Can the WWE top the awesomeness that was the 2010 Royal Rumble? They have some big shoes to fill this year, that’s for sure……..




Royal Rumble 2011

Our first two entries are;


#1 – C.M. Punk


#2 – Daniel Bryan

For some reason, the Royal Rumble has 40 participants instead of 30 this year. I’m not sure how I feel about that. That sounds like a lot more writing, which is fine as long as this damn thing is entertaining. Which it very well could be considering we get Punk and Daniel Bryan right away. Punk had an impressive showing in last year’s Rumble so I’m expecting big things from him. He’s the leader of the “New Nexus”, so he’ll have some homies here to join him eventually I’m sure. Before #2 comes out, Punk is surrounded by Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel, & Heath Slater who go by the name of “The Corre”. That’s a stupid name. They have the ring surrounded. Punk is trying to fight them off, but they start beating him down. And down comes the New Nexus and the FIGHT IS ON!!! All of a sudden we get a text message sound and an email has come in from the anonymous RAW General Manager. Michael Cole goes to read it and says that the GM is telling the refs to restore order and to stop this nonsense. According to the GM, the only superstar who has the right to be in the ring right now is C.M. Punk and if the rest of the guys don’t leave the ring, they will be disqualified from the Rumble. Boy, that was a big old freaking waste of time. The crowd breaks out in a “C.M. Punk” chant and now Bryan’s music finally hits. Can we finally get this damn thing started? Bryan and Punk give each other a smile. They have a lot of history together. They have a nice little back-and-forth that results in a double dropkick that has them both hurting. Bryan whips Punk into the corner, but Punk counters. Punk charges at Bryan but Bryan moonsaults off the top rope. Clothesline to Punk. Bryan picks Punk up and tries throwing him out, but Punk holds on. Punk then tries to throw Bryan out, but he holds on. Bryan goes to the top rope now and hits Punk with a big dropkick. The crowd breaks out in a “C.M. Punk/Daniel Bryan” chant. Bryan charges Punk in the corner, but he moves and Bryan goes down. Here comes #3……


#3 – Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel of “The Corre” charges at Punk and they are going at it. He gets Punk down and starts beating on him. He has Punk in the corner now. Punk goes to lift him up and over, but he holds on and lands on the ring apron. Bryan comes over and knocks Punk down. Gabriel is going to the top now. 450 splash attempt on Punk, but he moves. Bryan picks Gabriel up and suplexes him out of the ring (elimination #1). Bryan goes back to Punk and knocks him down with a European Uppercut. Here comes #4 now……


#4 – Zack Ryder

Ryder goes right after Bryan and starts hammering on him. He turns his attention to Punk and starts hitting him now. Bryan comes over and starts hitting Ryder. He whips Ryder into the ropes, but Ryder kicks him. Bryan whips Ryder into the ropes again. He lifts Ryder up in the air and Ryder lands on Punk with a legdrop. Ryder gets up and runs at Bryan and Bryan tosses him out of the ring (elimination #2). Bryan kicks Punk in the back. He lifts Punk up and goes to throw him out, but Punk counters and tries throwing Bryan out instead. And here comes another entrant……


#5 – William Regal

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind calling off the Rumble and just having these guys do a three-way match. Regal goes right after both guys. Suplex to Bryan. He whips Punk into the corner and hits him with a shoulder. Suplex to Punk now. Big knee to Punk and he goes down hard. Regal tries picking Punk up, but goes back to beating on Bryan instead. They start exchanging blows. Bryan gets the advantage, but Regal cheap shots him. Regal turns around and Punk nails him. Bryan then kicks Punk in the head and he goes down. Regal is on his knees and Bryan kicks him in the head. Bryan goes to lift Regal up, but that’s not happening. Here comes #6……


#6 – Ted DiBiase

DiBiase enters and hits Bryan with a dropkick. Dropkick to Regal as well. Big clothesline to Punk knocks him down. DiBiase goes to lift Punk out of the ring, but he’s holding on. Meanwhile, Bryan is kicking the ever loving shit out of Regal. Punk has turned the tables on DiBiase and is trying to eliminate him with his legs. Bryan comes over to give Punk a hand. DiBiase sneaks back in the ring though. Here comes #7…..


#7 – John Morrison

Morrison gets a huge reaction from the crowd. He goes off the top rope immediately and kicks Regal in the head. Clothesline to DiBiase. Clothesline to Bryan. He goes and tosses Punk’s head into the turnbuckle. DiBiase finally grabs Morrison and goes to throw him out, but he lands on the ring apron. Regal goes over to knock Morrison out, but he lands on the barricade instead! DiBiase comes over and dumps Regal out (elimination #3). Morrison climbs up on the barricade and is walking along it now. He jumps over to the ring steps. He kicks Regal in the head and gets back in the ring. That dude has some skills. Morrison whips DiBiase into the corner and he goes down. It’s time for #8 now…..


#8 – Yoshi Tatsu

I’m not expecting much out of this guy, unless there’s a princess and a plumber involved. Yoshi starts swinging away on DiBiase. Punk comes over and starts beating on Yoshi now. Tatsu is getting double-teamed by DiBiase and Punk. Punk decides to go over and take a breather before he starts beating on Morrison. Bryan goes to throw Punk out, but he holds on. They re-air the clip of Morrison almost getting eliminated because it’s one of the coolest things to ever happen in a Rumble, until Kofi Kingston starts hitting his groove in the next couple of years. And here comes #9…….


#9 – Husky Harris

This is Bray Wyatt before he was he was Bray Wyatt. Instead he was “Husky Harris”. I don’t know about you guys, but I could see the name “Husky Harris” on a WrestleMania marquee someday. Harris gets in the ring and nails Morrison with a punch. Clothesline to Bryan. Now he’s squaring off with Yoshi. Husky is now protecting Punk who is in the corner and is daring the others to fuck with them. They oblige and come over for the attack. Harris is doing a decent job of fighting them off. Punk and Harris start double-teaming Morrison now. Punk grabs Bryan and gives him a suplex. Morrison and Harris are punching each other. Here comes #10……..


#10 – Chavo Guerrero

Yawn. Do we really need 40 guys in this thing if guys like Chavo have to be in it? Chavo gets in the ring and gives C.M. Punk a flying headscissors that sends him into the ropes. DiBiase tries to suplex Chavo, but Chavo counters and gives DiBiase the THREE AMIGOS! He doesn’t quite get it as Punk nails him with a clothesline. Chavo tries to give Punk the THREE AMIGOS, but Morrison breaks it up now. So Chavo grabs Morrison and tries to give him the THREE AMIGOS. Bryan comes over and breaks it up. THREE AMIGOS TO BRYAN! Chavo gets up and does the Eddie Guerrero dance. He gets clotheslined by Harris. Harris charges Chavo in the corner and Chavo kicks him in the face. Chavo goes to the top and hits Harris with a dropkick. And here comes another entrant……


#11 – Mark Henry

Somebody about to get they ass kicked. DiBiase goes right after Henry. He goes down. Yoshi goes down. Morrison goes down. Henry picks up Chavo and just throws him over (elimination #4). Headbutt to Punk now. Yoshi hits Henry, but Henry no-sells it. He keeps trying and Henry just knocks him down. A huge clothesline sends Yoshi out of the ring now (elimination #5). HENRY IS CLEANING HOUSE! Punk comes over and drops Henry though and Harris comes over for the assist. Here comes #12……….


#12 – JTG

JTG is awful in Royal Rumbles, so don’t expect much here. He sprints down to the ring and goes right after Morrison. Now he’s beating on Henry. Not a smart move. JTG and Harris start exchanging punches. Bryan is kicking Punk in the face again. Harris comes over and tries scooping Bryan out, but he’s holding on. Morrison lifts DiBiase up and has him on the top turnbuckle. DiBiase falls back in the ring though. Punk has Henry on the mat and is beating on him. And here comes lucky #13……


#13 – Michael McGillicutty

What a fucking stupid name. No wonder they changed his name to Curtis Axel a few years later. What was the WWE Creative Team smoking when they came up with the name “Michael McGillicutty”? Hopefully the guy who came up with it is either unemployed or working for TNA right now. I’m going to go ahead and call him “MM” from here on out so I don’t end up vomiting on my screen. MM hits the ring and goes right after JTG. Now he starts beating on Bryan. It’s good news for Punk because MM is a member of “New Nexus” and they now have 3 members in the ring. And just like that, MM dropkicks JTG out of the ring for good (elimination #6). I told you that guy sucks at Rumbles. MM starts working on Morrison now and is choking him in the corner. Harris and MM start double-teaming DiBiase. Bryan comes over and gives them a hand and starts pounding on Harris. Harris and MM go for the double-clothesline on DiBiase, but he moves. He charges at them and they end up backdropping his ass out of the ring (elimination #7). Just in time for #14……


#14 – Chris Masters

The “New Nexus” are huddled in one corner while Bryan beats on Morrison. Masters isn’t afraid of them and goes right after Punk and his boys. He’s doing a good job fighting them off for now. He whips MM into the ropes and gives him a huge spinebuster. MASTERLOCK TO PUNK!!!!! He lifts Punk over the top rope and tries eliminating him. Punk manages to hold on and MM comes over for the save. He starts beating on Masters in the corner now. Bryan comes over to join the party. Masters and Bryan are now trading punches in the middle of the ring. And here comes another entrant……


#15 – David Otunga

Another member of the “New Nexus” is here and we now have 4 members in the ring. Punk tells Otunga to hurry up. The “New Nexus” grab Daniel Bryan and throw him out (elimination #8). They point at Masters now. They start beating on him. They grab him and throw him out as well (elimination #9). Now their attention turns to Morrison. They throw him out, but he’s holding on for dear life. It’s just too much though as they end up eliminating him (elimination #10). It’s now the “New Nexus” vs. Mark Henry. And the beatdown is on. They pick Henry up and throw him out (elimination #11). The group starts to celebrate in the ring now as they are all alone. Not for long though……


#16 – Tyler Reks

Oh boy. I don’t remember this guy at all. Something tells me this won’t end well for him. He runs down to the ring and the “New Nexus” start beating on him. They are on him like rabid dogs. Punk is holding him now. Big kick to Reks. Punk grabs him and throws him out (elimination #12). And they start celebrating again. Who can stop these guys? Maybe it will be #17?…….


#17 – Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov sprints down to the ring. Why not just wait for more people to come out instead of rushing in to get your ass kicked? C’MON KOZLOV! He enters the ring and kicks Punk, but instantly starts getting beaten on. He’s trying to fight back, but it’s just too much. Punk is now holding Kozlov’s legs while Harris squashes his ribs. Punk picks up Kozlov and throws him out (elimination #13). I told you to wait, didn’t I? Here comes another victim……


#18 – R-Truth

And just like all the other idiots, R-Truth runs down to the ring. His reward? An instant beatdown. Even the announcers are mentioning that it might be smarter for guys to wait for other guys to come out. WELL DUH! Truth is now in the corner and Punk comes charging at him with a big knee and gives the crowd a “WHAT’S UP?”. Bulldog to Truth. Punk picks him up and throws him out (elimination #14). That’s what’s up. The group starts celebrating again. Not for long though because here comes someone else……


#19 – The Great Khali

Now Punk looks a little concerned. I wouldn’t be. This guy sucks. Punk lines up the “New Nexus” as they prepare for battle. Khali gets on the ring apron and starts shoving them all. Chop to Punk! Chop to Otunga! Big boot to MM! Headbutt to Harris! Khali grabs Harris and throws him out (elimination #15)! OH SHIT! Punk comes over and hits Khali. Khali grabs him, but Punk falls on the ground and starts crawling away. Khali starts stomping on Punk in the corner. Headbutt to Punk! Here comes #20……..


#20 – Mason Ryan

One member of the “New Nexus” goes out, and gets replaced by the biggest member of the “New Nexus”. Alrighty then. Ryan hits the ring and starts punching Khali. Chop to Ryan! Ryan goes against the ropes and Khali charges him. Ryan moves and ends up tossing Khali out (elimination #16). That was a decent showing by Khali, but it wasn’t enough to stop the “New Nexus”. They are all alone in the ring again. Punk is begging for more victims. He’s getting his wish…….


#21 – Booker T

Punk looks really concerned now. Booker T is making a return to the WWE and the crowd is JACKED! Booker gets in the ring, but immediately gets beaten down. A huge “Booker T” chant from the crowd. Ryan throws Booker against the ropes, but Booker counters! Big kick to Ryan knocks him down! Spinning heel kick to Otunga! MM comes up behind Booker and nails him though! He whips Booker into the ropes, but Booker counters with a ROCK BOTTOM! SPINAROONI!!!! Anyone who dances in the Royal Rumble gets eliminated though. Remember that. Punk goes up behind Booker and tries to throw him out, but Booker reverses it and they are fighting on the ropes. Ryan comes over and grabs Booker and throws him out (elimination #17). STOP DANCING IN THE RUMBLE GUYS! IT ALWAYS ENDS IN ELIMINATION! The “New Nexus” are all alone once again. Not for long……


#22 – John Cena

BUSINESS HAS JUST PICKED UP! Cena has the look of rage in his eyes. He’s not playing tonight. He’s counting how many guys are in the ring and he runs down. He gives no fucks. IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!! Clothesline to MM! Cena starts hammering on Ryan. Facebuster to Otunga! Suplex to MM! Ryan charges Cena and Cena drops and holds the top rope and Ryan goes flying out (elimination #18)! CENA IS HYPED!!! A double-clothesline sends Otunga and MM flying out as well (eliminations #19 & #20)! It’s Cena vs. Punk!!! Cena is smiling. Punk isn’t. Cena starts hammering on Punk. He whips him into the corner, but Punk counters with an elbow. Punk lifts him up for the GTS, but Cena escapes. A double clothesline sends both men down and they are out. And here comes #23……


#23 – Hornswoggle

Oh great. Here’s another wasted entry. Hornswoggle gets in the ring and doesn’t do anything. Punk is up now. Hornswoggle does the Punk dance and gets rewarded with a kick to the face. Punk picks Cena up and starts punching and kicking him again. He lifts Cena up on his shoulders and goes for the elimination. Cena counters though and lifts Punk up on his shoulders now. He goes ahead and throws Punk out for good (elimination #21). It’s Cena vs. Hornswoggle! A dream match of millions of people, I’m sure. Cena tells Hornswoggle not to worry about anything. They are going to team up and take out whoever gets in their way. Let’s see who it is……


#24- Tyson Kidd

This isn’t going to end well for Tyson Kidd who has a ridiculous haircut by the way. Hornswoggle and Cena go back-and-forth on Kidd. Hornswoggle does a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors to Kidd. Cena picks Kidd up and F-U TO KIDD! Hornswoggle picks Kidd up now and F-U TO KIDD AGAIN! Cena picks up Kidd and throws him out (elimination #22). Hornswoggle is checking his watch now as Cena laughs at him. Now he goes into the corner and starts yawning. Not for long, because someone else is coming out now……


#25 – Heath Slater

Oh boy. Slater gets welcomed by a shoulder block from Cena. Hornswoggle nails Slater with a jawbreaker. Backbreaker to Slater now. Cena wants to go for the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE and him and Hornswoggle both do it. OK, this is nice and all, but I really want to see Cena just throw this guy out. Hornswoggle goes to the top rope though and does a flip onto Slater. Slater gets up and Cena throws him out (elimination #23). THROW OUT HORNSWOGGLE CENA! DO IT!!! THE FANS WANT IT!!!! Nope. Here comes #26……


#26 – Kofi Kingston

Kofi gets in the ring and has a stare down with Cena. They both look at the WrestleMania banner. They lock-up. There’s no friends in this thing, remember guys? Shoulderblock to Cena. Kofi has Cena in the corner now. He’s punching his face. Here comes #27…..


#27 – Jack Swagger

Swagger enters the ring and clotheslines Cena. Clothesline to Kofi. Now he turns around and sees Hornswoggle. He goes over and splashes Cena instead. Splash to Kofi now. Swagger poses. Another splash to Cena. Swagger says he’s going to WrestleMania. Hornswoggle comes over and gets Swagger’s attention. Kofi jumps over Hornswoggle and nails Swagger! Big legdrop to Swagger! Hornswoggle starts shaking the ropes like the Ultimate Warrior, while Kofi goes to toss Swagger out. And here comes another entrant……


#28 – Sheamus

Sheamus is making his Royal Rumble debut and I bet this spells bad news for our friend Hornswoggle. Sheamus starts hitting everyone in the ring. Clothesline to Swagger from Sheamus. He picks up Cena and gives him a neckbreaker. Now he starts cheering. Hornswoggle comes over and pushes Sheamus. Not smart. Sheamus drops him. Hornswoggle is going for some Sweet Chin Music on Sheamus now. Sheamus looks amused. SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO SHEAMUS’ HEEL! Sheamus grabs Hornswoggle by the throat and places him on the top turnbuckle. Cena comes up from behind Sheamus and suplexes him. Swagger runs up from behind and starts nailing Cena now. BROGUE KICK TO HORNSWOGGLE AND HE’S OUT (elimination #24)! Sheamus poses to the crowd. Now he starts beating on Kofi. And here comes #29……


#29 – Rey Mysterio Jr.

Mysterio gets in the ring and goes right through the legs of Sheamus. Swagger grabs Mysterio and tries to hip toss him, but Mysterio counters and sends Swagger into the ropes. Sheamus charges at Rey and ends up getting a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors for his troubles. Cena gets a bulldog from Mysterio. Mysterio dropkicks Swagger back into the ropes again. He goes for the 619, but Sheamus comes out nowhere with a clothesline. Sheamus picks up Mysterio and goes to throw him out, but places him on the top turnbuckle instead. Sheamus turns around. TROUBLE IN PARADISE TO SHEAMUS! Swagger picks up Kofi and slams him down. He charges at Mysterio who is still on the top rope. Mysterio moves and shoves Swagger out, but he holds on. That it until Mysterio hits him with an odd looking 619 that knocks him out for good (elimination #25). Mysterio stares down Swagger and remains on the ring apron. Here comes #30……


#30 – Wade Barrett

Usually #30 would be considered the luck of the draw, but in this SUPER SIZED Royal Rumble, it’s basically just #20. Barrett is the leader of “The Corre”, which sounds a lot cooler than it actually is. Wait, no it doesn’t. Barrett enters the ring and everyone is down. He starts stomping on everyone. He’s now trading blows with Kofi. He whips him into the ropes and picks him up on his shoulders. He goes to throw Kofi out, but Rey comes over for the save. Now Cena is up and Barrett nails him with a shoulder block. Big punch knocks Rey down. Kofi starts kicking Barrett and he has him in the corner now. Just in time for #31……


#31 – Dolph Ziggler

His theme song says that he is PERFECTION, so if he doesn’t win this thing….he should change it. Just my opinion. Ziggler hits Kofi with a big splash and starts punching him. Dropkick to Cena from Ziggler. Dolph starts pounding away on Sheamus now. Cena and Kofi have Wade Barrett on the brink of elimination. Ziggler comes over to give him a hand. Ziggler and Barrett are trying to eliminate Cena now. He manages to hold on though. And here comes #32…….


#32 – Diesel

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTT!!!!!!!! DIESEL IS HERE TO FUCK SOME SHIT UP!!! Diesel puts on his gloves on his way down because some people are about to get they ass kicked. Everyone in the ring looks scared, and they should be. This guy owns Rumbles. Barrett goes after Diesel and Diesel punches him in the head. Now Diesel is unloading on everyone! The crowd breaks out in a big “DIESEL” chant! Kofi goes off the top ropes, but Diesel gives him the Snake Eyes! Diesel gives Ziggler a big elbow now. Clothesline to Cena! Diesel starts choking Sheamus in the corner. Here comes #33…….


#33 – Drew McIntyre

This year McIntyre sprints down to the ring. A much different approach than last year. He goes right after Diesel. Sheamus and MyIntyre are now double-teaming Big Daddy Cool. Sheamus and McIntyre give each other an evil smile as the crowd breaks out an a “LET’S GO DIESEL” chant! Sheamus and McIntyre start choking Diesel against the ropes and Diesel is now out of it. 619 TO DIESEL! THIS ISN’T HOW YOU TREAT A LEGEND GUYS!!! The crowd actually boos that one! HAHAHA! Diesel gets back up and hits Barrrett and starts unloading on him. Sheamus and McIntyre are trying to get Mysterio out. And here comes another entrant……


#34 – Alex Riley

Riley comes down with WWE Champion The Miz. Michael Cole is pretty pumped about all of this on commentary. Cena welcomes Riley into the ring with a big right hook. Diesel is on the ring apron now and Barrett comes over and gives him a big boot and he’s gone (elimination #26)! SON OF A BITCH! The crowd didn’t like that one either. They are booing Barrett. The ring is getting really full as everyone is hitting each other. The Miz joins the commentary team as Michael Cole blows his load. Here comes #35…….


#35 – Big Show

Sheamus and McIntyre are still banding together and they are preparing for Big Show’s entrance. Show and Diesel have a stare down at the entrance ramp. nWo 4 life, right? Show immediately gets attacked by Sheamus and McIntyre, but he throws them both down. Barrett gets a headbutt. Show grabs Sheamus and McIntyre and headbutts the both of them. Show is just clearing the ring right now. Cena and Kofi have Riley on the verge of elimination. Show picks up Ziggler and tosses him out of the ring (elimination #27). Cena and Kofi also end up dumping Riley out of the ring (elimination #28). Just in time for #36……


#36 – Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel is running down to the ring and Big Show clotheslines Drew McIntyre out (elimination #29). Jackson charges Show and hits him in the knee. He falls down. Jackson just picks up Show and eliminates him (elimination #30). Clothesline to Cena from Jackson. Jackson is just beating on everyone. Except Barrett that is, because they are homies. Jackson picks up Cena and whips him into the corner. Jackson is now choking Mysterio in the corner. Sheamus and Kofi are double-teaming Barrett and almost have him out of the ring. He manages to hold on though. And here comees #37……


#37 – Santino Marella

This year Santino looks ready to go. He runs down and goes right after Sheamus. Now he goes after and punches Jackson. Jackson screams in his face and Santino runs, right into a BROGUE KICK! He rolls under the bottom rope. Sheamus walks over and starts punching Jackson in the head now. Barrett comes over to give Jackson a hand. Cena and Jackson are now squaring off on the ropes. Kofi has Barrett in the corner and is kicking him. Mysterio is choking Sheamus. Jackson picks up Cena and goes to throw him out, but Cena is hanging on. Barrett comes over to give Jackson a hand. Here comes #38……



#38 – Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has arrived and he’s arrived in style. He has his own ring announcer and a fancy car. He’s already winning even if he doesn’t win this thing. ADR stares at everyone and just laughs. Rey wants him to hurry up and get in the ring. Sheamus comes up from behind Rey and knocks him down. ADR is just laughing in the entrance way and is in no rush to get in the ring. He’d better hurry because here comes #39…….


#39 – Randy Orton

Orton rushes down and nails ADR from behind! He picks him up and throws him into the ringsteps now. Orton picks up ADR and throws him into the ring. RKO TO ADR!!!! RKO TO SHEAMUS!!!!!! Kofi goes for the Trouble In Paradise, but Orton ducks. RKO TO KOFI!!!!! Orton picks up Kofi and throws him out (elimination 31). He also picks up Sheamus and tosses him out as well (elimination #32)! Orton and Cena have a stare down now. Cena points at the WrestleMania banner. Here comes #40 and of course it’s……


#40 – Kane

Ahhh, I was wondering where he was. Cena and Orton decide not to fight and focus on Kane instead. Barrett comes up from behind Cena and Kane goes after Orton. Kane nails Barrett now. Kane goes back-and-forth on Cena and Orton. He whips Orton into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline. Atomic drop to Orton. Jackson comes from out of nowhere and knocks Kane down. He picks Kane up, but Kane escapes. He charges at Kane, but Kane ducks and lifts the top rope down and he goes flying out of the ring (elimination #33). Kane is up and he’s just hitting everyone. He picks up Barrett and throws him into the corner. Now he picks up Rey and whips him into the corner. Rey hits him with a kick to the face though. Rey goes up top and Kane grabs him by the throat. Rey counters and has Kane in a hurracanrana now, but Kane runs to the ropes. Rey manages to flip him out of the ring (elimination #34)! Rey isn’t able to pull himself back up though and Barrett runs over and knocks him off and he’s gone (elimination #35)! Cena is now fighting Barrett and Orton is battling ADR. Cena bashes Barrett’s head into the turnbuckle. Barrett revereses things and now has Cena on the brink of elimination. Cena is barely hanging on now. Cena manages to pull himself back in though. Orton is kicking ADR in the corner and turns around to have another stare down with Cena. They start going at it and the fight is on! Cena goes for the F-U, but Barrett runs over and kicks Cena in the mid-section. Cena goes down. Barrett picks him up and gives him a suplex. Barrett starts stomping on Orton now. ADR is up and he goes to work on Cena. Big right hook and Cena goes down. ADR goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks. Cena picks him up! F-U TO ALBERTO DEL RIO!!!! Alex Riley comes running back down for some reason and Cena punches him in the face. The Miz meanwhile runs in the ring and eliminates Cena (elimination #36)!!! AND WE ARE DOWN TO THE FINAL FOUR!!!!

The Final Four:

Santino Marella

Alberto Del Rio

Wade Barrett

Randy Orton

Who wants it????

I bet you forgot Santino was still in this thing, didn’t you? Well, I didn’t. The crowd is actually cheering Cena’s elimination. Cena is dumbfounded and he’s pissed. He wants back in the ring of course. He goes over to Michael Cole and threatens him. Back in the ring, the three remaining guys in the ring prepare for battle. Barrett and ADR team up and start beating on Orton of course. They have him in the corner and he doesn’t stand much of a chance. They whip him into the ropes. Clothesline to ADR! Clothesline to Barrett! Another clothesline to ADR! Orton picks up Barrett and slams him! Backbreaker to ADR! Orton IS HYPED! He’s stalking ADR. Barrett comes over and tries to kick Orton, but Orton grabs him and throws him out (elimination #37)! ADR comes up from behind Orton and tosses him out (elimination #38)! Alberto Del Rio thinks he has won the Royal Rumble! The bell rings and his entrance music hits! Santino Marella is finally getting up though! Santino rolls back in the ring and the refs finally notice and realize their mistake. They are telling ADR what’s up while Santino is still a little dazed. Did he go through concussion protocol before being allowed back in the ring? COBRA TO ADR!!!!! Santino is JACKED!!!! He starts dancing around the ring. He points at the WrestleMania banner! He picks up ADR! He goes to throw him out, but ADR counters and Santino goes flying out instead (elimination #39). ALBERTO DEL RIO WINS THE SUPER SIZED ROYAL RUMBLE!!!!!!!!

The Verdict:

Ehhhhhh. I still don’t understand the need to make this thing a 40-man Royal Rumble. There was a whole ton of garbage in it and this thing really would have benefited from about say…..10 or so less guys? Aside from that, it was a decent Rumble with a little bit of garbage in the middle (Cena/Hornswoggle) and a decent ending with a good winner. Mildly recommended.

Royal Rumble Review Grade: **