The Dallas Cowboys are a unique NFL team. You either REALLY love them or you REALLY hate them. Why? Well, one reason is because their fans are extremely obnoxious, but another is because they are historically a pretty good NFL team and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that those teams typically have a lot of fans.

So how good will the Cowboys be this season and how annoying will their fans be?

They surprised everyone last season, can they continue their success this year and how many Cowboys fans will we want to stab with sporks?

LEZ FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!





2017 NFL Preview





Record Last Five Seasons: 8-8 (2012), 8-8 (2013), 12-4 (2014), 4-12 (2015), 13-3 (2016)

Last Playoff Win: 2014 Wild Card vs. Detroit

Last Playoff Appearance: 2016 Divisional vs. Green Bay

Super Bowl Wins: Super Bowl VI, Super Bowl XII, Super Bowl XXVII, Super Bowwl XXVIII, Super Bowl XXX

Last Super Bowl Appearance: Super Bowl XXX vs. Pittsburgh


The Head Coach:

Jason Garrett

Coaching Record: 58-46

Playoff Record: 1-2

Grade: B-


2016-17 Team Leaders:

Passing Yards/Touchdowns: Dak Prescott (3,667), Dak Prescott (23)

Rushing Yards/Touchdowns: Ezekiel Elliott (1,631), Ezekiel Elliott (15)

Receiving Yards/Touchdowns: Cole Beasley (833), Dez Bryant (8)

Tackles: Sean Lee (145)

Interceptions: Barry Church (2)


2017 Projected Starters:

Grade Key:

  • GOOD


QB: Dak Prescott

RB: Ezekiel Elliott

FB: Keith Smith

WR: Dez Bryant

WR: Terrance Williams

TE: Jason Witten

LT: Tyron Smith

RT: La’El Collins

RG: Zack Martin

LG: Jonathan Cooper

OC: Travis Frederick


DE: Tyrone Crawford

DE: DeMarcus Lawrence

DT: Maliek Collins

DT: Cedric Thornton

LB: Anthony Hitchens

LB: Sean Lee

LB: Damien Wilson

CB: Orlando Scandrick

CB: Anthony Brown

FS: Byron Jones

SS: Jeff Heath


The Schedule:

vs. New York Giants (September 10)

vs. @ Denver Broncos (September 17)

vs. @ Arizona Cardinals (September 25)

vs. Los Angeles Rams (October 1)

vs. Green Bay Packers (October 8)


vs. @ San Francisco 49ers (October 22)

vs. @ Washington Redskins (October 29)

vs. Kansas City Chiefs (November 5)

vs. @ Atlanta Falcons (November 12)

vs. Philadelphia Eagles (November 19)

vs. Los Angeles Chargers (November 23)

vs. Washington Redskins (November 30)

vs. @ New York Giants (December 10)

vs. @ Oakland Raiders (December 17)

vs. Seattle Seahawks (December 24)

vs. @ Philadelphia Eagles (December 31)


Three Things I Like About The Cowboys This Season:

-The Offense: This one is pretty simple. From head-to-toe, the Dallas Cowboys have one of the best well-built offenses in the NFL today. After a horrible year QB-wise in 2015, the Cowboys hit the lottery last year when they drafted Dak Prescott and he was ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD! Now, that one kind of came out of nowhere and we should all sit and wait before we crown Prescott a great NFL QB. The guy has one year under his belt and you know how many QB’s have a great season and then go to the shitter because of multiple variables (defensive coordinators have more tape to watch now, poor head coaching, poor team management, success goes to the players head)? This season will be a big one for Dak and if he regresses instead of progresses, that’s a red flag going forward for Dallas. As far as the rest of the offense? Ezekiel Elliott is probably the best RB in the NFL now, he just needs to stop doing boneheaded things off-the-field before his career goes in the toilet. The WR’s are OK, but they need Dez Bryant to be healthy and effective. Jason Witten is old as shit, but still a decent player. And the offensive line doesn’t appear to be as good as they once were, but they should still be one of the NFL’s top overall units. Dallas will be fine on this side of the ball.

-Jaylon Smith: Everyone remembers Jaylon Smith, right? He was the linebacker at Notre Dame who looked like he could potentially blossom into the #1 overall pick before a horrible injury almost made him undraftable. Dallas ended up surprising everyone and taking him in the second round of the draft last year….and it’s time to finally reap the benefits of that move. From all reports, Jaylon Smith is almost fully healthy and ready to go. I expect Dallas to bring him along slowly, and I also expect Smith to surprise the hell out of everyone this season. Oh, you guys thought he was done and buried? Not so fast my friends. He’s coming.

-The Beginning Of The Schedule: Dallas ends the season with a pretty rough slate of games, however the start of the schedule shouldn’t be that difficult in my opinion. The Cowboys have a tough home game against the Giants to kick off the season, but they should win that one. They travel to Denver the following week, but I think Dallas handles business there as well. Next they have to travel to Arizona for a tough game, which is probably a loss in my book. Up next though? The Rams come to Dallas, the Packers come to Dallas, a much needed bye week, then a trip to San Francisco (a win), a trip to Washington (a coin flip), and then a home game against the Chiefs (should be a win), before things start to get a little more difficult with a trip to Atlanta. I have the Cowboys going 6-2 through the beginning of their schedule, but there is a real good possibility they are 8-0 heading into Atlanta in a potential NFC Championship preview.


Three Things I Hate About The Cowboys This Season:

-The Defense: The Cowboys have had their struggles on the defensive side of the ball over the last few seasons, although they improved last season, I fully expect these guys to take a step back this year. Dallas has no elite players on the defensive side of the ball. Sean Lee and Byron Jones are the two best players on their defense, and Lee gets hurt every other game. The Cowboys have seen way too many good-to-decent cornerbacks develop within the organization, just to walk out the door in free agency. Stability is a huge thing in the NFL, and it’s very underrated. Plus, their defensive front seven is just not very good on paper. I mentioned Jaylon Smith earlier and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Smith wind up as the best player on this unit if he’s fully healthy this season. For the Cowboys sake, they will need him to.

-Off-The-Field Issues: Ezekiel Elliott’s off-the-field issues are always a real threat to put an unfortunate end to Dallas’ Super Bowl dreams and hopes. If the Cowboys have any kind of Super Bowl aspirations, they need this guy to have his head on straight. Ezekiel is an extremely talented running back, but he’s also extremely immature. All it takes is one more dumb move by Elliott and the Cowboys go from a potential 12-win team to an 8-8 team. Yes, be nervous Dallas fans. Be very nervous.

-Jason Garrett: I like Jason Garrett as an NFL head coach, but I don’t love him. Is he REALLY the guy that’s going to bring the Cowboys over that hump? I’m not so sure. Look at all the “elite/great” coaches in the NFL. Bill Belichick. Mike Tomlin. Andy Reid. Pete Carroll. Sean Payton. Mike McCarthy. And John Harbaugh. Notice something there? Their win/loss records aren’t hovering anywhere near a .500 record like a certain coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jason Garrett’s overall record as the Cowboys’ head coach is a weak 58-46. Take away Garrett’s two really good seasons  and the guy is just a .500 coach overall. He has a losing record in the playoffs because he can’t beat the Green Bay Packers in the post-season. I think Garrett is a good NFL head coach. A team like the Cleveland Browns would love to have him. But a team with a potential Super Bowl roster with a great chance to hoist a trophy at the end of the year? They drastically need an upgrade in my opinion.


The Prediction: