The Atlanta Falcons had 80-1 odds to win the Super Bowl at this time last season. If you were brave enough to throw some money down on them to win the big game back then, you are probably sweating bullets heading into this week’s Super Bowl match-up. If the Falcons pull it off and win it all, you’re looking at a very pretty penny for yourself.

The reason the Falcons were 80-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl is because no one saw them coming. Before this year, Atlanta was a combined 18-30 the last 3 seasons and they finished 8-8 last year. There weren’t a lot of high expectations going into the season. However, sometimes magic can happen in the NFL. With the right coaching, a player can take his game to another level and that’s what happened with Falcons QB Matt Ryan who had an MVP quality year this season under OC Kyle Shanahan. That’s a big reason the Falcons are making their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.

With Atlanta catching lightning in a bottle this year, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the top teams who could do what Atlanta did this year… season. Which teams do I consider the ones with really long odds that could jump up and win the Super Bowl and make you some sweet cash?

Well, here you go. Just make you split all winnings with me.



8. Philadelphia Eagles (40 to 1 odds)

The Eagles haven’t won a playoff game since 2008. They are less-than-average at the head coach position and their quarterback was good this season, but nowhere near a top caliber NFL QB. However, if Carson Wentz can take a huge step in his second season in the NFL and Doug Pederson becomes a competent coach, it wouldn’t be an extreme shocker to see Philly return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2004. The Eagles have finished 7-9 the last two seasons and are right there on the brink. If they have a nice draft and are able to add some pieces in free agency, someone might be making some sweet cash off these guys next season. Why not let it be you?



7. Los Angeles Chargers (60 to 1 odds)

It’s going to be extremely difficult for the Chargers to make the Super Bowl next season due to all the challenges the team is facing. Not only is the team moving cities, but there’s also a new head coach in place and no one knows what to expect from these guys. The Chargers are also 9-23 over the last two seasons. The only reason I give them any shot at all is Phillip Rivers. Rivers is one of the most underrated QB’s in the NFL and if he has the right staff in place, the guy can get the job done. If these NFL playoffs this year have shown us anything, it’s that you need a good QB to win in today’s NFL. The Chargers have one of those so they always at least have a shot.



6. Washington Redskins (40 to 1)

Washington would be one of my top teams on this list for numerous reasons. They have consistency at the head coaching position the last few years, which is a big thing to me. They also have a pretty good roster and that’s shown as they’ve gone 17-14 over the past two seasons. The thing that stops me from putting them higher is no one knows what’s going to happen with Kirk Cousins. Even though Cousins isn’t a world-beater at the QB position, he’s shown that he can be a competent NFL QB. Would it really surprise anyone at all to see Cousins take his game to another level and lead the Redskins on a nice Super Bowl run? We’ve seen crazier things happen in the NFL. However, the Redskins have to bring Kirkers back first, and that’s no guarantee.


5. Houston Texans (40 to 1)

The Texans will be Super Bowl favorites in my eyes just due to that defense alone. That’s one of the scariest units in the NFL. Unfortunately, Houston is extremely questionable at the head coach position and the quarterback position. Two of the most important positions on an NFL team. Is Bill O’Brien a good NFL coach? It appears that way, but no one knows how much he’s invested in the Texans as there were rumors of his departure just a few weeks ago. Houston also has one of the worst starting QB’s in the NFL in Brock Osweiler and unfortunately they can’t just dump him yet. If Osweiler can improve AT ALL or if the team can somehow convince Tony Romo to sign with them on a cheap rate in hopes of a Super Bowl title, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Houston make a Super Bowl run next year.



4. Cincinnati Bengals (40 to 1)

If I told you that a team that was 62-29 in the last 5 seasons had 40 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl next season, anyone would probably jump at those odds. I know I would. What if I told you that same team was also 0-8 in their last 8 playoff games? Ya, that would probably scare you off a little bit, wouldn’t it? That’s the problem with the Bengals. They have an extremely talented roster. Their QB isn’t a world-beater by any means, but he can get the job done when everything’s rolling smoothly. But they still have Marvin Lewis and that guy has not shown at all that he’s a good NFL coach when it matters. The great NFL coaches can win the games that really matter. When’s the last time Marvin Lewis won a game that really mattered? It’s bound to happen at some point though, right? Maybe it’ll be next season?



3. Tennessee Titans (4o to 1)

The Tennessee Titans were one of the surprise teams in the NFL this season. Their offensive line was the best in the NFL. Their defense wasn’t exactly great, but they were good. They had one of the best running games in the NFL and of course, Marcus Mariota continues to blossom into one of the NFL’s best signal-callers. The Titans really surprised the NFL this past season. What will they do for an encore next year? The AFC isn’t exactly strong and the Titans division is one of the worst in the NFL. If you’re feeling brave, go throw some money down on these guys to win the Super Bowl and sit back and watch SUPER MARIOTA do some work.



2. Detroit Lions (60 to 1)

Go jump on these odds immediately. Yes, I know Detroit hasn’t won a playoff game since 1991 and they always find a way to blow it….BUT DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? The Lions were an inconsistent team this past year, but with a good draft, some key pieces in free agency and another great year from Matthew Stafford, who’s to say it couldn’t happen? Detroit almost won their first division title in over 20 years this last season before falling on their faces. Eventually, Charlie Brown is going to kick the ball because Lucy isn’t paying attention. That’s next year’s Detroit Lions team.



1. New Orleans Saints (60 to 1)

Are you telling me I get the New Orleans Saints with 60 to 1 odds next year? Look, I know the Saints have a garbage roster for the most part. However, they have two major things every team needs to be considered a Super Bowl favorite. A fantastic head coach and a great QB. I don’t care about the rest of the roster that much. If I get Sean Payton and Drew Brees with 60 to 1 odds, I’m placing a $100 on that everyday and hoping that for the third straight year, the Super Bowl team that comes out of the NFC is from the NFC South. The Saints have finished 7-9 the last 3 seasons. It wouldn’t shock me at all to see them go 9-7 next year and make a playoff run as Drew Brees goes off into the sunset. It’s the NFL. Those kind of things happen all the time……