The last time we stepped into the time machine and checked out Monday Night RAW, it was kind of a disappointment. This week though? We have an Intercontinental Title match featuring Shawn Michaels and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!

Let’s check it out…..




The Time Machine: Monday Night RAW – Episode 15


We don’t even get an introduction this week as head straight to the ring as Shawn Michaels is making his way down. Oh, and here we go with the intro….



Match #1:


Shawn Michaels


“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan


This one is for the WWE Intercontinental Title. What has “Hacksaw” done to get a shot at a title belt? Stop asking questions like that or Vince will have you eliminated. Randy Savage predicts that Jim Duggan will win and walk home with the title. Oh Randy. You’re a joy. The crowd breaks out in a big “USA” chant which is obviously aimed towards that damn foreigner Shawn Michaels who hails from the country of Texas. We should go to war with them. Duggan stomps around the ring and immediately chases Michaels out. The crowd continues to chant “USA” as Michaels slowly gets back in the ring. Duggan now leads the fans in a “USA” chant as Michaels retreats the ring again. Michaels tells the ref to tell the crowd to keep it down because he can’t concentrate with all the noise. Now the crowd breaks out in a “Shawn is Gay” chant. There’s something that wouldn’t go down in this day and age. Finally the two lock-up and Duggan gets the advantage. He clotheslines Michaels a couple of times and Michaels leaves the ring again. And hey, we get another “USA” chant. Michaels grabs the 2×4 but the ref and Duggan make sure he puts it back before he can do any damage with it. Michaels gets back in the ring and Duggan gets some more offense in. Some big punches send HBK back out of the ring. I’m noticing a pattern here. Michaels has decided that he’s had enough and is leaving. Duggan gives chase though and goes and picks him up and carries him back into the ring. He throws Michaels into the ring and we are going to a commercial….


We are back and Michaels is SHOCKINGLY outside of the ring, but Duggan is trying to bring him back in by his hair. Michaels is able to turn things around when he rams Duggan’s throat into the top rope. Michaels gets back in the ring and finally starts getting some offense in. Michaels starts to drop knees onto Duggan’s chest and uses his boot to choke him out. Duggan starts walking around the ring no-selling HBK’s shots, but Michaels eventually gets him into the corner. Michaels blinds Duggan and goes to the top rope and hits him with an axe handle. Duggan is down and Michaels continues to choke him. Duggan starts fighting back and gets HBK into the corner, but HBK nails him with a big boot. Duggan goes down and Michaels starts dropping elbows and gets a two-count. Duggan is fighting back now and hits Michaels with a shoulder block. He goes off the ropes, but Michaels hits him with a knee. Duggan charges Michaels and he moves and Duggan goes flying to the outside. Michaels is on the ring apron and drops an axe handle on to Duggan’s back. The crowd breaks out in an “USA” chant again and that looks to motivate Duggan. He gets back in the ring and starts trading blows with Michaels. HBK gets the advantage and continues to beat on “Hacksaw”. He gets a chin lock on Duggan, but Duggan gets out before his arm drops a third time and turns the tables on Michaels. Some big punches have Michaels reeling. Duggan throws Michaels into the ropes and hits him with a power slam. He goes into the corner and gets in the football position. Big clothesline to Michaels! Michaels goes out of the ring though. He starts heading to the back again and Duggan goes after him. They start brawling at ring side as Duggan clotheslines him over the guard rail. Duggan is able to get back in the ring as Michaels is counted out. Duggan is a moron. You can’t win the title if the champion is counted out.

Winner: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via count-out

Duggan now grabs the microphone:

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan: Hold on. Now I think the WWE does a lot of things right. But there’s no way I can beat a man from pillar to post. And when he knows I’m going to take him down, he takes a run for it. So I’m telling you. I’m telling all of these folks out here. I’m telling Shawn Michaels. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. I’m not leaving until I get another piece of you, tough guy. HOOOOOOO!!!!

Duggan throws a couple of chairs into the ring and he’s going to take a seat. Apparently he really is going on strike. That’s OK, because we have some commercials that need viewing…..


We are back and Duggan is now walking around the ring. It looks like he’s sticking to his guns. Duggan walks over to the announcer’s table as Savage gives him a thumbs up and the rest of the guys just ignore him. Now we are going to “Mean” Gene Okerlund for a KING OF THE RING REPORT!!!!


This is the very first King of the Ring PPV. “Mean” Gene Okerlund gives us a breakdown of the card so far:

Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna (for the WWE World Championship)

King of the Ring Tournament Participants (so far):

Bret Hart & Lex Luger

Qualifying matches this weekend: El Matador vs. Razor Ramon, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Papa Shango

“Mean” Gene also informs us that “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan has left the ring on RAW and is looking for WWE President Jack Tunney. That strike sure didn’t last long.

Match #2:


Doink The Clown


Kamikaze Kid


This is the 1-2-3 Kid/Syxx/X-Pac’s official WWE debut. He may not look like much right now, but give it a few weeks. Doink goes right after the Kid and just starts beating on him. Belly to belly suplex to the Kid as Doink continues to beat on him. A big clothesline sends the Kid down. Doink grabs his legs and gets an STF on Kid as he screams in pain. Doink gets up and starts slamming Kid’s head against the mat. The Kid starts fighting back, but Doink just grabs his eyes and starts raking the shit out of them. An elbow sends the Kid down as Doink breaks out in laughter. Doink grabs the Kid’s leg in a stretch hold and that’s all she wrote as the Kid quickly submits.

Winner: Doink The Clown via submission


Match #3:


Bob Backlund


Duane Gil


Bob Backlund is back after a few week’s absence on RAW and he’s taking on the guy who would later become Gillberg. This one should be a classic. Backlund wants to shake hands, but Gill isn’t having it. Backlund breaks out his amateur holds on Gill now. Gill continuously runs at Backlund, but Backlund just keeps sweeping his leg and knocking him down. Vince informs us that we will have a rematch next weekend between Shawn Michaels and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and it will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH. Count me in for that one. Meanwhile, Gill currently has Backlund in a scissor hold as Backlund is in trouble. Backlund escapes though and gets a headlock on Gill. Gill gets up though and hits Backlund with a suplex and follows it up with an arm bar. Backlund is able to counter it though and picks Gill up and puts him on the top rope. He shoves Gill and Gill charges him only to receive a back body drop. Backlund grabs Gill’s legs and pins him with a bridge. 1…..2……3! Thank god that one’s over.

Winner: Bob Backlund via bridge


Vince McMahon is at ringside as “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is once again going to bless us with his appearance…..

Vince McMahon: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. I understand that your wish has come true. And your sit down strike has apparently paid off.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan: Well, not very often does old “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan get an opportunity to talk to the President, but Sgt. Slaughter came out here and told me that Jack Tunney was on the telephone. So I ran out there and I said “Mr. Tunney, it’s not fair. It’s not right. Shawn Michaels can run away from me.” And you know what Mr. Tunney said to me? He said “Hacksaw, Shawn can run, but he can’t hide because next week you got him in a lumberjack match for the Intercontinental title tough guy” HOOOOOOO!!!!

VM: I’m sure Mr. Michaels isn’t too happy about this at all. In a lumberjack matchup when all the superstars surround the squared circle. Obviously Mr. Michaels won’t be able to run very far.

JD: He seems to spend more time outside of the ring, than he does inside. I’m not going to take anything away from him. He sure is pretty. And he sure wrestles well. But he can’t fight a lick. And Shawn Michaels, when I get you in that ring, I’m taking that title away from you. One way or the other tough guy.

VM: Thumbs up for “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. A lumberjack match is very very dangerous. Whether or not you are thrown out or chasing Shawn Michaels. One of your adversaries just might be there.

JD: Oh, there’s no telling who’s going to be there outside the ring. But it’s like back in my old football days. You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel. You’ve got to look around. You can’t trust nobody. But “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan’s mind is on one thing. That’s the Intercontinental Title tough guy. HOOOOOO!

VM: Alright. Best of luck to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.


It’s time for another special video of a new tag team that calls themselves Bart and Billy Gunn, “The Smoking Gunns”. Something tells me these guys will make a major impact in the WWE considering they were shooting guns and calling out all the other tag teams in the WWE. Don’t mess with these guys.

Back in the ring, CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO IS BACK IN THE WWE! The legendary manager is here to apparently scout the next team he’s going to manage. Will it be this next team?

Match #4:


The Headshrinkers


Jay Sledge & Jim Bell


The Headshrinkers are too busy paying attention to Captain Lou Albano at ringside. He used to manage Afa so there’s some history there. And now the Headshrinkers go after the jobbers and start beating the hell out of them. Fatu throws Bell out of the ring and they nail Sledge with a double-team move. Samu continues to beat on Sledge and eventually just tosses him out of the ring. Fatu starts putting a beatdown on Sledge now and throws him back in the ring. Samu tags Fatu in and he throws Sledge over into the corner where he makes the tag to Bell. He gets welcomed into the ring with a kick to the face. Fatu picks him up and tags in Samu. They hit Bell with a double piledriver and he’s in a lot of trouble. Afa is really excited and he’s jumping around at ringside. Samu tags Fatu back in and he goes to the top rope. He hits Bell with a big punch to the face and starts raking his face right in front of Lou Albano. Fatu tags Samu back in and they hit Bell with a double head-butt. Samu goes for the cover, but decides he’s not done quite yet. He hits Bell with a head butt and a couple of elbow drops and tags Fatu back in. They nail Bell with a double face buster and Fatu goes to the top rope. FLYING SPLASH FROM FATU! 1….2…..3! Let’s go home folks.

Winner: The Headshrinkers via Flying Splash


Main Event:




Rich Myers


Myers wants a handshake, but Kamala is a little hesitant. Actually, he’s really hesitant and just punches Myers in the face. Myers tries to get some offense in, but Kamala is just putting a whooping on him. He picks Myers up by the neck and just throws him down. He does it once more just for good measure. Now he’s grabbing Myers’ ankle and twisting it. Kamala whips him into the ropes and hits Myers with an elbow and Kamala follows that up with a big kick. Giant splash from Kamala and he goes for the pin, but Myers is facing down so the ref doesn’t count. Kamala is confused, but he eventually figures it out thanks to the fans and gets the win. Anything Kamala does is great, so this match was a five-star classic of course.


Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is in the locker room where’s interviewing Shawn Michaels. Michaels is voicing his displeasure in having to face “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan in a rematch next week. Can you blame him? This is absolutely ridiculous. The good news is, Shawn says he has a trick up his sleeve so I guess we will found out what it is NEXT WEEK!!!!!

And that’s it for this episode. This was a decent episode of RAW. The Michaels/Duggan stuff was pretty good, we got to see Doink The Clown and Kamala in action, as well as the RAW debut of The 1-2-3 Kid/Syxx/X-Pac. Not a bad episode overall.

Time to go back to 2017.