Evolution is a big part of the NFL. If you don’t continue to evolve as an NFL franchise and change with the times, you will fall behind everyone else and be left scrambling and trying to figure out what went wrong. That’s where the Tennessee Titans are as an NFL franchise. The NFL’s rules have changed over the last couple of years and the league has actually made it a little easier to play the quarterback position. There’s a reason it’s called a “passing league” now and quarterbacks are continuously throwing for 20+ touchdowns and over 4,000 yards a season.

With the rule changes, it’s harder than ever to play defense in the NFL and it’s another reason we are seeing so many young quarterbacks come in and have success now. It’s also been proven time and time again that in order to win a Super Bowl title in today’s NFL…you need to throw the ball down the field consistently. So, with all these important factors coming into play, you would think an NFL team with an extremely talented young franchise QB would focus on their passing game, right?


It was reported this past off-season that new full-time Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Mularkey was going to implement his “exotic smashmouth” offensive scheme that featured the wide receivers being extremely physical in the blocking game and lots of running the ball. Yes. In a league that is now considered a “passing league”, the Titans were planning on running the ball A LOT. That reportedly included letting franchise QB Marcus Mariota take off on more run plays as well. I don’t know why, but that doesn’t sound like the best idea to me…..




Everyone knew the Titans made a mistake when they hired Mularkey as soon it was announced. It’s like the team didn’t even try to make a good hire and were content on settling with the less-than-mediocre Mularkey and it confused the hell out of everyone. A team with a young franchise QB who was coming off a good rookie season should attract some of the top candidates in the coaching search…but they settled on this guy:



  • A coach who had already failed at two previous jobs
  • A guy who’s overall coaching record is 18-39
  • A coach who’s never led a team to the playoffs
  • A coach who’s never finished better than 3rd place in his division


The two most important positions in the NFL are head coach and quarterback. If you are less-than-average at either one of those positions, your team is going to struggle. We’ve seen it time and time again. It’s more than evident (and Titans fans knows this) that Mularkey is not the man for the job in Tennessee. He’s not going to figure it out all of a sudden and have his fortunes change on a dime. As long as Mularkey is in town, Titans fans can go ahead and curb all expectations they have for this team. He’s never been successful in the NFL as a head coach, so why would that change all of a sudden? It won’t.

It may sound a little dramatic to do so right now, but the Titans need to get rid of Mularkey. Marcus Mariota is a talented quarterback and there’s a young hot offensive coordinator out there waiting to get his hands on him (JOSH MCDANIEL ANYONE?) and have some success in the NFL.

The Titans are not THAT bad of a team in my opinion. They have a lot of the pieces they need in order to succeed in today’s NFL already on the team. It’s just unfortunate that they are missing arguably the biggest piece of their Super Bowl puzzle.

C’mon Titans….