impressive fashion. His fleet then outsmarted Tyrion once again and they attacked Daeny’s fleet after they had captured Casterly Rock. Perhaps no one has had a season quite like Euron’s. And chances are….it’s only going to get better for him.

Previous Ranking: 13th


4. Arya Stark

She killed all of the Frey’s. She got to hang out with Ed Sheeran. She ran into an old friend (Hot Pie) and had a nice little reunion. And then she returned home to Winterfell and is ready to kick ass and take names. She showed off her excellent fighting skills against Brienne of Tarth last week and now Sansa (AND LITTLEFINGER) know exactly how dangerous of a person Baby Stark is. She’s coming for you and if she is….you can’t stop her. Why? Because a girl is no one.

Previous Ranking: 5th


3. Jon Snow

He has a boat load of dragon glass now and he’s the biggest threat to the White Walkers. He’s convinced Daenery’s to join his side and now they are going to bring the fight to the Night’s King. Jon Snow has been Westeros’ best chance to fend off the White Walkers and now he has a shit load of help and the means to do so. It’s almost time to bring the fight up North and when they do….Jon Snow will be leading the charge. KING OF THE NORTH!!!!!

Previous Ranking: 4th


2. Cersei Lannister

Just when you think Cersei is down and out….she does something incredible to pull herself back into the fight. This time it was smart strategic moves by her small council to help win the first big battle of the war. Then it was her right hand man Qyburn building a fucking cross-bow that takes out dragons! Then a guy who has a massive boner for her (Euron) tries to impress her by taking out some of her enemies. Then her own brother goes and ransacked Highgarden and kills one of Cersei’s biggest enemies in Oleanna Tyrell. It would be a GREAT season for Cersei had Daeny not shown up last week and attacked her lover/brother Jaime and his forces. But since she did, that’s life. Something tells me Cersei has another trick up her sleeve though and it’s likely a big one.

Previous Ranking: 3rd


1. Daenerys Targaryen

We found out last week that having a dragon is by far the best thing to have in a battle. Well guys….SHE HAS THREE! If just one of her dragons could do that in a battle, imagine what three of them could do at the same time. Don’t piss off Khaleesi man. We now have seen the wrath and no one wants to be apart of that. Send those three dragons in the air above King’s Landing and burn everyone. Screw it.


Previous Ranking: 2nd