Week 10 of the college football season is in the books and it’s time to take a look back at all the action that went down.

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The College Football Round-Up


Week 10’s Most Impressive Teams


Alabama – It wasn’t pretty, but what counts is that Alabama went and got the job done. The LSU/Alabama game was my personal “Game of the Week” for numerous reasons. Both of these teams are loaded with NFL talent and are actually pretty even when you break it all down. Where Alabama really has the advantage is in the head coaching department, but who doesn’t Alabama have that advantage over? The Crimson Tide only needed 10 points to beat the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge, but the story here was once again the Alabama defense. The Tide secured their second shut-out of the season and held an opponent to six points or less for the fourth time this season! These guys are amazing and will be a big reason this team is once again dominating the College Football Playoff.

Mississippi State – Sitting at 3-5 on the season, the Bulldogs didn’t have a whole lot to play for this season. Dan Mullen has been an extremely inconsistent head coach during his tenure in Starkville and his seat was actually warming up pretty extensively. That may have all changed this weekend. The Bulldogs shocked the college football world when they upset a team that the College Football Playoff Committee just anointed one of the four best teams in the sport. While Mullens job is far from 100% safe going forward, this was likely a big enough win to get him off the hot seat for the time being, especially if the team can build on this win. The remaining schedule is extremely difficult though, so they won’t.

Arkansas – Arkansas is a hard team to figure out. One week they are beating Ole Miss. The next week they are getting blown out by Auburn. And then the very next game, they are blowing out a top 10 team in Florida. WHAT. THE. HELL.? That just goes to show you how close the SEC really is in terms of parity. I mean, yes it’s currently everyone else and Alabama….but that everyone else part is pretty crowded at the moment. I don’t know what to make of this Arkansas team. I really don’t. However, they are 6-3 on the season and have a winnable schedule from here on out. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that these guys finish 9-3 and second place in the SEC West.

Ohio State – People continuously bad-mouth the Ohio State Buckeyes. It seems like whenever there’s a rankings released or someone’s talking about the playoffs and they even mention the Buckeyes, people get pissed. There’s a group of people out there who swear the Buckeyes aren’t a very good football team. Those people don’t watch a lot of college football in my opinion. How do I know this? BECAUSE THE BUCKEYES ARE ONE OF THE BEST TEAMS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Does anyone have any idea of how young this team is? On a weekly basis, the Buckeyes are throwing out one of the youngest teams in college football and aren’t only winning games, but they are blowing good teams out. Case in point? Nebraska this week. Nebraska was a top 10 team coming into this week and Urban Meyer and his boys took them behind the woodshed and beat the crap out of them. Can we stop bad-mouthing Urban Meyer and Ohio State already? Outside of Nick Saban, Meyer is the best coach in college football. If you don’t agree with that, you’re just a hater.

Colorado – Raise your hand if you had Colorado as the best team in the PAC-12 South! If your hand is currently in the air….put it down, because you’re a big fat liar. However, tons of credit to Mike MacIntyre and company. The fourth-year head coach has the Buffaloes well-positioned to potentially play in their first ever PAC-12 Title game. Go ahead and say that out loud folks because it sounds exactly as strange as you think it does. The times they are a changing in the PAC-12.

Washington State – The Cougars are a pretty good team. The Arizona Wildcats are not. Still, I didn’t expect Wazzu to come out and blast Arizona like they did. A 69-7 victory is impressive no matter how you slice it. The PAC-12 may be down this year, but it’s not in the state of Washington. I wish the Apple Cup would hurry up and get here, because it’s obviously the biggest game in the conference for the first time in as long as I can remember.



Week 10’s Most Disappointing Teams


LSU – Interim head coach Ed Orgeron reportedly was going to be offered the full-time job at LSU if the Tigers were able to pull off the win against Alabama this weekend. So you know how Orgeron and his boys responded? By getting shut-out on offense and once again losing to the Crimson Tide for the fifth straight time. Not exactly a great showing for a team who found themselves in a “must win” game. LSU is a talented team on defense, but the offense is anemic and has been for sometime.

Texas A&M – Well, that didn’t last long, did it? This week we got the very first College Football Playoff rankings of the year and the college football world was “shocked” when the rankings were released and Texas A&M was ranked #4. How the hell was a team with a loss on the season ranked ahead of an undefeated team in a Power 5 conference? I don’t care about your strength of schedules, or your “eye tests”. If you win the games that are on your schedule, you are doing your job…especially when it comes to conference games (non-conference games are more debatable because teams actually have to schedule those). I thought it was a joke that Texas A&M was ranked ahead of Washington and look what happened. The Aggies came out and couldn’t handle the pressure and ended up getting upset by Mississippi State. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted though….right? Maybe next season.

Florida – The Gators were one of those teams that were ranked in the top 10 that no one really believed in. You see it every year in college football. There’s a team that finds ways to pull out games, but no one really has any confidence in them. That’s this year’s Florida Gators team. Going into this game with Arkansas, the Gators were 6-1 on the season and were already looking ahead to a potential meeting with Alabama in the SEC Title game. Even though Florida is still in a good position to get to the title game against Alabama, does anyone have any confidence in them being able to pull off the upset? Nope. Not if they are getting blown out by Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Nebraska – C’mon Nebraska. I knew you were fool’s gold, but I was kind of hoping you weren’t. I was kind of hoping that for once, maybe I would be wrong. But alas, I was right once again. Up to this point, Nebraska had been reaping the benefits of a relatively easy schedule (with apologies to Oregon and Wyoming). Things started to get a little more difficult last week when the Cornhuskers had to travel to Wisconsin and ended up dropping their first game of the season. Well, Nebraska fans were hoping that was just a little speed bump in the road and that the team would bounce back in a big way this week with a win over Ohio State. UMMMMMM NOPE! Nebraska didn’t only get beat by Ohio State, but they got DESTROYED by them. You know those playoff dreams you guys had earlier this season Nebraska fans? Ya, go ahead and bury those. They’re dead. See you later. Just another Mike Riley season in college football. A good little team that can never get over the hump.

Michigan State – Is Mark Dantonio going to get fired? Everyone likes to talk about how most college football programs have “down years” every now and then. But a team like Michigan State losing to Illinois isn’t exactly a “down year”. It’s downright embarrassing. These kind of things shouldn’t be happening to a program like Sparty.

UCLA – The Bruins suck and Jim Mora should be fired. UCLA is now 3-6 on the season. Mora is constantly making excuses that make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE and he’s shown time and time again that he’s a horrible coach. Great recruiter? For sure. Good coach? Not at all. Even though some people swear up and down that Mora’s job is safe, I think it would be a huge mistake if UCLA doesn’t at least consider letting him go. He’s done a horrible job at UCLA and the program is showing signs of regressing in his fifth year.

Baylor – It’s called “karma” Baylor fans. When you’re stupid enough to wear shirts that support a head coach who TURNED HIS HEAD to rape allegations, you get what you deserve. And in this case, you deserved an ass-beating and that’s what TCU just handed to you. Some things in life just work out. I’m sure all Baylor fans aren’t miserable asshats, but most Texans are. Texas is perhaps the most ass-backwards state in the United States and the Baylor fans who are supporting Art Briles are the perfect example of the lowest human beings on this Earth. Don’t get me wrong. Not all Baylor fans are horrible people. But most of them are.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Arizona – After a game like that, Rich Rodriguez has to be on the hot seat. The Wildcats are just pure garbage and are only two years removed from playing the Oregon Ducks in the PAC-12 title game. When a team regresses this badly, there’s only one excuse. The head coach isn’t doing his job.




Head Coach Stock Watch

Every year we have head coaches in college football that are having good seasons that kind of came out of nowhere. Here are the guys who are out-performing their expectations so far this season:

P.J. Fleck – Western Michigan: 9-0 (5-0 in MAC)

Craig Bohl – Wyoming: 7-2 (5-0 in Mountain West)

Neal Brown – Troy: 7-1 (4-0 in Sun Belt)

Kalani Sitake – BYU: 5-4

Bobby Petrino – Louisville: 8-1 (6-1 in ACC)

Mike MacIntyre – Colorado: 7-2 (5-1 in PAC-12)

Larry Fedora – North Carolina: 7-2 (5-1 in ACC)

Mike Leach – Washington State: 7-2 (6-0 in PAC-12)

Willie Taggart – South Florida: 7-2 (4-1 in AAC)

Tom Herman – Houston: 7-2 (4-2 in AAC)

Ed Orgeron – LSU: 3-1 (2-1 in SEC)


The Hot Seat

And of course, you can’t talk about head coaches who are out-performing their expectations without talking about head coaches who could potentially be fired this season. These are the guys that I personally think are on the hot seat and could be looking for work this off-season……

(NOTE: Two coaches who have appeared in this section of the column have been fired in consecutive weeks….)

Mark Dantonio – Michigan State: 2-7 (0-6 in BIG 10)

Jim Mora – UCLA: 3-6 (1-5 in PAC-12)

Bob Diaco – UConn: 3-7 (1-6 in AAC)

Rich Rodriguez – Arizona: 2-7 (0-6 in PAC-12)

David Beaty – Kansas: 1-8 (0-6 in BIG 12)

Mark Helfrich – Oregon: 3-6 (1-5 in PAC-12)

Brian Kelly – Notre Dame: 3-6

Doc Holliday – Marshall: 2-7 (1-4 in C-USA)


Heisman Trophy Watch List

The Heisman Trophy is the “bees knees” of the college football awards. The Heisman trophy usually goes to the most explosive/best player during the college football season and that players name will forever live in infamy, regardless of how his career turns out on the next level. These are the guys that I currently have in the lead to hoist the Heisman trophy at the end of the year:

  • Lamar Jackson (QB), Louisville
  • Jabrill Peppers (ATH), Michigan
  • Jake Browning (QB), Washington
  • DeShaun Watson (QB), Clemson
  • Dalvin Cook (RB), Florida State
  • J.T. Barrett (QB), Ohio State
  • Jalen Hurts (QB), Alabama


Previewing Week 11’s Biggest Games

Here are next week’s biggest games as well as my pick for who should win each one. Every week we have a big match-ups in college football. These are the ones you should get excited about next weekend…..


Baylor vs. Oklahoma

The BIG 12 likely isn’t going to have a team representing the conference in the College Football Playoff. Sorry BIG 12 fans. I don’t mean to break your hearts, but your conference is easily the worst in the Power Five. Baylor vs. Oklahoma doesn’t exactly get my sports pants tight personally, but it’s a big game as far as the BIG 12 title picture is concerned. Do you like offense? You’ll love this game. Cheer for Oklahoma though because Baylor is turning into that nasty school that no one likes unless they went there. YOU SUCK BAYLOR!

The Pick: Oklahoma

Wake Forest vs. Louisville

Really? Wake Forest vs. Louisville is one of the biggest games of the week in week 11? Well, not exactly….but it is for one reason and one reason only. The potential for an upset. Wake Forest is a sneaky good little team this season and if the Cardinals aren’t prepared for them, the upset is highly possible. Louisville only beat Wake Forest by one point last season and the Demon Deacons are one of the most experienced teams in the ACC. Watch out for this one next week if you love betting on upsets.

The Pick: Louisville

LSU vs. Arkansas

This game would mean more had LSU beat Alabama this past week, but it’s still a big game in the SEC West title picture (although it’s Alabama and everyone else right now….). Plus, it’s a huge one for Ed Orgeron as he continues to interview for the full-time head coaching job at LSU. A win over a good team like Arkansas would definitely go along way in him cementing his place as the front-runner for the job. Arkansas is coming off a huge win against Florida this past week and if they can follow that up with a victory over LSU, that would be huge for the Razorbacks.

The Pick: Arkansas

USC vs. Washington

Washington doesn’t have a whole lot of tests on their schedule due to the PAC-12 being down as a conference this year. USC didn’t have the best start to the season, but they have found their way and are on a five-game winning streak. USC has one of the worst head coaches in the conference in my opinion, but they have one of the deepest teams. If the Huskies think they are going to just roll the Trojans, they may be in for a rude awakening next weekend. A big blowout win over a team like USC would be huge for the Huskies though. Washington needs as many impressive wins on their resume as possible and they are going to be up for this challenge. Both teams have something to prove next weekend in what could end up being a potential preview of the PAC-12 championship game. Sign me up for this one.

The Pick: Washington

Minnesota vs. Nebraska

I won’t be watching this one personally, but both teams are 7-2 on the season and are looking to stay in the BIG 10 title race. Minnesota has been a surprisingly good team so far this year and the Cornhuskers are looking to bounce back after two straight losses. This game won’t get a lot of hype from a National perspective, but it could end up being one of the best games of the week next weekend.

The Pick: Nebraska

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