Hi, hello and welcome to Week 16 of the National Football League! I’m Steve Cook, and finally, our long national nightmare is over. No more Thursday night games after this week! Thank Jeebus. I can’t even remember the last time I bothered watching more than five minutes of one of these poopfests. The Bengals vs. Dolphins game, I suppose, and that was a complete waste of time even though the Bengals won.

In related news, how in the world does that Dolphins team have nine wins? That was one of the crappiest teams I’ve ever seen when they played in Cincinnati, and now somehow they’re a playoff contender. So damn weird.

Anyway, here’s your last Thursday night pick. Go crazy.

Thursday, December 22

NY Giants (-2.5) at Philadelphia

The Giants can still be the #1 seed in the NFC if they win their next two games & the Cowboys lose theirs. The success of Dallas has overshadowed most NFC stories this season, but people are definitely taking note of the Giants’ fantastic defensive play & capable passing attack. New England fans are currently freaking out over the prospect of another meeting between the Pats & Eli Manning in a Super Bowl, which very well could happen. That’s the last thing Dustin James & other Patriot fans want to see.

As for the Eagles, their season is long over. They’ve lost seven of their last eight games and their fans have been reduced to rooting for better draft picks through the Eagles’ ineptitude and the Vikings losing games at the end of the season to improve the slot the Eagles acquired in the Sam Bradford trade. You have to give the Eagles credit on that one. They might have torpedoed this season with that trade, but it’s not like having Sam Bradford would have automatically made them any better. Plus, Carson Wentz got to get his feet wet in NFL action…I’m not sure he’s going to be the next great NFL QB that Eagles fans were touting during the Week 4 bye week, but the rookie year experience will prove invaluable for his future.

Recent trends this season favor the Giants, but it should be pointed out that the Eagles won four straight games against the Giants prior to their loss in Week 9, which was by five points in a game that frankly could have gone either way. The Eagles are 4-2 in Philadelphia while the Giants are 3-3 on the road. Home teams are 12-4 on Thursday this year. The Giants are finally getting some hype as a contender.

All of these factors tell me that the Eagles are the pick this week in a low-scoring game. Expect the unexpected on Thursday night. Also expect poop.

Week 16 Results: 9-6-1

2016 Results: 116-99-9