If you joined us last week for our recap of my college football predictions, you know what we are in for this week. Except this week we are going to turn it up a bit because FINALLY WE GET TO THE CONFERENCES THAT ACTUALLY MATTER! THE POWER FIVE!

Excuse my excitement, but these are the conferences people really care about, with all apologies to the smaller conferences.

Next up for the Power 5 conferences? The BIG 12 (which is really the BIG 10)!!!

So, without further ado…..



10. Kansas Jayhawks


Record: 2-10

Predicted Record: 1-11

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

9. Iowa State Cyclones


Record: 3-9

Predicted Record: 4-8

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders


Record: 5-7

Predicted Record: 5-7

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: No bowl game

7. Texas Longhorns


Record: 5-7

Predicted Record: 7-5

Bowl Game: No bowl game

Predicted Bowl Game: Music City Bowl vs. Florida

6. Baylor Bears


Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 8-4

Bowl Game: Cactus Bowl vs. Boise State

Predicted Bowl Game: Armed Forces Bowl vs. Navy

5. TCU Horned Frogs


Record: 6-6

Predicted Record: 10-2

Bowl Game: Liberty Bowl vs. Georgia

Predicted Bowl Game: Alamo Bowl vs. Oregon

4. Kansas State Wildcats


Record: 8-4

Predicted Record: 6-6

Bowl Game: Texas Bowl vs. Texas A&M

Predicted Bowl Game: Pinstripe Bowl vs. Pittsburgh

3. Oklahoma State Cowboys


Record: 9-3

Predicted Record: 8-4

Bowl Game: Alamo Bowl vs. Colorado

Predicted Bowl Game: Citrus Bowl vs. Ole Miss

2. West Virginia Mountaineers


Record: 10-2

Predicted Record: 7-5

Bowl Game: Russell Athletic Bowl vs. Miami

Predicted Bowl Game: Liberty Bowl vs. Mississippi State

1. Oklahoma Sooners


Record: 10-2

Predicted Record: 11-1

Bowl Game: Sugar Bowl vs. Auburn

Predicted Bowl Game: Sugar Bowl vs. Tennessee

How Did I Do?:

Overall? Not that bad.

Yes, I may have missed out on predicting the correct winner of the ACC, BUT I’M BACK BABY! I absolutely nailed Oklahoma winning the BIG 12 and also nailed the bowl game in which they would play in. That makes me 6-1 so far on my conference winners predictions! And you people dare question my prediction making skills (looking at YOU Boise State fans!).

So, how did I do with the rest of the conference though? Kansas, Iowa State, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State I either got 100% correct or I missed it by just a game. That means I predicted half of the BIG 12’s teams either correct or just missed it. I’ll take those odds any day personally.

As for the teams I whiffed on? I missed Texas, Baylor, and Kansas State by two games which isn’t THAT bad all things considered. Where I completely whiffed was TCU (I thought they would be better than they were this season) and West Virginia (who were much better than we thought).

So to recap.

I nailed the conference winner.

Missed 4 teams by only one game.

Missed 3 teams by two games.

Whiffed on 2 of the teams.

Like I said earlier, I’ll take those odds any day.