This weekend is Pro Bowl week in the NFL. Well, we here at THE Ultimate Sports Blog are sick and tired of only the “good” football players getting all the recognition at the end of the season. What about the guys who completely sucked this year? Where is the love for them? Where is their award show?

It’s right here people. THE USB is proud to announce the third annual “TOILET BOWLERS” awards! While these guys were probably about as far away from making the Pro Bowl as possible, they still have a place in my heart for the utter garbage they showcased on the football field this year. We don’t discriminate here at The USB. We believe the shitty guys should get just as much as attention (if not more) than the good football players. They are likely the reason their respective teams suck (you will see that there are NO members of either team playing in the Super Bowl on this list), and they should either be cut or given a fair warning this off-season.

So with no further ado…..



The 2016-17 NFL Toilet Bowlers


The Offense:


(*PFF Grade represents that players grade for the season courtesy of Pro Football Focus. They grade players on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the best. Obviously the lower the score, the worse the player was this past season. It’s pretty easy to figure out.)


Starting Quarterback:


Brock Osweiler (Houston Texans)

Passing Yards: 2,957

Touchdowns: 15

Interceptions: 16

PFF Grade: 40.5

Backup Quarterback:


Ryan Fitzpatrick (New York Jets)

Passing Yards: 2,710

Touchdowns: 12

Interceptions: 17

PFF Grade: 42.1

Previous Winners:

2016 Winner: STARTER – Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers), BACKUP –  Johnny Manziel (Cleveland Browns)

2015 Winner: STARTER – Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears), BACKUP – Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers)

Starting Running Back:


Chris Ivory (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Rushing Yards: 439

Rushing TD’s: 3

PFF Grade: 53.9

Back-up Running Back:


Rashad Jennings (New York Giants)

Rushing Yards: 593

Rushing TD’s: 3

PFF Grade: 58.0

Previous Winners:

2016 Winner: STARTER – DeMarco Murray (Philadelphia Eagles), BACKUP – Melvin Gordon (San Diego Chargers)

2015 Winner: STARTER – LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles), BACKUP – Matt Asiata (Minnesota Vikings)

Starting Wide Receiver #1:


Nelson Agholor (Philadelphia Eagles)

Receiving Yards: 365

Receiving TD’s: 2

PFF Grade: 44.4

Starting Wide Receiver #2:


Torrey Smith (San Francisco 49ers)

Receiving Yards: 267

Receiving TD’s: 3

PFF Grade: 46.1

Starting Wide Receiver #3:


Braxton Miller (Houston Texans)

Receiving Yards: 99

Receiving TD’s: 1

PFF Grade: 47.4

Back-Up Wide Receiver #1:


Keith Mumphrey (Houston Texans)

Receiving Yards: 69

Receiving TD’s: 0

PFF Grade: 47.8

Back-Up Wide Receiver #2:


Seth Roberts (Oakland Raiders)

Receiving Yards: 397

Receiving TD’s: 5

PFF Grade: 48.3

Previous Winners:

2016 Winner: STARTER #1 – Nelson Agholor (Philadelphia Eagles), STARTER #2 – Brandon LaFell (New England Patriots), STARTER #3 – Davante Adams (Green Bay Packers), BACKUP #1 – Dontrelle Inman (San Diego Chargers), BACKUP #2 – Robert Woods (Buffalo Bills)

2015 Winner: STARTER #1 – Riley Cooper (Philadelphia Eagles), STARTER #2 – Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons), STARTER #3 – Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts), BACKUP #1 – Allen Hurns (Jacksonville Jaguars), BACKUP #2 – Brian Hartline (Miami Dolphins)

Starting Tight End #1:


Demetrius Harris (Kansas City Chiefs)

Receiving Yards: 123

Receiving TD’s: 1

Run Block Grade: 45.9

Pass Block Grade: 49.2

Overall Grade: 41.1

Starting Tight End #2:


Luke Stocker (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Receiving Yards: 23

Receiving TD’s: 0

Run Block Grade: 31.5

Pass Block Grade: 45.2

Overall Grade: 41.8

Back-Up Tight End:


Will Tye (New York Giants)

Receiving Yards: 395

Receiving TD’s: 1

Run Block Grade: 33.7

Pass Block Grade: 57.8

Overall Grade: 45.6

Previous Winners:

2016 Winner: STARTER #1 – Jared Cook (Los Angeles Rams), STARTER #2 – Vernon Davis (Denver Broncos), BACKUP – Julius Thomas (Jacksonville Jaguars)

2015 Winner: STARTER #1 – Jeff Cumberland (New York Jets), STARTER #2 – Mychal Rivera (Oakland Raiders), BACKUP – John Carlson (Arizona Cardinals)

Starting Center:


Zane Beadles (San Francisco 49ers)

Pass Block Grade: 43.8

Run Block Grade: 47.3

Overall Grade: 40.2

Back-Up Center:


Graham Glasgow (Detroit Lions)

Pass Block Grade: 52.6

Run Block Grade: 47.1

Overall Grade: 42.1

Previous Winners:

2016 Winner: STARTER – Trevor Robinson (San Diego Chargers), BACKUP – Cody Wallace (Pittsburgh Steelers)

2015 Winner: STARTER – Scott Wells (Los Angeles Rams), BACKUP – Lyle Sendlein (Arizona Cardinals)

Starting Guard #1:


Germain Ifedi (Seattle Seahawks)

Pass Block Grade: 30.1

Run Block Grade: 47.1

Overall Grade: 35.9

Starting Guard #2:


Jonotthan Harrison (Indianapolis Colts)

Pass Block Grade: 35.1

Run Block Grade: 50.0

Overall Grade: 41.8

Back-Up Guard #1:


Joshua Garnett (San Francisco 49ers)

Pass Block Grade: 40.4

Run Block Grade: 42.4

Overall Grade: 42.4

Back-Up Guard #2:


Jermon Bushrod (Miami Dolphins)

Pass Block Grade: 75.0

Run Block Grade: 34.9

Overall Grade: 43.5

Previous Winners:

2016 Winner: STARTER #1 – Marcus Martin (San Francisco 49ers), STARTER #2 – Dallas Thomas (Miami Dolphins), BACKUP #1 – Justin Britt (Seattle Seahawks), BACKUP #2 – Erik Pears (San Francisco 49ers)

2015 Winner: STARTER #1 – Mike McGlynn (Kansas City Chiefs), STARTER #2 – Erik Pears (Buffalo Bills), BACKUP #1 – Davin Joseph (Los Angeles Rams), BACKUP #2 – Seantrel Henderson (Buffalo Bills)

Starting Offensive Tackle #1:


George Fant (Seattle Seahawks)

Pass Block Grade: 29.3

Run Block Grade: 31.9

Overall Grade: 27.6

Starting Offensive Tackle #2:


Donald Stephenson (Denver Broncos)

Pass Block Grade: 25.7

Run Block Grade: 43.9

Overall Grade: 28.0

Back-Up Offensive Tackle #1:


T.J. Clemmings (Minnesota Vikings)

Pass Block Grade: 26.7

Run Block Grade: 40.8

Overall Grade: 28.3

Back-Up Offensive Tackle #2:


Earl Watford (Arizona Cardinals)

Pass Block Grade: 32.0

Run Block Grade: 42.8

Overall Grade: 33.9

Previous Winners:

2016 Winner: STARTER #1 – Ereck Flowers (New York Giants), STARTER #2 – Greg Robinson (Los Angeles Rams), BACKUP #1 – Jason Fox (Miami Dolphins), BACKUP #2 – Donovan Smith (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

2015 Winner: STARTER #1 – Jake Matthews (Atlanta Falcons), BACKUP #1 – Byron Bell (Carolina Panthers)

And that’s it for today!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the THIRD ANNUAL TOILET BOWLERS DEFENSE AWARDS!!!!!!!