This weekend is Pro Bowl week in the NFL. Well, we here at THE Ultimate Sports Blog are sick and tired of only the “good” football players getting all the recognition at the end of the season. What about the guys who completely sucked this year? Where is the love for them? Where is their award show?

It’s right here people. THE USB is proud to announce the third annual “TOILET BOWLERS” awards! While these guys were probably about as far away from making the Pro Bowl as possible, they still have a place in my heart for the utter garbage they showcased on the football field this year. We don’t discriminate here at The USB. We believe the shitty guys should get just as much as attention (if not more) than the good football players. They are likely the reason their respective teams suck (you will see that there are NO members of either team playing in the Super Bowl on this list), and they should either be cut or given a fair warning this off-season.

So with no further ado…..


The 2016-17 NFL Toilet Bowlers

The Defense:


(*PFF Grade represents that players grade for the season courtesy of Pro Football Focus. They grade players on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the best. Obviously the lower the score, the worse the player was this past season. It’s pretty easy to figure out.)


Starting Defensive End #1:


Davonte Lambert (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Pass Rush Grade: 42.7

Run Defense Grade: 33.4

Overall Grade: 36.3

Starting Defensive End #2:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions

Devin Taylor (Detroit Lions)

Pass Rush Grade: 42.8

Run Defense Grade: 40.5

Overall Grade: 39.1

Back-Up Defensive End:

Browns vs Falcons

Carl Nassib (Cleveland Browns)

Pass Rush Grade: 44.4

Run Defense Grade: 41.0

Overall Grade: 40.5

Back-Up Defensive End #2:


Jack Crawford (Dallas Cowboys)

Pass Rush Grade: 43.7

Run Defense Grade: 43.8

Overall Grade: 40.7

Previous Winners:

2016: STARTER #1 – Chris Clemons (Jacksonville Jaguars, STARTER #2 – Eugene Sims (Los Angeles Rams), BACKUP #1 – Kendall Reyes (San Diego Chargers), BACKUP #2 – Jared Crick (Houston Texans)

2015: STARTER #1 – Robert Geathers (Cincinnati Bengals), STARTER #2 – Chris Clemons (Jacksonville Jaguars), BACKUP #1 – Mathias Kiwanukah (New York Giants)

Starting Defensive Tackle #1:


Jihard Ward (Oakland Raiders)

Pass Rush Grade: 43.7

Run Defense Grade: 44.7

Overall Grade: 37.7

Starting Defensive Tackle #2:

49ers Photos

Glenn Dorsey (San Francisco 49ers)

Pass Rush Grade: 40.1

Run Defense Grade: 45.7

Overall Grade: 38.0

Back-Up Defensive Tackle #1:


Kendall Langford (Indianapolis Colts)

Pass Rush Grade: 40.6

Run Defense Grade: 46.1

Overall Grade: 38.8

Back-Up Defensive Tackle #2:


Akeem Spence (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Pass Rush Grade: 52.0

Run Defense Grade: 38.7

Overall Grade: 39.2

Previous Winners:

2016: STARTER #1 – Ricardo Matthews (San Diego Chargers), STARTER #2 – David Parry (Indianapolis Colts), BACKUP #1 – Dwan Edwards (Carolina Panthers), BACKUP #2 – Tyeler Davison (New Orleans Saints)

2015: STARTER #1 – Nick Hayden (Dallas Cowboys), STARTER #2 – Domata Peko (Cincinnati Bengals), BACKUP #1 – Akeem Spence (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Starting Outside Linebacker #1:


Erik Walden (Indianapolis Colts)

Pass Rush Grade: 49.4

Run Defense Grade: 39.4

Pass Coverage Grade: 48.8

Overall Grade: 41.2

Starting Outside Linebacker #2:


Robert Mathis (Indianapolis Colts)

Pass Rush Grade: 49.5

Run Defense Grade: 38.1

Pass Coverage Grade: 59.9

Overall Grade: 42.1

Back-Up Outside Linebacker #1:


Arthur Moats (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Pass Rush Grade: 46.2

Run Defense Grade: 41.5

Pass Coverage Grade: 63.6

Overall Grade: 42.1

Back-Up Outside Linebacker #2:


Albert McClellan (Baltimore Ravens)

Pass Rush Grade: 42.6

Run Defense Grade: 71.7

Pass Coverage Grade: 53.1

Overall Grade: 42.3

Previous Winners:

2016: STARTER #1 – Bud Dupree (Pittsburgh Steelers), STARTER #2 – Nate Palmer (Green Bay Packers), BACKUP #1 – Dee Ford (Kansas City Chiefs), BACKUP #2 – Kasim Edebali (New Orleans Saints)

2015: STARTER #1 – Emmanuel Lamur (Cincinnati Bengals), STARTER #2 – Chad Greenway (Minnesota Vikings), BACKUP #1 – Sio Moore (Oakland Raiders)

Starting Middle Linebacker:


Jelani Jenkins (Miami Dolphins)

Pass Rush Grade: 59.3

Run Defense Grade: 47.3

Pass Coverage Grade: 29.7

Overall Grade: 31.4

Back-Up Middle Linebacker:


Tahir Whitehead (Detroit Lions)

Pass Rush Grade: 46.6

Run Defense Grade: 45.6

Pass Coverage Grade: 42.5

Overall Grade: 38.0

Previous Winners:

2016: STARTER – Michael Wilhoite (San Francisco 49ers), BACKUP – Kwon Alexander (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

2015: STARTER – Miles Burris (Oakland Raiders), BACKUP – Paul Worrilow (Atlanta Falcons)

Starting Cornerback #1:


Jalen Mills (Philadelphia Eagles)

Pass Coverage Grade: 34.8

Run Defense Grade: 44.2

Overall Grade: 34.5

Starting Cornerback #2:

Titans Chiefs Football

Perrish Cox (Tennessee Titans)

Pass Coverage Grade: 35.6

Run Defense Grade: 70.2

Overall Grade: 34.9

Back-Up Cornerback #1:


Phillip Gaines (Kansas City Chiefs)

Pass Coverage Grade: 37.5

Run Defense Grade: 75.7

Overall Grade: 37.6

Back-Up Cornerback #2:


Damarious Randall (Green Bay Packers)

Pass Coverage Grade: 39.2

Run Defense Grade: 67.1

Overall Grade: 39.6

Previous Winners:

2016: STARTER #1 – Brandon Browner (New Orleans Saints), STARTER #2 – Brandon Flowers (San Diego Chargers), BACKUP #1 – Jamar Taylor (Miami Dolphins), BACKUP #2 – Antwon Blake (Pittsburgh Steelers)

2015: STARTER #1 – David Amerson (Washington Redskins), STARTER #2 – Kyle Fuller (Chicago Bears), BACKUP #1 – Corey White (New Orleans Saints)

Starting Safety #1:


T.J. Green (Indianapolis Colts)

Pass Coverage Grade: 39.0

Run Defense Grade: 42.2

Overall Grade: 38.3

Starting Safety #2:

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chris Conte (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Pass Coverage Grade: 50.1

Run Defense Grade: 39.8

Overall Grade: 42.0

Back-Up Safety #1:


Baccari Rambo (Miami Dolphins)

Pass Coverage Grade: 50.0

Run Defense Grade: 50.5

Overall Grade: 47.4

Back-Up Safety #2:

Kelcie McCray

Kelcie McCray (Seattle Seahawks)

Pass Coverage Grade: 44.0

Run Defense Grade: 75.0

Overall Grade: 47.8

Previous Winners:

2016: STARTER #1 – Johnathan Cyprien (Jacksonville Jaguars), STARTER #2 – Andrew Sendejo (Minnesota Vikings), BACKUP #1 – J.J. Wilcox (Dallas Cowboys), BACKUP #2 – Landon Collins (New York Giants)

2015: STARTER #1 – Ryan Clark (Washington Redskins), STARTER #2 – Dashon Goldson (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), BACKUP – Kenny Vaccarro (New Orleans Saints)

AND THERE WE HAVE IT! THE THIRD ANNUAL TOILET BOWLERS IS IN THE BOOKS! For the third straight year, not a single member of either Super Bowl team is listed in these awards. If you want your team to make the Super Bowl next year…..YOU NEED THEM TO AVOID HAVING ANY TOILET BOWLERS ON THE TEAM!!!! I can’t stress the importance of that enough. 


Who will make the team next year? You’d better hope it’s no one from your favorite team…..