It’s the 17th episode of Monday Night RAW and we are finally getting to some historical stuff. Not only does one big thing happen on this episode, but TWO major things happen! YES I SAID TWO!!!! What are they?

Let’s find out……




The Time Machine: Monday Night RAW – Episode 17


We are at the Manhattan Center and are joined by Vince McMahon, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. They run down the card and it’s a big one. And now we are taking a look back at last week’s video of Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels fighting on the outside of the Manhattan Center. The only thing I took out of this segment was how awesome Shawn Michaels’ t-shirt is.

Now we are heading outside where Lord Alfred Hayes is standing and he lets us know that someone in a disguise has snuck into the building and we are going to be shocked when we find out who it is. If Hayes found out who it was through the guys’ disguise…it must not be a very good one. Just saying.

Match #1:


The Smoking Gunns


Tony Vadja & Glen Ruth


This is the Smoking Gunns debut on RAW. They fire off their pistols before Tony Vadja and Glen Ruth get a proper introduction, which is just rude. Bart starts things off with Vadja. Bart goes for the cover right away because that makes total sense. Now he goes for the tag on Billy and Billy whips Vadja into the ropes, but Vadja tags in Ruth. Ruth gets clotheslined by Billy and gets another big clothesline just for good measure. Billy tags Bart in and they give Ruth a double neckbreaker. Bart bodyslams Ruth and tags Billy back in. Billy drops an elbow on Ruth and follows that up with a knee. He picks Ruth up and tags Bart back in. Bart kicks Ruth and seriously tags Billy right back in. They double-team Ruth a little and Billy hits him with a suplex. Billy tags Bart back in and Bart kicks Ruth. He grabs him in a wrist lock and throws him down and TAGS BILLY BACK IN! Does Bart even know how to wrestle? Bart does another drop toe hold to Ruth and Billy drops a leg on his arm. Billy stands on Ruth’s chest and tags Bart back in. Bart comes in and drops a leg on Ruth’s chest and TAGS BILLY BACK IN! This is actually pretty comical. Billy body slams Ruth and tags Bart back in. Billy whips him into the ropes and suplexes Ruth over his head right into Bart’s arms who nails him with a piledriver. 1…..2….3! Hey look at that! Bart Gunn knows more than just two wrestling holds! This match was garbage, unless you like a million tags.

Winner: The Smoking Gunns via Piledriver

Now we go to Vince McMahon who is in the ring and he’s interviewing WWE Intercontinental Champion SHAWN MICHAELS……


Vince McMahon: Mr. Michaels.

(Crowd breaks out in a “Shawn is Gay” chant)

VM: I wonder if we could have your attention. Everyone knows what happened last week. I mean. What was it you said that incited Mr. Perfect to attack you outside the building here at Monday Night RAW?

Shawn Michaels: Look, look, look. I’ll get to that soon enough. Now, I think that man, you, me, and everybody in the World Wrestling Federation can agree, that Shawn Michaels is a man of his word.

VM: A man of his word?

SM: A man of his word. Now let’s recap for a second, shall we? You just sit there. Let me do the recapping. I told everybody that I would become the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion. Presto change o, I am. I told everybody, I’d defend this title all over the world. Done. Then, I get into a lumberjack match with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and I told you, I’d walk out the Intercontinental Champion. Done. And onto Mr. Perfect. I told everybody that I was better than Mr. Perfect. I took Mr. Perfect’s best shot and looksee here. I’m still the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion. There you have it.

VM: Well, you have been a champion. Some would say, a bit of a reluctant fighting champion, however.

SM: Reluctant? You call traveling all over the world defending this title with blood, sweat, and tears, reluctant? I know you don’t. You don’t have to tell me. You know as well as I do, I’m the best in the World Wrestling Federation. I will defend this title, anywhere, anytime, against anybody. Because I’m the man. I’m the Heartbreak Kid. When you’re Shawn Michaels, you fear no man. Anywhere. Any place. Anytime. Jack.

VM: Well, there’s no question Mr. Michaels……

(A guy wearing a disguise comes walking down to the ring and gets in the ring)

SM: Someone wants to take me up on my challenge, right? Look buddy. You got your ticket. Sit down in your seat and go to where ever it is you came from.

(The guy takes his disguise off and it’s MARTY JANNETTY!!!!)


Marty Jannetty: Are you a man of your word? Are you a true champion? Are you gonna put your belt where your mouth is? You have to defend that championship against me.

VM: Well yeah. If you’re a man of your word. Why not defend the title right here tonight? Why not tonight?

SM: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I’m a man of my word. He’s not–he’s not prepared to wrestle. He doesn’t have….

(Vince keeps asking Marty if he wants to wrestle)

SM: He might get hurt. I wouldn’t want that.

MJ: But you would right? You would give me a title match right here right now if I had my stuff? LET ME GO GET IT!

VM: And it’s done! Yes! You said you’re a man of your word! Are you a man of your word?

SM: I’m a man of my word.

VM: Then the title match will take place right here tonight on RAW!!!!


Match #2:


Razor Ramon


The Kid


First he was known as the “Kamikaze Kid”, then the “Cannonball Kid’, and now he’s just “The Kid”. Screw it, right? Razor starts things off by tossing the Kid across the ring. He throws him into the turnbuckle and chops the shit out of him. Big hip toss by Razor and the Kid goes flying. Abdominal stretch by Razor now as the crowd chants his name. It’s about time to turn this guy, isn’t it? Razor continues to beat on the Kid and hits him with a back drop. Razor is now slapping him and throws him into the turnbuckle. Razor charges him, but the Kid moves out-of-the-way. He goes to the top rope now and moonsaults onto Razor! 1….2….3!!!! THE KID HAS UPSET RAZOR RAMON!!!!! THE KID RUNS TO THE BACK IN SHOCK WHILE RAZOR IS OBVIOUSLY PISSED!!!!! Razor walks down to Vince and starts yelling at him now.

Winner: The Kid via Moonsault

Match #3:




Scott Taylor


Tatanka is still undefeated and for some reason, I don’t think Scott Taylor is going to be the guy who ends the streak. Taylor starts things off by mocking Tatanka, not a wise move as Tatanka clotheslines him down. Taylor gets up and charges Tatanka and he gets back dropped out of the ring and Tatanka flies off the apron with a big chop. He tosses Taylor back into the ring and he’s begging for mercy already. Tatanka whips him into the turnbuckle and gives him a big chop followed by a bodyslam. Elbow drop to Taylor now and Tatanka is in complete control. Another bodyslam to Taylor as Tatanka continues the beat down. Hip toss to Taylor and Tatanka starts talking to the camera now. Taylor finally starts fighting back and Vince McMahon has just named “The Kid” the “The 1-2-3 Kid” so there’s that. Now Tatanka is doing his usual schtick with multiple chops. He picks Taylor up and drops him with a samoan drop. 1….2…..3! And that’s how you beat jobbers Razor Ramon.

Winner: Tatanka via Samoan Drop

And now it’s time to join “Mean” Gene Okerlund with a special King of the Ring report….


“Mean” Gene gives us a run down of the first ever King of the Ring PPV card which is as follows:

Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna for the WWE Championship

The King of the Ring Tournament featuring:

Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Razor Ramon

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

“The Narcissist” Lex Luger vs. Tatanka

Crush is set to face Shawn Michaels in a qualifying match on WWE Superstars. Kamala will battle Mr. Hughes for the last spot in the tournament. C’MON KAMALA! THE WORLD NEEDS KING KAMALA!!!!


Match #4:






Vince says this is going to be an extraordinary match-up and you know what? I tend to agree with him. I’m expecting a technical masterpiece here. Bret Hart, I hope you’re paying attention. Yoko and Kamala collide in the middle of the ring and Yoko is staggered. They do it again and Yoko once again almost goes down. Kamala kicks him in the chest and chops him and Yoko is reeling. He stays on his feet and hits Kamala in the throat. Yoko starts putting a beat down on Kamala now. Big leg drop to Kamala and he might be dead after that one. Kamala gets up and starts to get some offense though. He runs into Yoko and once again has him reeling. Fuji grabs Kamala’s feet though and distracts the big guy. Yoko runs into the corner and charges Kamala and hits him with a big splash. Kamala goes down and Yoko goes to the top rope. BANZAI DROP! 1…..2…..3! And that’s why he’s your #1 contender people. *****

Winner: Yokozuna via Banzai Drop

Main Event:


Shawn Michaels


Marty Jannetty


The Rockers are one of my favorite tag teams of all-time, if not my favorite, so I was pretty jazzed for this match back in the day. The two lock-up and go in the corner where Michaels starts beating on Jannetty. Michaels slams Jannetty’s head from corner to corner, but Jannetty fights back and ends up getting a two-count. Michaels hits ropes and leap frogs Jannetty twice, but Jannetty catches him in a sunset flip and gets another two-count. Jannetty gets a headlock on Michaels and Michaels whips him into the ropes and goes for a hip toss, but Jannetty counters it into a clothesline. Jannetty follows that up with a clothesline that sends Michaels right out of the ring. Jannetty hits a slide from the bottom rope that hits Michaels and then goes over the top and lands directly on HBK. JANNETTY IS ON FIRE! The crowd breaks out in a huge “Marty” chant as Michaels circles the ring. Jannetty goes back outside and throws him back in. He whips Michaels into the ropes, but HBK kicks him in the face. Michaels goes for “sweet chin music” but Jannetty ducks and gives him a hip toss. Headscissor take down from Jannetty now and that gets a two-count. Big back body drop to HBK and Jannetty sling shots Michaels into the corner and he goes flying out of the ring. Michaels grabs his title belt and he’s had enough. He’s heading to the back. Maybe not. Mr. Perfect comes out of the back and is blocking Michaels’ way to the locker room. And we are going to a commercial……


We are back and Jannetty is still beating on Michaels. He flips HBK back into the ring and goes for a headscissors, but Michaels drops him on the top rope. Michaels grabs Jannetty and starts choking him now. He puts Jannetty into the corner and starts punching the hell out of his pretty face. He lays Jannetty on the second rope and drops a legdrop onto him. Michaels drops a knee onto Jannetty’s face and gets a chin lock on his former partner. Jannetty starts fighting back, but it’s not enough as Michaels hits him with a dropkick to the face. He whips Jannetty into the corner, but Jannetty counters by catching Michaels’ legs and slingshotting him into the corner again. Jannetty goes for the cover and gets a two-count. They both get up and Jannetty drops him with a face buster. A body slam by Jannetty and that gets a two-count as well. Michaels counters and whips Jannetty into the corner. Jannetty fakes a moonsault and Michaels bites. HBK gets up and Jannetty lands a splash from the top rope and that gets a two-count. They start to chain wrestle a little and Jannetty ends up on top with a roll-up pin. Michaels is able to counter and now he has a pin. That gets a two-count. Jannetty gets up and SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Michaels starts talking shit to Mr. Perfect instead of covering Jannetty though. Mr. Perfect throws his towel at Michaels and Jannetty runs up behind Shawn and gets the cover. 1…..2…..3!!!!! WE HAVE A NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!!!

Winner: Marty Jannetty via roll-up pin

And that’s it for this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. This was probably easily the best episode of RAW yet. You had the emergence of the 1-2-3 Kid. The great match between The Rockers and KAMALA VS. YOKOZUNA!!!!! I highly recommend this episode and I’m not sure how they are going to top this one next week.

LET’S GO BACK TO 2017!!!!