If you joined us last week for our recap of my college football predictions, you know what we are in for this week. Except this week we are going to turn it up a bit because FINALLY WE GET TO THE CONFERENCES THAT ACTUALLY MATTER! THE POWER FIVE!

Excuse my excitement, but these are the conferences people really care about, with all apologies to the smaller conferences.

Next up for the Power 5 conferences? The BIG 10 (which is really the BIG 14!)!!!!

So, without further ado…..




14. Rutgers Scarlet Knights


Record: 2-10

Predicted Record: 4-8

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

13. Michigan State Spartans


Record: 3-9

Predicted Record: 10-2

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: Rose Bowl vs. Washington

13. Purdue Boilermakers


Record: 3-9

Predicted Record: 2-10

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

11. Illinois Fighting Illini


Record: 3-9

Predicted Record: 5-7

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

10. Maryland Terrapins


Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 7-5

Bowl Game: Quick Lane Bowl vs. Boston College

Predicted Bowl Game: Holiday Bowl vs. USC

9. Indiana Hoosiers


Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 5-7

Bowl Game: Foster Farms Bowl vs. Utah

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

8. Northwestern Wildcats


Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 9-3

Bowl Game: Pinstripe Bowl vs. Pittsburgh

Predicted Bowl Game: Texas Bowl vs. Missouri

7. Minnesota Golden Gophers


Record: 8-4

Predicted Record: 6-6

Bowl Game: Holiday Bowl vs. Washington State

Predicted Bowl Game: Quick Lane Bowl vs. NC State

6. Iowa Hawkeyes


Record: 8-4

Predicted Record: 9-3

Bowl Game: Outback Bowl vs. Florida

Predicted Bowl Game: TaxSlayer Bowl vs. Georgia

5. Nebraska Cornhuskers


Record: 9-3

Predicted Record: 8-4

Bowl Game: Music City Bowl vs. Tennessee

Predicted Bowl Game: Russell Athletic Bowl vs. Louisville

4. Wisconsin Badgers


Record: 10-3

Predicted Record: 6-6

Bowl Game: Cotton Bowl vs. Western Michigan

Predicted Bowl Game: Heart of Dallas Bowl vs. Louisiana Tech

3. Michigan Wolverines


Record: 10-2

Predicted Record: 11-1

Bowl Game: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State

Predicted Bowl Game: College Football Playoff vs. Stanford, National Championship vs. Florida State

2. Ohio State Buckeyes


Record: 11-1

Predicted Record: 10-2

Bowl Game: College Football Playoff vs. Clemson

Predicted Bowl Game: Orange Bowl vs. Clemson

1. Penn State Nittany Lions


Record: 11-2

Predicted Record: 7-5

Bowl Game: Rose Bowl vs. USC

Predicted Bowl Game: Cactus Bowl vs. Washington State

How Did I Do?:

Not very good.

The BIG 10 is was probably the best conference in college football this year. From head-to-toe, it was a pretty difficult conference this season. Sure you had your usual bottom-feeders like Purdue, Illinois, Rutgers and Michigan State.


Yes, that’s right. The Michigan State Spartans who have been one of the most consistently good teams of the past ten years just went out and had their worst season under Mark Dantonio and no one saw it coming. How does a team go from a potential playoff contender to one of the worst teams in the BIG 10 in just one year? No one knows, but it’s going to be interesting to see if Dantonio can turn this thing around next season. If not, he could be in big trouble.

As for the rest of the conference? We kind of saw it coming. We knew Maryland, Iowa, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Minnesota were all going to be “middle-of-the-road” teams and they were. There was no shocker there.

The top of the conference however? Yeah, that was a mess. Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin all looked like they could play with any other team in college football and potentially come out on top. The BIG 10 had a lot of really good teams at the top of the conference and it showed as the season unraveled. You want to know how messed up things were at the top of the BIG 10?

Wisconsin lost to Michigan.

Michigan lost to Ohio State.

Ohio State lost to Penn State.

Penn State lost to Michigan.

Penn State is the 2016-17 BIG 10 winner and their consolation prize is getting to face USC (who was one of the toughest teams to end the season) in the Rose Bowl. Meanwhile, Ohio State ended up earning a playoff spot with a chance to win a National Championship.

Like I said earlier, it was a weird year in the BIG 10 and no one in their right mind could have predicted how it was all going to unravel. Better luck next year guys.