7:46 PM: Hi, hello and welcome to the Stanley Cup Final! In the continuing ramping up of NHL coverage right here on THE Ultimate Sports Blog, I’ve decided that I will live-blog select Stanley Cup Final games right here for your entertainment. This is a huge date in my personal history as a sports fan, as it’s the first game that a team I am actively rooting for is playing in the Stanley Cup Final. It’s a momentous occasion for me, and I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you.

I am wearing my Bret “The Hitman” Hart shirt for the occasion. I don’t have as many Preds shirts in my rotation as I would like, but when I saw this one coming up I figured it would be great for Game 1, as Bret Hart has the same opinion of Pittsburgh as a lot of us do:


7:54: I am rocking the Jim Beam tonight, with a mix of the Diet Pepsi because diet. I had the regular before the game, and now I’m switching to the Double Oak Twice Barreled brand. Which means it’s the good stuff. Not that one can go wrong with Jim Beam, at least in my experience.

8:03: Is there a better voice for anything in life than Doc Emrick for hockey? Probably not.

8:10: I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it here too: Beware the 4th line. Vernon Fiddler. Austin Watson. Cody McLeod. They’re going to impact this series one way or the other. They did good things in the Blues series. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it again in this series.

8:14: Went upstairs and got my Smash hat. I got it when I was at Bridgestone Arena for Game 3 & everybody in the arena wanted it, so I assume it’s good luck. I do know it’s a damn good looking hat and that fellow Preds fans notice it.

8:20: I’m pretty sure the line with Fisher & Neal got the 1st line treatment just so the Pittsburgh fans could boo them.

8:22: I can’t recognize whoever is singing the National Anthem. Advantage: Nashville.

8:35: Nashville dominated the first six minutes of play. Didn’t mean anything on the scoreboard because there were no goals. But those who thought the Pens would mow over the Preds may be surprised.

8:38: P.K. Subban is responsible for the first goal of the Stanley Cup Final. Because why wouldn’t he be? The superstars show up at the big moments, and it doesn’t get too much bigger than this. Pittsburgh decides to make a challenge that it was off-sides…

8:42: They decided it was off-sides. Because they want Pittsburgh to win.

8:53: I have been pissed off since the last update because the NHL decided to overturn that last goal for no damn reason. Maybe John Scott told them to. I don’t know, but I’ve yet to hear a good explanation for it. So we’re playing 8 vs 5.

8:58: Hey, if you put enough Preds in the penalty box the Penguins can score a goal. Who knew?

9:03: The League is wearing Pekka Rinne out and he let that weak-ass goal in.

9:11: The NHL wanted things a certain way, and they got them. Ever since they decided to over-turn a goal for no reason anybody could see, the Penguins scored three straight. Apparently that’s what they want. That’s even worse than the NBA gimmicking things to make an entertaining NBA Finals. They’re gimmicking things in favor of Pittsburgh so Sidney Crosby can be an all-time great. Fuck these motherfuckers.

9:34: A catfish got on the ice. Apparently the anti-Preds fans didn’t do enough work. This game is already a wash but at least we got that!

9:43: The Preds got their first goal. It was Ryan Ellis and he had a beard, so they let it go. People will hate me for pointing it out, but that’s exactly what happened. Sorry. But that’s what happened.

10:00: Honestly, I don’t blame Penguins fans for being so dead. They know that the league has their backs. No need to make noise.

10:16: This intermission show is sad. The only reason the Pens have a 2-goal lead is because of officiating. Nobody has an argument otherwise. If this is the trend it’s gonna be a sad Final.

8:45 AM: I fell asleep during the second intermission! In my defense, I woke up at 5:15 AM, had a day at work, worked out and drank a bit. That adds up. Apparently I missed a pretty crazy third period and an eventual Preds loss. They did fight their way back into the game though, which anybody that’s watched this team would expect.

So what did we learn?

-The Preds can be competitive

-The officiating will favor the Pens

-Live blogging is a bad idea.