Hi, hello and welcome to Week 14 of the National Football League! We’re kicking off the week with what could be one of the most important games of the season, as two of the best teams in the AFC that are fighting for division supremacy will face off on Thursday night. With three days rest. What could have been one of the best games of the season has been relegated to a Thursday night slopfest thanks to the greed of the NFL owners.

Then again, the last meeting between these two teams wasn’t all that great. In fact, it was a blowout. Will history repeat itself this week?

Thursday, December 8

Oakland at Kansas City (-3)

The Raiders & Chiefs debuted together in the American Football League Western Division back in 1960 and have been bitter division rivals ever since. Technically the Chiefs were the Dallas Texans until 1963, but I assume they were still tremendously disliked in Oakland during those seasons. The Chiefs hold a 60-52-2 lead over the Raiders in the rivalry, but the Raiders have more Super Bowl trophies and more mainstream relevance.

Let’s face it, the Raiders are cool. The Silver & Black. The Commitment To Excellence. Just Win, Baby. The Raiders are one of those franchises that naturally generate a lot of interest. You either love them or you hate them, there’s no in-between. No, these aren’t your daddy’s Raiders, the ones that were the biggest heels in the league and the biggest cheapshot artists. (They do get the most penalties though, so they got that going for them.) It’s a young, scrappy bunch with a ton of potential. We were saying that last year here at THE USB.

I can’t really say anything bad about the Chiefs. They’re a generally pretty well-run franchise from what I can tell. They don’t seem to cause many problems. But I can’t really say I like them either. Andy Reid? Eh. Alex Smith? Eh. Eric Berry’s pretty cool. But for the most part, for most of their existence, the Kansas City Chiefs have just been there. They aren’t even offensive enough with their Native American iconography for people to complain about it. Yeah, they’re in Missouri, a state known for having obnoxious sports fanbases, but Chiefs fans don’t seem to get worked up over much.

Except…they get really mad when you insist another fanbase is louder inside their stadium. I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve crowed about breaking decibel records. As somebody with a voice that isn’t well-equipped to yelling all game I’ve never been YELL ALL GAME EVERY GAME GUY. And if I want to hear something stupidly loud I’ll crank up some Metallica. I don’t need Otis, the guy next to me wearing a wifebeater in December whose breath smells like a brewery since he’s been drinking since 5 AM, yelling in my ear all game. Sure, there are times in the game to do that, but not during the commercial break.

I gotta say that Chiefs Fans vs. Raiders Fans would be one of the more interesting fanbase Royal Rumbles.



Tough call, right?

I’m taking the Chiefs in this game, though. Going on the road on three days rest is tough enough, but when you’re going on the road against a division rival it’s darn near impossible. The Raiders defense will keep it closer than they did back in Week 6, but I think the Chiefs defense gives Derek Carr & the boys enough fits to give Kansas City the edge in a low-scoring, exciting Thursday night affair.

Too bad it ain’t Sunday night.

Week 13 Results: 10-5

2016 Results: 96-89-7