In college football, you win championships through recruiting. Recruiting is the backbone of every single program. I know it should be pretty damn obvious, but if your favorite college football team continuously brings in the best talent from around the United States, you will win a lot of college football games.

Look at all four teams currently in the College Football Playoff race. Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, and Ohio State were all top 15 classes last year in recruiting (Bama, Michigan, and Ohio State were all ranked in the top 10). That’s because if you bring in the best talent, you will win a lot of college football games. How many times do I have to repeat that before it’s stuck in your head for eternity?

I can’t even begin to tell you when the last time a team won a National Championship in college football without consistently having a top 15 recruiting class. So, now that you know how important recruiting is to the world of college football, it’s time to take a look at how teams are doing so far this year.

Signing Day is just a little over two months away and it’s pretty obvious that it’s the most important day for the future of your favorite college football program. Even if you have a recruit verbally committed, that recruit can flip anytime because nothing is official until Signing Day arrives. The following is a list of all the currently UNCOMMITTED college football recruits with predictions as to where they will possibly land (ALABAMA).





1. Foster Sarrell – OT  (Graham, WA)

Top Choices: Washington, Stanford, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Alabama

Prediction: Washington


2. Marvin Wilson – DT (Bellaire, TX)

Top Choices: LSU, Alabama, Florida State, Oklahoma, Ohio State

Prediction: LSU


3. Cam Akers – RB (Clinton, MS)

Top Choices: Ohio State, Florida State, LSU, Georgia, Alabama

Prediction: Florida State


4. Jeffrey Okudah – CB (Grand Prairie, TX)

Top Choices: Ohio State, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Florida State

Prediction: Ohio State


5. Baron Browning – LB (Kennedale, TX)

Top Choices: Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, UCLA, Florida State

Prediction: Alabama


6. Donovan Peoples-Jones – WR (Detroit, MI)

Top Choices: Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Florida, Florida State

Prediction: Michigan


7. Darnay Holmes – CB (Calabasas, CA)

Top Choices: UCLA, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Washington

Prediction: UCLA


8. Joseph Lewis – WR (Los Angeles, CA)

Top Choices: Nebraska, Arizona, Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma

Prediction: Oregon


9. Walker Little – OT (Bellaire, TX)

Top Choices: Stanford, Texas, Ole Miss, Georgia, Florida State

Prediction: Texas


10. Trey Smith – OT (Jackson, TN)

Top Choices: Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson

Prediction: Tennessee


11. Isaiah Wilson – OT (Brooklyn, NY)

Top Choices: Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Florida State, Auburn

Prediction: Michigan


12. Austin Jackson – OT (Phoenix, AZ)

Top Choices: USC, Arizona State, Washington, Oregon, Arizona

Prediction: USC


13. Deangelo Gibbs – S (Loganville, GA)

Top Choices: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Baylor

Prediction: Georgia


14. Devon Hunter – S (Chesapeake, VA)

Top Choices: Virginia Tech, Clemson, Alabama, Auburn, Florida

Prediction: Virginia Tech


15. LaBryan Ray – DE (Madison, AL)

Top Choices: Alabama, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Duke, Florida

Prediction: Alabama


16. Jeff Thomas – WR (East Saint Louis, IL)

Top Choices: Missouri, Alabama, Auburn, Michigan State, Texas A&M

Prediction: Missouri


17. Jarez Parks – DE (Sebastian, FL)

Top Choices: Alabama, Florida, Auburn, Clemson, Duke

Prediction: Florida


18. Lamont Wade – CB (Clairton, PA)

Top Choices: Penn State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, UCLA, West Virginia

Prediciton: Penn State


19. Thomas Graham – CB (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Top Choices: Arizona, Notre Dame, Oregon, Arizona State, Nebraska

Prediction: Notre Dame


20. Tedarrell Slaton – OG (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Top Choices: Michigan, Miami, Clemson, Ole Miss, Tennessee

Prediction: Michigan


21. Jay Tufele – DT (South Jordan, UT)

Top Choices: Ohio State, Michigan, Utah, BYU, UCLA

Prediction: Ohio State


22. Devonta Smith – WR (Amite, LA)

Top Choices: Alabama, LSU, Miami, Baylor, Florida State

Prediction: Alabama


23. Aubrey Solomon – DT (Leesburg, GA)

Top Choices: Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Auburn, Clemson

Prediction: Georgia


24. James Robinson – WR (Lakeland, FL)

Top Choices: Florida, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, Miami

Prediction: Florida


25. Cesar Ruiz – OC (Bradenton, FL)

Top Choices: Michigan, Auburn, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina

Prediction: Michigan


26. Drew Singleton – LB (Paramus, NJ)

Top Choices: Michigan, Clemson, Alabama, Auburn, Boston College

Prediction: Michigan


27. Anthony McFarland Jr. – RB (Hyattsville, MD)

Top Choices: Miami, Maryland, Penn State, Alabama, Tennessee

Prediction: Miami


28. Xavier McKinney – S (Roswell, GA)

Top Choices: Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn

Prediction: Clemson


29. Bubba Bolden – S (Las Vegas, NV)

Top Choices: Ohio State, Arizona State, USC, Colorado, Oregon

Prediction: Ohio State


30. Todd Harris – S (Plaquemine, LA)

Top Choices: LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arizona State, Mississippi State

Prediction: LSU


31. Nate McBride – LB (Vidalia, GA)

Top Choices: Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Auburn, Stanford

Prediction: Georgia


32. Anthony Hines – LB (Plano, TX)

Top Choices: Texas A&M, Ohio State, UCLA, Florida, Penn State

Prediction: Texas A&M


33. Nico Collins – WR (Pinson, AL)

Top Choices: Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Florida State

Prediction: Michigan


34. Chuck Filiaga – OT (Aledo, TX)

Top Choices: Michigan, TCU, Oklahoma, Oregon, Alabama

Prediction: Oklahoma


35. Ambry Thomas – CB (Detroit, MI)

Top Choices: Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Florida, Pittsburgh

Prediction: Michigan


36. K’Lavon Chaisson – DE (Houston, TX)

Top Choices: Texas, Oklahoma, Houston, LSU, Arizona State

Prediction: Oklahoma


37. Chevin Calloway – CB (Dallas, TX)

Top Choices: Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska, Alabama, Arizona State

Prediction: Arkansas


38. Malik Herring – DE (Forsyth, GA)

Top Choices: Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Arkansas, Auburn

Prediction: Georgia


39. Jordan Anthony – LB (Bradenton, FL)

Top Choices: Michigan, Maryland, Penn State, Oklahoma, Clemson

Prediction: Michigan


40. Christopher Allen – LB (Baton Rouge, LA)

Top Choices: LSU, Alabama, Florida, Arizona State, Florida

Prediction: LSU


41. Willie Gay – LB (Starkville, MS)

Top Choices: Mississippi State, Michigan, Alabama, California, Florida

Prediction: Mississippi State


42. Isaiah Pola-Mao – S (Phoenix, AZ)

Top Choices: Washington, Arizona State, Michigan, Arizona, BYU

Prediction: Washington


43. Tarik Black – WR (Cheshire, CT)

Top Choices: Michigan, Alabama, Auburn, Stanford, UCLA

Prediction: Michigan


44. Jeremiah Holloman – WR (Covington, GA)

Top Choices: Georgia, Tennessee, Miami, Auburn, Notre Dame

Prediction: Georgia


45. Christopher Henderson – CB (Miami, FL)

Top Choices: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Miami, Tennessee

Prediction: Florida


46. Chaz Ah You – S (Provo, UT)

Top Choices: BYU, UCLA, California, Louisville, Oklahoma State

Prediction: BYU


47. Nathan Proctor – LB (Indian Head, MD)

Top Choices: Maryland, Penn State, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, California

Prediction: Penn State


48. Brad Stewart – CB (New Orleans, LA)

Top Choices: Florida, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama, Arizona

Prediction: Florida


49. Alex Perry – CB (Las Vegas, NV)

Top Choices: Arizona State, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma

Prediction: Arizona State


50. Josh Falo – TE (Sacramento, CA)

Top Choices: Colorado, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon

Prediction: Colorado


And there we have it for the top 50 uncommitted recruits. Here are the current top classes as far as committed guys are concerned. Obviously you will see these rankings move A LOT in the next few months….

(Rankings are courtesy of

1. Alabama (22 recruits, 5-five stars, 11-four stars, 5-three stars)

2. Ohio State (16 recruits, 5-five stars, 10-four stars, 1-three star)

3. Georgia (16 recruits, 1-five star, 12-four stars, 3-three stars)

4. Oklahoma (21 recruits, 0-five stars, 15-four stars, 6-three stars)

5. LSU (18 recruits, 1-five star, 10-four stars, 7-three stars)

6. Notre Dame (18 recruits, 0-five stars, 11-four stars, 7-three stars)

7. Clemson (14 recruits, 2-five stars, 9-four stars, 3-three stars)

8. Michigan (20 recruits, 0-five stars, 12-four stars, 8-three stars)

9. Texas A&M (24 recruits, 0-five stars, 8-four stars, 16-three stars)

10. Florida State (14 recruits, 1-five star, 7-four stars, 6-three stars)

11. Auburn (16 recruits, 1-five star, 8-four stars, 7-three stars)

12. Tennessee (26 recruits, 0-five stars, 6-four stars, 20-three stars)

13. USC (16 recruits, 1-five star, 4-four stars, 11-three stars)

14. Miami (20 recruits, 0-five stars, 5-four stars, 15-three stars)

15. Maryland (21 recruits, 1-five star, 5-four stars, 14-three stars)

16. South Carolina (21 recruits, 0-five stars, 5-four stars, 16-three stars)

17. Washington (15 recruits, 0-five stars, 9-four stars, 5-three stars)

18. Florida (15 recruits, 0-five stars, 8-four stars, 7-three stars)

19. Colorado (22 recruits, 0-five stars, 2-four stars, 17-three stars)

20. Arizona (26 recruits, 0-five stars, 3-four stars, 22-three stars)

21. North Carolina (16 recruits, 0-five stars, 3-four stars, 13-three stars)

22. Oregon (15 recruits, 0-five stars, 3-four stars, 12-three stars)

23. Mississippi State (19 recruits, 0-five stars, 2-four stars, 17-three stars)

24. Arkansas (20 recruits, 0-five stars, 2-four stars, 18-three stars)

25. Nebraska (15 recruits, 0-five stars, 3-four stars, 12-three stars) 


And there we have it! Like I mentioned earlier, we only have about two more months of recruiting left. With the college football regular season almost over, it’s time for coaches to hit the recruiting trail really hard in the next few weeks, so expect to see a lot of changes by the time Signing Day rolls around in February!