The NBA Draft is here. It’s one of the greatest sporting events of the year and is arguably the highlight of the NBA season every year.

And let’s not beat around the bush here people. Last year’s NBA season was pretty god damn boring. Going in, I’m pretty sure we all knew what was going to happen. When the second best player in the league joins a team that just set the NBA record for all-time wins the previous year….the results are pretty obvious.

Everyone knew that the Golden State Warriors were going to win the NBA Championship, which is why the NBA season was a bore last year for fans of every other NBA team. TONIGHT IS OUR TIME TO SHINE!!!! The Warriors are the epitome of what everyone wants their favorite team to be. Tonight offers fans of every single team a chance to think that their team is THAT much closer to actually competing with the big dogs in the NBA.

After all, the Golden State Warriors were a team that was largely built through the NBA Draft itself, which is one of the many reasons you should be excited for this thing tonight as an NBA fan.

Which leads me to this. My NBA Mock Draft. Let me put out a disclaimer real fast before we get things rolling. While I consider myself to be somewhat of an NFL Draft “expert”, by no means does that pour over to the NBA Draft. I’m not a huge college basketball fan. My college basketball viewing usually boils down to just March Madness, BUT YOU SHOULD STILL READ THIS MOCK DRAFT! Why? Because I love the NBA Draft and I’ve been paying close attention to what the experts are saying AND THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO GO DOWN TONIGHT! I 100% GUARANTEE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!

Guys, grab a beer.

Ladies, grab a beer.

Everyone just read this damn thing and enjoy the draft tonight. There may or may not be a surprise waiting on the blog in the morning. How you like me now?




1. Philadelphia 76ers – Markelle Fultz (G), Washington

The 76ers traded up in a move that I personally thought was dumb to get Markelle Fultz. Everyone knows this. Why do I think this move was dumb? Because I’m not sold on Fultz as being worthy of the #1 pick. Time will tell if I’m wrong, but Boston was holding all the cards to draft Fultz and immediately after his workout they were like “ya, we don’t want him” and Philly jumped at the chance. That just screams of desperation and when you’re desperate and do dumb things, it usually blows up in your face.


2. Los Angeles Lakers – Lonzo Ball (G), UCLA

This was one is a match made in heaven. Everyone hates Lonzo Ball because his dad is a douche canoe and everyone hates the Lakers. I can’t wait to boo the crap out of Ball and maybe even throw a soda at his dad’s head when they visit the Moda Center in Portland. WHAT’CHA GONNA DO LAVAR?


3. Boston Celtics – Jayson Tatum (F), Duke

One of the reasons the Celtics were willing to trade back to #3 is because they reportedly were confident that the guy they wanted would still be available at #3. Were they REALLY confident that the Lakers wouldn’t draft Josh Jackson over Ball? I’m sure they knew Tatum would still be there though. I don’t know man. I’m going with Tatum here for that reason and that reason only. Also, if the rumors are true and the Knicks are willing to part ways with Kristaps Porzingis for a top 4 pick, I would jump all over that in a heart beat if I were any of these four teams. Boston to me seems to be the most likely team to make that move though because they are the smartest and smart teams win in the NBA. Not dumb ones that hire Phil Jackson.


4. Phoenix Suns – Josh Jackson (F), Kansas

The Suns reportedly love them some Josh Jackson (who doesn’t though?) and if he slipped to them here, they would likely jump all over him. De’Aaron Fox could also be a possibility, but how many damn Kentucky players can you have on one roster? Don’t answer that.


5. Sacramento Kings – De’Aaron Fox (PG), Kentucky

Rumor is the Kings have been trying to trade up so they can draft Fox. Well, they don’t have to in this mock draft. Honestly, the Kings should just stay put because they’ll get a good player at #5 and won’t have to lose any key assets in the meantime. This is why you don’t get to have nice things anymore Sacramento.


6. Orlando Magic – Jonathan Isaac (F), Florida State

Good news for Jonathan Isaac: He doesn’t have to move very far from where he played college ball.


Bad news for Jonathan Isaac: He’s on the Magic.


7. Minnesota Timberwolves – Zach Collins (C), Gonzaga

Everyone is saying that the Timberwolves are eye-balling Isaac because they obviously want a forward to team up alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and make life miserable for NBA players down low. With Isaac off the board here, let’s go with Collins who is a player who could definitely help make life easier for KAT and maybe….JUST MAYBE….the Timberwolves will return to the playoffs.


8. New York Knicks – Dennis Smith (G), N.C. State

Who knows what the hell the Knicks are doing? Phil Jackson is apparently a fucking jackass when it comes to running an NBA team, which makes me sad considering I once pushed for the Portland Trail Blazers to hire him a few years back. Jackson is ruining the Knicks, so he’ll probably draft some foreign player who will end up out of the league in four years. The smart pick would be Smith.


9. Dallas Mavericks – Frank Ntilikina (G), France

Dirk Nowitzki is on his way out of the NBA. The guy can only play for so long. The Mavericks are going to have to replace him with a new foreign star for the fans to cheer for. France’s own Frank Ntilikina fills that void in more ways than one because Dallas also needs a PG as well. BOO YA!


10. Sacramento Kings – Lauri Markkanen (F), Arizona

The Kings added a good point guard with the #5 pick and now they add a forward who’s really good at shooting the ball. Remember what I said earlier about you not getting nice things Sacramento? This is your chance to re-build right here. You guys need to nail these two picks in what the experts are calling the “deepest draft in a long time”. MAKE IT HAPPEN SACRAMENTO! You’re going to fuck this up though, aren’t you?


11. Charlotte Hornets – Malik Monk (G), Kentucky

I highly doubt this will happen as I fully expect Monk to be off the board earlier, but somehow he fell to the Hornets here who would obviously be elated to jump all over him.


12. Detroit Pistons – Luke Kennard (G), Duke

This pick will likely be a guard and at this point, Kennard is the best one still available in my opinion. Yes, he’s a horrible defender, but he might be the best shooter in the draft. Something the Pistons desperately need.


13. Denver Nuggets – OG Anunoby (G), Indiana

Three mock drafts that I’ve seen all have OG Anunoby going to the Nuggets. THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!


14. Miami Heat – Donovan Mitchell (G), Louisville

Mitchell is the best player left and if he doesn’t go in the lottery, it will be a crime.


And Here’s The Rest:

15. Portland Trail Blazers – Harry Giles (F), Duke

16. Chicago Bulls – John Collins (F), Wake Forest

17. Milwaukee Bucks – Justin Patton (C), Creighton

18. Indiana Pacers – Bam Adebayo (F), Kentucky

19. Atlanta Hawks – Ike Anigbogu (C), UCLA

20. Portland Trail Blazers – Tony Bradley (C), North Carolina

21. Oklahoma City Thunder – T.J. Leaf (F), UCLA

22. Brooklyn Nets – Jarrett Allen (C), Texas

23. Toronto Raptors – Terrance Ferguson (G), Australia

24. Utah Jazz – Jonah Bolden (F), Australia

25. Orlando Magic – Justin Jackson (F), North Carolina

26. Portland Trail Blazers – Jordan Bell (F), Oregon

27. Los Angeles Lakers – D.J. Wilson (F), Michigan

28. Los Angeles Lakers – Josh Hart (G), Villanova

29. San Antonio Spurs – Anzejs Pasecniks (C), Latvia

30. Utah Jazz – Tyler Lydon (F), Syracuse


And that’s it! See you TOMORROW with an NBA Draft Diary perhaps????

Stay tuned!