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Sunday, October 9

Houston at Minnesota (-6.5)

People are waking up on the Minnesota Vikings. They’re starting to realize just how good that defense is and how it can make up for an injury-ravaged offense that at least isn’t making any mistakes and does enough to win games. The Texans’ offense is going to find it tough to get anything done in the air or on the ground. I’m going to stick with the Vikings until they realize that all of their important players got hurt. They don’t seem to have gotten the message yet.

Tennessee at Miami (-3.5)


These teams stink out loud. I’ll take the Titans and the points because Miami has shown me nothing that makes me believe I can take them against anybody.

New England (-10.5) at Cleveland


He’s back. DeflateGate is over. Tom Brady will be in Cleveland to lead the Patriots to a display of domination the likes of which we haven’t seen since…well, the last time the Patriots were dominating fools during the regular season.

NY Jets at Pittsburgh (-7)

The Steelers are putting up points like crazy and the Jets are giving up points like crazy. Seems like a good combination for Pittsburgh & a bad one for the Jets, who frankly are looking worse by the week. Big Ben will throw at least four touchdown passes & Ryan Fitzpatrick might throw four interceptions.

Washington at Baltimore (-4)

I expect this to be a close matchup because I can’t figure out whether either of these two teams are for real or not. The winner should take a closer step to contender status. I think Washington is the smart bet here because it should be a field goal difference type of game.

Philadelphia (-3) at Detroit

The Lions appeared to have some potential early on, but have quickly fallen apart with losses to teams like the Bears & Titans. The Wentz Wagon should be able to drive through Detroit without too much difficulty & give the Eagles a solid victory.

Chicago at Indianapolis (-4.5)

Two wonderful Midwestern 1-3 teams here. The Bears got themselves into the win column last week against the Lions while the Colts traveled all the way to London to lose to the Jaguars. People are noticing that there’s really not much of a team in Indianapolis once you get past Andrew Luck. The defense is a dumpster fire, the wide receivers are passable at best, the offensive line is non-existent, and Frank Gore’s doing pretty good for a sixty-three year old running back. There isn’t much of a team in Chicago either, but the Bears have at least been more productive with Brian Hoyer at quarterback instead of Jay Cutler. I think they keep this game close.

Atlanta at Denver (-5.5)

The Falcons have been lighting everybody up so far in impressive fashion, but going to Denver and running over that defense is a whole other degree of difficulty. I get the feeling the Broncos will be able to shut down Atlanta’s offensive attack while taking advantage of their lack of a defense.

Buffalo at Los Angeles (-2.5)

The Rams are 3-1 & the Bills are coming off a win over New England.

Certainly nothing we expected. I like the Rams‘ string of success to continue, I assume it’s because the NFL really wants football to get over in Los Angeles, it can’t possibly be because Case Keenum is actually good.

San Diego at Oakland (-3.5)

I’m not expecting a lot of defense in this battle of teams that wanted to team up and move to Los Angeles but now can’t. The Raiders are so up & down and tough to predict, but I think their victory over Baltimore will help their self-esteem and result in them performing with more consistency going forward.

Cincinnati (-1) at Dallas

When I was eight years old and the Bengals were pretty sorry, I began a dalliance as a bandwagon Cowboys fan. It was pretty easy at the time because the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls with Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith & Michael Irvin and their merchandise looked so cool. The blue & silver was a pretty good look in elementary school. A couple of years later the Cowboys lost all of those guys and faded into mediocrity, so I went back to my hometown Bengals even though they were still pretty bad at the time. Eventually it worked out pretty well.

Now the Bengals go to JerryWorld for the first time to take on Dak Prescott & the Cowboys in yet another CBS featured game. That’s all they’re having this season, which is probably why CBS Sunday ratings are doing fine. The Cowboys don’t perform very well at their home stadium and have yet to face a defense on the Bengals’ level in my humble opinion. I didn’t like a lot of what I saw from the Bengals offense on Thursday night, and it’d be a bit easier if Tyler Eifert was actually coming back this week, but if the Bengals are going to contend for the playoffs this is the type of game they need to steal on the road.

NY Giants at Green Bay (-7.5)

This seems like a pretty big spread but I’m still going with the Packers. They tend to do well after a week of rest & relaxation, and the Giants are going through a good bit of turmoil right now thanks to Odell Beckham losing his smile & other people on the team throwing him under the bus. Sometimes you hear ex-Packers talk smack about Aaron Rodgers, but that’s not until they become ex-Packers. If I had to guess, this will be another Sunday night game that turns into a blowout and gets killed in the ratings, and everybody will wonder what’s wrong with the NFL when they should be wondering what’s wrong with America.

Monday, October 10

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-7)

Will Cam Newton play? That’s a big thing to keep in mind when contemplating this Monday night matchup. If he plays the Panthers should be fine (hopefully), but if it’s Derek Anderson…well, Anderson did play against the Bucs twice in 2014 & the Panthers won both games, albeit by less than seven points. Take the Buccaneers and the points, especially if you can get seven. I expect the line to go down by gametime.