The Carolina Panthers finished the season last night with a 17-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They went 1-4 this year after making the the Super Bowl last season. Enjoy the final recap of the season.

The Dance

Greg Olsen: He was good.

The Sulk


The Walk Off

Everything: I thought last week was bad. Little did I know the Panthers were going to come up with an even worse performance. The Falcons are a good team. The Falcons were at home. The manner in how they lost was bad, but the fact that they lost wasn’t the end of the world. The Bucs are a terrible team. The Panthers were at home. This is the end of the world.

I don’t know what was worse on Monday night. The play of everyone not named Greg Olsen or the coaching. I guess it goes hand in hand. Derek Anderson was terrible. Two interceptions, with one coming on first and goal from the one in the fourth quarter. I’m not exactly sure why the Panthers were passing on first and goal from the one, but they were. And it Anderson tried to force it into double coverage and was intercepted. Anderson has to be smarter, but the play calling should have been better.

Then there was the whole “run it three times in the final two minutes of a tie game” play calling that followed. I jokingly called for Shula to be fired after the Panthers lost to the Vikings. Two weeks later, it’s no longer joke. Mike Shula has got to go. This team needs some kind of spark and if it takes the offensive coordinator getting fired, then so be it. Something needs to happen with this group because they are absolutely lifeless on the field.

The Bucs are a terrible football team. Jameis Winston makes bad decision and can’t throw downfield, their offensive line isn’t any good, they were on their third string running back, half their defense was injured, their defense when healthy is garbage and one of the worst in the league, and even their kicker sucks. And yet that team walked into Carolina and beat the defending NFC Champions.

I honestly don’t know what Carolina does well right now. This is the third straight week where they lost due to a different problem. Against the Vikings, the offense got shutout in the second half and the defense allowed Sam Bradford to pick the apart. The coaching made no halftime adjustments and they were out-played and out-coached in the second half. Against the Falcons, the offense didn’t come alive until garbage time and the defense gave up 500 yards passing, 300 of those yards to one guy. Against the Buccaneers, they turned it over four times and the defense couldn’t force a turnover or stop the run.

What do they do well?

They can’t run the ball, especially on short yardage. They can’t convert third downs. They can’t throw down field. They can’t hold on to the football. They take stupid penalties. They can’t stop the pass. They can’t stop the run. They bite on every play fake. They call stupid timeouts. They can’t kick field goals. They can’t pressure the passer with four guys. They can’t get home on the blitz with any consistency. They can’t even tackle well. They turn the ball over too much. They can’t create turnovers. They can’t protect the quarterback. They can’t throw short routes. They can’t kick field goals. They can’t field punts or kickoffs. They can’t prevent the other team from scoring on punt returns. They just took another dumb penalty. They can’t make halftime adjustments. They can’t draft anything other than a defensive tackle. And they just took another dumb penalty.

This team sucks.

Panic Level

100/10. The Panthers didn’t lose at home all last year. Now they’ve lost to the worst team in the division for the past five seasons. Oh, but it gets better, they go to New Orleans this week to play a Saints offense that is coming off a bye. I wouldn’t be shocked if Brees throws for 600 yards and five touchdowns. Thank God, Avalanche season starts on Saturday.