2015. After this….one more to go. I’m so excited, I’m almost peeing myself. This Rumble has gone down in history as one of the worst ever. The Sporting News’ own Scott Keith has called it the worst Royal Rumble in history, so let’s see if it actually does indeed live up to that honor……




Royal Rumble 2015


Our first two entries are;



#1 – The Miz


#2 – R-Truth

Miz gets #1 again. That guy is the Rodney Dangerfield of the WWE. He gets no respect. This is Miz’s 8th Rumble appearance. Truth is here to suck things up early. He comes out rapping his theme song, which was cool the first 15 times he did it, unfortunately he’s still doing it 8 years later. Truth tells Philly to make some noise and says “WHAT’S UP” like 5 times and finishes with a “WHOOMP THERE IT IS” which I can fully appreciate because I love nostalgia. OK, maybe Truth isn’t THAT bad after all. Miz and Truth look at the WrestleMania banner and lock up. Miz whips Truth into the ropes and Truth hits him with a shoulder block. Truth asks “WHATS UP?” again. He grabs Miz and throws him out, but Miz holds on. Miz gets back in the ring and throws Truth out, but he holds on. Miz charges Truth now and Truth hits him in the mid-section. Miz punches Truth once he gets back in the ring though. Miz lifts Truth up, but he manages to escape. Truth nails Miz with a swinging scissors kick. Miz is in the corner and Truth charges him. Miz backdrops him out of the ring, but Truth lands on the apron. Truth goes up to the top rope now. Miz knocks him down and he lands on his nuts. And here comes #3……


#3 – Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba Ray Dudley is not only making his return to the WWE after 10 years, but he’s also making his Royal Rumble debut. I know this because I just watched them all. Bubba runs in the ring and clotheslines Miz. Another clothesline to Miz. Bubba backdrops Miz now and poses for the crowd. Bubba starts punching Miz’s face and a big elbow sends Miz down. Truth is still on the top rope. Bubba grabs Miz’s legs and this looks familiar. Truth comes off the top rope and hits Miz in the nuts with a headbutt. A trademark move of the Dudley Boys. Bubba poses to the crowd again. An “ECW” chant breaks out. Bubba pushes Truth and asks him to “GET THE TABLES!”. The crowd now breaks out in a “TABLES” chant! Miz is back up though and he attacks Truth. Truth counters the Miz though and whips him into the ropes. 3-D TO MIZ!!!! Bubba grabs Miz and throws him over (elimination #1) and here comes #4…….


#4 – Luke Harper

Truth nails Bubba with a dropkick that puts him down. Truth charges Bubba and Bubba backdrops him out (elimination #2). Harper is staring at Dudley and the fight is on. The two exchange punches. Bubba is begging for more. Harper goes for a clothesline, but Bubba grabs him. Harper gets loose though and hits Bubba with a big boot. Bubba bounces against the ropes and hits Harper with a clothesline. And we get another “ECW” chant. just in time for #5…….


#5 – Bray Wyatt

The lights go out and Bray Wyatt is here to make his Royal Rumble “debut”, even though he was in it as Husky Harris a few years back. Wyatt gets in the ring and has a stare down with Bubba. Harper attacks Bubba from behind. Wyatt and Harper double-team Bubba now. Bubba is fighting back. He gets Bray into the corner, but Bray whips him right into a big boot from Harper. Bray picks up Bubba and throws him out (elimination #3). The crowd doesn’t like that one. Bray and Harper now have a stare down. #6 is heading down though…..


#6 – Curtis Axel

This guy is awful. He gets attacked from behind by Erick Rowan though. Rowan heads down to the ring and he wants a piece of Harper and Wyatt. Harper puts up his fingers like they are a gun and points them at Rowan. And then he turns his “gun” towards Wyatt and he looks ready to go. That’s because it was a game all along and Harper and Wyatt start jumping Rowan. Rowan throws Harper and Wyatt comes up from behind. He throws Wyatt into the corner and hits Harper with a splash. He picks Harper up and goes to throw him out and Wyatt runs up and tosses them both out (eliminations #4 & #5). Wyatt points at the WrestleMania sign. And now here comes #7…….


#7 – The Boogeyman

THE BOOGEYMAN IS BACK! Good lord did this guy suck in the ring, but his gimmick was entertaining. THE GUY ATE WORMS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Boogeyman heads down and Wyatt looks amused. His entrance alone is going to take two minutes. He gets in the ring and he’s foaming from the mouth. Wyatt wants a piece. He grabs the ropes and bends over backwards. He starts walking like a crab towards Boogeyman. He gets up and clotheslines him. He picks up the Boogeyman and throws him out (elimination #6). That was a short night for him. Here comes #8…….


#8 – Sin Cara

Sin Cara gets no reaction from the crowd. He hits Wyatt with a springboard splash upon entering the ring. Now he’s kicking Wyatt. Not for long though. Wyatt grabs him and throws him over. Sin Cara lands on the apron though. Wyatt tries to knock him off, but Sin Cara moves. He hits Wyatt with a kick. He goes to the top rope, but Wyatt nails him with a punch on his way down. SISTER ABIGAIL TO SIN CARA! He picks him up and throws him out (elimination #7). Wyatt grabs a microphone:

“Open invitation. Anyone in the back. I hope you got the message. This is Bray Wyatt’s year! He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world in his hands.”

And here comes #9…….


#9 – Zack Ryder

Ryder gets a nice reaction. He gets in and starts trading punches with Wyatt. He goes up to the top rope and nails Wyatt with a dropkick. Ryder charges Wyatt in the corner and hits him with a splash. WOO! WOO! WOO! Big kick to the face of Wyatt now! Ryder picks him up and goes to throw him out, but Wyatt counters and tosses him out instead (elimination #8). Bray says “NOT A DAMN ONE OF YOU IS TAKING IT”. Let’s see if anyone can stop him……


#10 – Daniel Bryan

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! The fans are going nuts! Bryan gets in the ring and starts nailing Wyatt. He whips him into the ropes but Wyatt counters. Bryan goes up to the top rope and flips over Wyatt. Wyatt goes for a clothesline but Bryan ducks. Bryan hits Wyatt with a clothesline. BRYAN IS JACKED UP! Bryan charges Wyatt and hits him in the face repeatedly in the corner with some kicks. Now some kicks to Wyatt in the corner. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Bryan lifts Wyatt up on the top rope. Hurracanrana off the top rope to Wyatt! Wyatt is down! Bryan gets up! YES! YES! YES! And here comes #11…….


#11 – Fandango

Oh god. This guy runs in and starts ruining the momentum right away. He goes after Bryan. He whips Bryan into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. He picks him up and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Fandango starts dancing now. That’s never good news in the Rumble. He picks Bryan up and goes to suplex him. Bryan counters though and kicks Fandango in the head. He lifts him up on his shoulders. Airplane spin to Fandango! He takes him over to the top rope and tries to dump him out, but Fandango holds on. Here comes #12……..


#12 – Tyson Kidd

Bryan headbutts Fandango and then runs over to Kidd. Kidd welcomes him with a kick to the head. Kidd jumps off the top rope and hits Bryan with a dropkick. Kidd starts punching Wyatt now. Fandango grabs Kidd and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Kidd counters and throws Fandango into the turnbuckle now. Bryan misses a clothesline on Kidd and Kidd kicks Fandango in the face. Kidd gets up and Bryan starts punching him. They are trading blows now. Kidd goes off the ropes and runs right into Bryan and they both go down. Now everyone in the ring is out. Just in time for lucky #13…….


#13 – Stardust

Cody Rhodes is here as Stardust which was one of the stupidest gimmicks ever. No wonder this guy left. He’s a talented in-ring worker who was given a knock-off gimmick of his brother’s stale gimmick. Kidd tries to kick Stardust, but Stardust hits him instead. Stardust goes off the top and nails Kidd. He grabs Bryan and gives him a DDT. Now he’s trading blows with Fandango. He goes to throw Fandango out, but he manages to hold on. Stardust poses to the crowd while Fandango pulls himself up. He grabs Stardust and throws him out, but he also manages to hold on. Fandango starts posing to the crowd now. Stardust comes up from behind and hits him in the knee. Bryan and Kidd start going at it again. Bryan ends up eliminating him (elimination #9). Wyatt comes back over and starts hitting Bryan again. Wyatt goes out of the ring and Bryan goes through the middle ropes and lands on Wyatt! They are both on the outside of the ring now. And here comes #14……


#14 – Diamond Dallas Page

DDP IS HERE! SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET A DIAMOND CUTTER! Stardust goes right after DDP. The crowd is chanting “DDP” and Stardust puts up his hands in a star. Stardust starts slapping DDP now. He picks him up, but DDP counters. DIAMOND CUTTER TO STARDUST!!!! Fandango runs over and hits DDP. Fandango goes up to the top rope now. DDP gets up and knocks him down on his nuts. DDP starts looking at the crowd. DIAMOND CUTTER TO FANDANGO FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! Wyatt comes up from behind DDP and starts stomping him. He goes to hit DDP in the throat, but DDP ducks and DIAMOND CUTTER TO WYATT!!!! DDP gets up and gives the DIAMOND SALUTE! BANG! And here comes the halfway point…..


#15 – Rusev

Oh snap. Rusev is here with the beautiful Lana and shit is about to go down. Rusev runs down and kicks DDP. He picks DDP up, but DDP slips out of his hands and goes for a Diamond Cutter! Rusev counters and throws DDP into the ropes. Big kick to DDP’s face sends him down. Rusev picks up DDP and throws him out (elimination #10). He also picks up Fandango and tosses him out (elimination #11). Rusev starts staring at Wyatt. They get up and have a stare down. Bryan is up on the top rope and nails the both of them with a dropkick! Bryan gets up and he’s hyped! He goes back and forth kicking Wyatt and Rusev! YES! YES! YES! He goes to kick Wyatt, but Wyatt grabs his foot. Rusev gets up and kicks Bryan! Rusev grabs Bryan and goes to throw him out, but he lands on the ring apron. Rusev charges him, but Bryan hits him!  Wyatt runs over and knocks Bryan off the apron though and he’s gone (elimination #12)! The crowd hates that one obviously. Wyatt gets on the top rope and poses to the crowd. Bold move with Rusev still in there. Here comes another entrant now……


#16 – Goldust

Goldust is here and the fans don’t give a shit. With Bryan’s elimination, it’s like the life has been sucked out of the crowd. It’s amazing how much pull that guy had with the WWE Universe. Goldust gets in and slams Rusev. Atomic drop to Wyatt now. He gets Wyatt in the corner and sets him up for the Shattered Dreams. The fans don’t care though. They are constantly booing now that Bryan is out. Goldust goes for the Shattered Dreams, but Stardust grabs him and tries to throw him out. Goldust lands on the apron though. Stardust starts posing and finally realizes that Goldust didn’t go out of the ring. Goldust slaps Stardust. Stardust slaps him back and now they are fighting. Goldust tries to throw Stardust out, but he lands on the apron. The fans break out in a huge “Daniel Bryan” chant now. Wyatt and Goldust start exchanging blows. Rusev gets up and goes after Stardust. Here comes another entrant……


#17 – Kofi Kingston

Kofi is here in his seventh Royal Rumble. What kind of tricks does he have up his sleeve this year? He goes right up to the top rope. He lands on both Goldust and Stardust and gets them both down. Dropkick to Goldust. Dropkick to Stardust. Bray gets up and hits Kofi. He tries to slingshot him out of the ring, but Kofi pulls himself back in. A big clothesline sends Kofi back over, but he still manages to hold on. Bray charges Kofi now, but Kofi hits him in the mid-section. Kofi goes off the top and hits Wyatt with a forearm that knocks him down. Rusev is trying to eliminate Goldust and Kofi comes over and hits Rusev. Rusev kicks Kofi and throws him into the corner. And we get another “Daniel Bryan” chant now. He’s gone guys. Let it go. Although I would love it if #30 was a masked guy named “Bryan Daniel” who won the thing. How awesome would that be? Here comes #18……


#18 – Adam Rose

Adam Rose comes down with a dance party. This isn’t going to end well for him. He gets up on the ring apron and someone immediately throws Kofi into the middle of the dance party. They catch him of course. They are now crowd surfing him. The put him back into the ring. Rusev meanwhile grabs Adam Rose and tosses him out (elimination #13). Where was the dance party at to save their leader? Kofi grabs Rusev and tries to throw him out. It’s going to take more than that buddy. Rusev reverses it and throws Kofi to the ring apron. A big kick knocks him off and ends his night (elimination #14). Wyatt is now trading blows with Goldust while Rusev battles Stardust. And here comes #19……


#19 – Roman Reigns

Reigns gets heavily booed upon his entrance. The crowd already hates him. He comes through the fans which is pretty funny considering they hate his guts. He gets in the ring and Goldust and Stardust start hitting him. He throws them both off. He launches Stardust into the corner and hits him with a clothesline. Clothesline to Goldust! Clothesline to Wyatt in the corner now! Clothesline to Rusev! Samoan Drop to Goldust! Suplex to Stardust! Goldust charges Reigns and Reigns throws him out (elimination #15). A clothesline also sends Stardust out as well (elimination #16). Reigns goes over and starts trading blows with Wyatt now. Rusev comes over to help Wyatt. They are double-teaming Reigns. Wyatt whips Reigns into the corner, but Reigns clotheslines him. He grabs Rusev and tries throwing him over. Here comes #20……


#20 – Big E. Langston

Langston gets in and Rusev starts attacking him. Reigns is choking Wyatt with his boot in the corner. Big suplex to Rusev from Langston. Langston picks Rusev up and tries throwing him out, but he escapes. Rusev is now stomping away on Big E. in the corner. A big splash from Rusev to Big E. Rusev picks him up and tries throwing him out now. Langston manages to hold on though. And here comes #21……


#21 – Damien Mizdow

This was one of the greatest gimmick’s ever, unfortunately there wasn’t much you could do with it. Mizdow heads down to the ring, but he’s interrupted by the Miz. The Miz tells him to go to the back. He’s taking his spot. Miz goes on the ring apron and gets knocked down by Reigns. Mizdow is now conflicted. He doesn’t know whether to continue to be Miz’s stunt double or defy his orders and go into the Rumble. The fans are begging him to go into the Rumble and he actually gets a pretty big reception. He hops in the ring! He kicks Wyatt in the stomach and hits him with a DDT! Neckbreaker to Langston! Mizdow jumps up and he’s hyped! The crowd is loving this. Wyatt comes up behind Mizdow and throws him out though (elimination #17). Mizdow immediately jumps back into action as Miz’s stunt double and hilarity ensues. The crowd is booing once again. Boy, the creative team sure knows how to piss off their fans. Give them that much credit. And here comes #22……


#22 – Jack Swagger

Swagger goes right after Rusev of course. Big slam to Rusev. Now he knocks Wyatt down. WE THE PEOPLE! SWAGGER BOMB TO RUSEV! He picks up Rusev and tries getting him out. Wyatt comes over and starts helping Rusev out though. Big E. currently has Reigns on the verge of elimination. Rusev and Wyatt are still double-teaming Swagger. Rusev is holding Swagger while Wyatt kicks him. And here comes #23……..


#23 – Ryback

This is right about when the WWE started to stop caring about Ryback. They had some high hopes for him at first, but those hopes quickly dissolved. Ryback gets in the ring and hits Rusev and knocks him down. Clothesline to Wyatt. He drops Swagger. Belly to belly to Big E. Clothesline to Reigns. That gets some cheers. FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! Clothesline to Rusev! He picks Rusev up and goes to toss him out, but Rusev hangs on. Ryback continues stomping on Rusev, but Wyatt tuns over to give Rusev a hand. The fans are now chanting for “CM Punk”. I really don’t see him coming out here. We shall see though…….


#24 – Kane

Yep. This guy is still around for some reason and is still on the top of the card. I swear man. Some people know some juicy gossip about Vince and are able to hold onto their jobs for years even though they suck. No offense to Kane, but his character was so bland at this time that they should’ve just brought back Dr. Isaac Yankem, which would have been a preferred option. Kane punches Ryback. Now he goes over and starts working on Rusev. Kane goes back to Ryback again and tries throwing him over. Rusev is working on Reigns and Wyatt comes over to give him a hand. A big splash from Wyatt sends Reigns down. Swagger is hanging on by a thread thanks to Big E. And here comes #25…….


#25 – Dean Ambrose

Ambrose is unstable and unpredictable. He’s perfect for the Royal Rumble. He gets in the ring and goes right after Kane. Wyatt runs over and picks Ambrose up, but Ambrose clotheslines him. Rusev wants some of Ambrose now, but he gets knocked down as well. Kane grabs Ambrose by the throat and tosses him into the corner. The fans break out in a “LET’S GO AMBROSE” chant, so at least they have someone realistic to cheer for. Ambrose goes off the top rope and nails Kane with a splash. Rusev comes over and starts pounding away on Ambrose. Big E. has Ryback on the verge of elimination now. He manages to slip back in. Just in time for #26……..


#26 – Titus O’Neil

Titus is jacked. He gets in the ring and Ambrose and Reigns just double-clothesline him back over the top (elimination #18). Thank you for coming Titus. Back in the ring, there are a lot of people in the ring and we need to start eliminating some fools eventually. Reigns slams Rusev’s head into the turnbuckle. Ambrose is choking Wyatt with the ropes now. And here comes #27……


#27 – Bad News Barrett

Bad News is here and I’ve got some bad news for him. He’s not winning this thing. He goes right after Reigns. Now he starts double-teaming Ambrose along with Wyatt. Ryback is tagging Kane in the corner. GET HIM OUT RYBACK! The ring is getting really full and some of these people need to go. LOOKING AT YOU KANE! Swagger is also here for some reason still. My lord this is getting boring. Way too many people in the ring and not enough people to care about. Where’s Brock Lesnar to murder everyone when you need him? Here comes #28…….


#28 – Cesaro

Cesaro is the man and would be my choice to win this thing if I was booking the WWE. That means he stands NO SHOT AT ALL here. He gets in the ring and starts feeding Ryback some European Uppercuts. Kick to Ambrose. Uppercut to Swagger. Ambrose grabs Cesaro and starts punching his face. Cesaro nails Ambrose with a HUGE European Uppercut that sends him flying. Ambrose is on the ring apron now while Cesaro beats on him. Cesaro now turns his attention to Barrett. Rusev kicks Big E. and he’s barely hanging on. Not anymore. A dropkick sends him flying out (elimination #19). Ambrose walks over and starts chopping the hell out of Rusev. Here comes #29…….


#29 – Big Show

Big Show comes out and the fans couldn’t care any less. They know what’s about to happen and they don’t like it. Everyone in the ring goes after the Big Show. He fights them all off because he’s a GOD DAMN GIANT! He throws Barrett to the ground. Hits Ambrose on the back. Now he walks over and starts stomping on Rusev. CHOKESLAM TO REIGNS! That gets no reaction from the crowd. Kane and Big Show grab Ryback by the throat and toss him out (elimination #20). Swagger runs right into a big boot from Kane. Big Show picks him up and throws him out (elimination #21). It’s good to see the WWE is getting rid of all this waste so they can make young guys like Kane and Big Show look unstoppable. You have to think about the future at some point people and Kane and Big Show are the future. Kane grabs Rusev by the throat. CHOKESLAM TO RUSEV! Rusev rolls underneath the bottom rope. Kane and Show start working on Cesaro now. Everyone is down and Kane and Show are in control. Yawn. Here comes #30……..


#30 – Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is here to give the fans a little bit of hope. I say a little bit of hope because even though he’s #30 and the fans would love to see him win….they know he’s not going to. They know what’s about to happen and that really takes away from the fun of it all. Dolph runs into the ring and Big Show grabs him. Dolph kicks him though. Savate kick to Big Show. Savate kick to Kane. Savate kick to Wyatt! Double DDT to Kane and Big Show! Barrett charges Ziggler and Ziggler moves and he lands on the apron. Savate kick to Barrett and I’ve got some bad news…..he’s gone (elimination #22). Cesaro grabs Ziggler now. CESARO SWING!!!!! We get about 12 swings and Cesaro clotheslines Ziggler over. Ziggler holds on though. Cesaro goes back over, but Ziggler grabs him. They are both on the apron now. We get a “LET’S GO ZIGGLER” chant now. Savate kick to Cesaro, but he’s holding on! Another one sends Cesaro flying out (elimination #23)! Dolph is still on the ring apron though. He needs to get back in the ring. He does so, but Kane instantly flips him out on the other side. Dolph lands on the apron though and chokes Kane with the top rope. Dolph kicks Kane in the mid-section and goes to the top rope. Big Show punches Ziggler on his way down though and he goes out. Kane and Big Show pick up Ziggler and throw him out (elimination #24). The crowd is PISSED! At this point, I’m surprised everyone in the audience doesn’t get in and throw Kane, Big Show, and Reigns out of the thing. Show picks up Wyatt and along with Kane’s help, they throw him out (elimination #25) in what was probably one of the most anti-climatic eliminations ever. Seriously. The crowd is dead and they are just tossing guys out and the fans don’t give a fuck because they know what’s about to happen. The WWE is ruining this thing with their booking because they apparently have no idea what the audience wants. That sounds like the perfect recipe for failure as a business. The fans are starting to boo now at least, so we get some reaction. It’s Ambrose and Reigns vs. Big Show and Kane. And it’s on! The fans don’t give a fuck though. Show grabs Reigns by the throat. Ambrose clotheslines Kane. Big Show pushes Ambrose into the ropes. Reigns drops Big Show and the fans boo that. Ambrose and Reigns pick up Show and try to throw him out. Reigns goes off the ropes, but Kane hits him with a big boot. Headbutt to Ambrose puts him down. Kane is now stomping on Ambrose. Big Show grabs Dean. CHOKESLAM TO AMBROSE! The crowd is booing once again as Kane and Big Show stand tall. They pick up Ambrose and throw him out (eliminations #26) and I’m not joking guys. This is fucking awful to watch. We are down to the FINAL FOUR though……

The Final Four:


Big Show


Roman Reigns

Who wants it?????

My word. That Final Four may be the worst in history. I’m cheering for Rusev. What about you guys? Kane and Big Show turn their attention to Reigns and start beating him now. Just end this already. We all know what’s going to happen. Even the crowd does as they break out in a “BULLSHIT” chant. They pick up Reigns and go to throw him out, but he fights back. The crowd boos that. It’s pretty bad when the WWE is booking Reigns to look like a victim of a beating here and the fans want to see him get beat even more. Why are you pushing this guy as a face? Are you that fucking out of it? Kane continues stomping on Reigns. They pick him up and try throwing him out again. Reigns almost gets Kane out and Big Show actually tries giving him a hand. Kane doesn’t like that and now he’s getting in Show’s face. Kane slaps Show. Now the two big guys are going at it. The fans don’t give a fuck. These guys suck and are getting booed. Kane grabs Big Show by the throat and Show repays the favor. They go up against the ropes now and Reigns walks over to try to dump the both of them. He manages to get them both out and no one cares (eliminations #27 & 28). Reigns is all alone and the fans are drowning him in boos. Kane and Show decide to get back in the ring and start beating on Reigns again. YAWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNN. This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in WWE history and that’s putting it lightly. The crowd is now chanting “WE WANT RUSEV”. WAIT A SECOND!!!! THE ROCK IS HERE!!!!! THE ROCK IS HERE TO SAVE THIS THING!!!!!!! The Rock runs down and he attacks both Big Show and Kane! He gets Kane down! PEOPLE’S ELBOW TO KANE! Show grabs Rock by the throat. Rock kicks him in the nuts! SUPERMAN PUNCH TO SHOW! ROCK BOTTOM TO SHOW!!! The Rock is here to help out Reigns…..and the fans STILL DON’T CARE! They are booing The Rock now! You know how shitty you have to be to get the fans to boo The Rock? Rusev finally gets back in the ring and charges Reigns, but Reigns moves. SPEAR TO RUSEV! Reigns is jacked and points at the WrestleMania sign. He grabs Rusev and throws him out (elimination #29). ROMAN REIGNS WINS THE WORST ROYAL RUMBLE IN HISTORY!!!!!

The Verdict:

The worst Royal Rumble in history. The match itself wasn’t very good.  The fact that the WWE had Kane and Big Show dominate the ring in the last 15 minutes or so was just ridiculously stupid and the crowd hated it. It’s amazing to me the arrogance that this company shows sometimes. The audience obviously wants a certain outcome, but they just don’t care because they have a vision and it can’t go undisturbed. It’s not exactly the best way for a company to operate. What if you go to McDonald’s every day and order a Big Mac, but they keep giving you a Quarter Pounder because that’s what they think you want? Eventually you are going to get sick of going to this McDonald’s and are going to start looking for food elsewhere. It’s the same basic principle. Avoid this Rumble at all costs. Unless of course you’re a fan of Big Show, Kane, or Roman Reigns and no one is.

Royal Rumble Review Grade: 1/2*