The NBA playoffs are upon us and even though it seems like most sports fans don’t really care that much (that’s what happens when everyone assumes it’s going to be Golden State vs. Cleveland in the Finals again), it’s still an exciting time to be an NBA fan. Why exactly? Because you honestly never know what’s going to happen in the playoffs and sometimes you get a surprise or two.

Last year, everyone just assumed the “best regular season team in NBA history” would walk through the rest of the NBA and capture their second straight NBA title, but the Cleveland Cavaliers shocked the world and made sure that didn’t happen. So even though you think you know what’s going to happen in the playoffs, when they actually play the games….anything can happen.

So what will happen during the NBA playoffs this year? Well, it’s time for the HIGHER POWER to give you his predictions.

Not to toot my own horn, but the HIGHER POWER is on a little bit of a roll right now when it comes to making predictions. I picked the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. I picked the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the NCAA tournament. And I also predicted my friends triplets would be ALL GIRLS and that’s exactly what they are. So yes, I’m on a major roll right now and you should really listen to what I have to say.

So here we are. My predictions for how the 2017 NBA Playoffs are going to pan out…..





First Round:

(1) Golden State Warriors def. (8) Portland Trail Blazers in 5 games

(4) Los Angeles Clippers def. (5) Utah Jazz in 6 games

(3) Houston Rockets def. (6) Oklahoma City Thunder in 7 games

(2) San Antonio Spurs def. (7) Memphis Grizzlies in 6 games

Second Round:

(1) Golden State Warriors def. (4) Los Angeles Clippers in 5 games

(2) San Antonio Spurs def. (3) Houston Rockets in 6 games

Western Conference Finals:

(1) Golden State Warriors def. (2) San Antonio Spurs in 7 games


First Round:

(1) Boston Celtics def. (8) Chicago Bulls in 6 games

(4) Washington Wizards def. (5) Atlanta Hawks in 6 games

(3) Toronto Raptors def. (6) Milwaukee Bucks in 5 games

(2) Cleveland Cavaliers def. (7) Indiana Pacers in 5 games

Second Round:

(1) Boston Celtics def. (4) Washington Wizards in 7 games

(2) Cleveland Cavaliers def. (3) Toronto Raptors in 5 games

Eastern Conference Finals:

(2) Cleveland Cavaliers def. (1) Boston Celtics in 5 games


(1) Golden State Warriors def. (2) Cleveland Cavaliers in 7 games

It hurts because it’s true……