The NFL regular season is over (BOOOOO!!!!!) and we have reached the post-season. Before we get the post-season started though, let’s take a quick look back at how right/wrong my NFL predictions I made back in August were. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you shouldn’t laugh at anyone……



2016-17 NFL Predictions Review


First up? Let’s take a look at how I predicted the AFC East to finish:

New England Patriots: 11-5

New York Jets: 9-7

Buffalo Bills: 7-9

Miami Dolphins: 5-11

The Patriots were actually better than anyone thought and they finished with a 14-2 record, which was tops in the AFC. I still predicted them to win the AFC East and it happened, but they’ve won the AFC East like 18 of the past 20 years or something ridiculous like that, so it’s not a shocker. The Jets were MUCH worse than I thought they would be. I thought Todd Bowles would have these guys ready to play, regardless of what happened in the pre-season with their QB situation. I was way off with that one.I was 100% spot on with the Buffalo Bills prediction. And the Dolphins? Well, they were better than anyone thought. They sneaked into the playoffs, but will likely get bounced from the first-round.


Now let’s take a look at the AFC North:

Pittsburgh Steelers: 11-5

Cincinnati Bengals: 11-5

Baltimore Ravens: 7-9

Cleveland Browns: 2-14

I was 100% spot on with my prediction of the Steelers. I had them winning the division and finishing with an 11-5 record. I absolutely whiffed on the Bengals, but I think everyone did. Unfortunately they seem to be blaming injuries for what happened this year and will likely keep Marvin Lewis on as head coach. Stupid, just stupid. I was one game off of predicting the Ravens correctly, but they owed me for picking them to win the Super Bowl last year and they ended up shitting the bed. And as for the Browns? Ya, I think we all saw that one coming unfortunately. Overall, I did pretty well in the AFC North outside of Cincinnati.


Now, the AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts: 10-6

Jacksonville Jaguars: 8-8

Houston Texans: 8-8

Tennessee Titans: 3-13

My AFC South picks were a disaster, then again…..the AFC South was a disaster this season. I picked the Colts to win the division because they have the best QB in the division. I apparently forgot that they also have one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Andrew Luck can only help them so much and I ended up predicting two more wins than they actually got. As for the Jaguars? Yikes. Everyone was high on Jacksonville in the pre-season and they shit the bed this year. That was easily one of my worst predictions. I was one game off of predicting Houston’s record correctly. I knew that Brock Osweiler would be a steaming pile of shit this year and I was right. I just didn’t see the AFC South being this miserable and the Texans winning the division despite being extremely shitty. The Titans were much better than anyone thought they would be. They might have won the division if Marcus Mariota stayed healthy the entire year. They could be a force next season.


Now the AFC West:

Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6

Oakland Raiders: 10-6

Denver Broncos: 9-7

San Diego Chargers: 4-12

Well, look at that! I was 100% spot on with the order in which the AFC West teams would finish. Not only that, but I correctly picked the Kansas City Chiefs to win the division for the first time since 2010. I also knew the Raiders were going to be much improved, and they were even better than anyone thought they would be. Had Derek Carr stayed healthy, they likely would have won the division. I was 100% spot on with my prediction of the Denver Broncos. I knew key losses on defense as well as the loss of Peyton Manning would hurt that team. I know Peyton was playing like crap last year, but he was still Peyton Manning. And as for the Chargers? Well, we all knew they would be a dumpster fire and they were.


Time to move on the NFC now…….


First up? The NFC East of course:

New York Giants: 11-5

Dallas Cowboys: 9-7

Washington Redskins: 6-10

Philadelphia Eagles: 6-10

I remember when I posted these predictions back in August and getting HAMMERED by people for prediction of the New York Giants. People were bashing me saying there’s no way they could get to 11 wins with the way their defense played the year before. I told people that their defense would be much improved this season and people (LOOKING AT YOU EAGLES FANS) mocked me and laughed at me on Twitter. Well, who’s right and who’s wrong now bitches? The Giants finished exactly how I predicted. As for the Cowboys? Ya, I missed that one a little. I thought Dallas would be a playoff team this year, but I had no idea they would as good as they were this season. They were incredible in the regular season. I missed the Redskins prediction by a couple of games, but I was close enough. Same with the Eagles. I knew they would be a mediocre team and they appear to be that way as long as Doug Pederson is calling the shots and Carson Wentz (ALEX SMITH VERSION 2) is playing like he played in the second half of the season.


Let’s take a look at the NFC North now:

Green Bay Packers: 12-4

Detroit Lions: 8-8

Chicago Bears: 7-9

Minnesota Vikings: 6-10

Yes, I predicted Green Bay to win the division and they did. However, I predicted them to be a little better than they actually were. I know the Packers made the playoffs, but this was overall a disappointing year for the franchise and no one really expects them to do much in the post-season. I missed Detroit’s record by one game, which is pretty good considering that team really could have finished anywhere from 10 wins to 4. The Bears I absolutely whiffed on. I thought this would be the year that Chicago would bounce back up to respectability, but it didn’t happen and they look even worse than before. And the Vikings? Yes, I was kind of off on my prediction with them,  but I totally saw them letting everyone down after an impressive year last year. Sometimes those things just happen.


Now, the NFC South:

Carolina Panthers: 13-3

New Orleans Saints: 8-8

Atlanta Falcons: 6-10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11

This is probably easily my worst division. This thing was a dumpster fire this season. I had the Carolina Panthers as one of the best teams in the league (along with everyone else) and they came out and just crapped all over themselves and there’s no sign they will get this thing turned around. I should have remembered the dreaded “Super Bowl Hangover”, but I figured the Panthers were too talented to let that hold them down. I was wrong. I was only one game off of predicting New Orleans’ record and that’s the only good thing I did in this division. I thought the Falcons would be a mediocre team this year, but they were arguably the second best team in the NFC. I blew that one big time. And the Buccaneers were also much better than I gave them credit for. Tampa Bay will likely be my favorites to win this division next year. That’s how impressed I was with those guys this season.


And finally, the NFC West:

Arizona Cardinals: 13-3

Seattle Seahawks: 12-4

Los Angeles Rams: 6-10

San Francisco 49ers: 2-14

Yikes. That Arizona Cardinals prediction? Ouch. Ya, I was a little off on that one. I didn’t see the Cardinals imploding like they did this season. I’m officially worried about those guys going forward. Age is doing a number on them. I knew the Seahawks would still be good, but so did everyone else. The Rams were even worse than I thought they would be. We call that the “Jeff Fisher Effect”. And as for the 49ers? Well, I was 100% correct by calling them one of the worst teams in the league.


Playoff Predictions:

Predicted Playoff Seeds:


(1) New England Patriots

(2) Pittsburgh Steelers

(3) Kansas City Chiefs

(4) Indianapolis Colts

(5) Cincinnati Bengals

(6) Oakland Raiders


(1) Arizona Cardinals

(2) Carolina Panthers

(3) Green Bay Packers

(4) New York Giants

(5) Seattle Seahawks

(6) Dallas Cowboys

Actual Playoff Seeds:


(1) New England Patriots

(2) Kansas City Chiefs

(3) Pittsburgh Steelers

(4) Houston Texans

(5) Oakland Raiders

(6) Miami Dolphins



(1) Dallas Cowboys

(2) Atlanta Falcons

(3) Seattle Seahawks

(4) Green Bay Packers

(5) New York Giants

(6) Detroit Lions


I missed TWO playoff teams in both the NFC and the AFC. I’ll take those odds any day. Overall, I think my NFL predictions were pretty good this year. I definitely had more hits than misses and you will take that ALL-DAY EVERY-DAY! See you in eight months for even more NFL PREDICTIONS!!!!!