Kevin Durant couldn’t stay out of the chair this summer.

To go along with his giant Jesus and scripture back piece, Durant has added the face of 2Pac, the Wu-Tang Clan symbol, and the face of Rick James to his legs during this offseason. You can question Durant’s choices all you want, but my biggest question is, what’s next?

To figure out what Durant might want inked on his body next, I had to think like Durant. That wasn’t easy. This offseason proved that just when you think you have all the answers with Durant, he changes the questions.

He’s clearly on a musical kick that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. He got a giant Tupac tattoo despite listing Biggie as his favorite rapper. I guess he wanted to play it safe given his new residence. The Rick James tattoo makes a little less sense given that James’ peak came a few years before Durant was born. That’s not to say that Durant isn’t a fan of the R&B and Soul Icon, but Durant’s fondest memories of Rick James is probably re-enacting that Dave Chappelle sketch with his friends in high school.

With that bit of information in mind, we can rule out every possible tattoo that doesn’t have to do with music. Sorry, giant portrait of Vinny, E, Turtle, Johnny, and Ari; Entourage might be Durant’s favorite show, but your time will have to wait.

We can also rule out rappers and R&B and Soul artists. He’s covered those bases with his three recent additions. Furthermore, we can rule out new musicians. KD is obviously feeling nostalgic and going with influential artists, not artists who are still influencing.

That still leaves plenty of possibilities, so we must dig a little deeper.

Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State shows that he would rather join them than beat them. That tells me that Durant’s next tattoo could be a band or artist that is still around and were influential during their time, but as they got older, were forced to conform to the musical style that resonates with today’s listening audience, thus going away from their roots.

That narrows things down a little more. We’re now looking for a band or artist that releases music, but their impact isn’t what it was 10–20 years ago. A band like Metallica or Pearl Jam might be Durant’s next tattoo masterpiece.

Digging even deeper, we know that Durant is somewhat sentimental. Sure, he left Oklahoma City despite saying he’d never leave, but we can’t discredit the years he gave to the city. He helped build Oklahoma City, not just as a basketball town, but as a community. We also know that he’s very close to his mother and his inner circle. He can be a cold-blooded killer on the court, but he has a soft heart when the game is over.

This rules out artists who don’t resonate with Durant, meaning they don’t speak to him through their lyrics. This is where we can safely assume that Metallica and other heavy metal bands won’t be gracing the body of Durant. Based on his favorite rappers, Durant enjoys lyricism and storytelling, not loud noises and a lot of yelling. If he liked Future or Desiigner, then a Metallica tattoo would make sense.

We can make a very strong case for Pearl Jam. They helped popularize the grunge style in the 90’s before switching to a more rock style in the 2000’s and today. They’re also based in Seattle, where Durant spent one season with the Sonics. If Durant were to get “Ten Vs. Vitalogy” tattooed on his body, we shouldn’t blink an eye.

However, after compiling all the data on Durant and knowing what we know about him, there is only one artist that makes sense as Durant’s next tattoo: Garth Brooks.

Garth checks every box for Durant. He’s a country pop story-teller not unlike Drake, a rap-pop story-teller who just so happens to be Durant’s current favorite artist. Garth was the biggest act in country music throughout the 90’s but has slightly changed his style to more country rock to remain relevant today. I don’t even need to explain the whole “Durant went to Texas for a year” storyline to show why Durant would be sentimental towards him, do I? Going even deeper, Garth is from Oklahoma, so there’s double the sentiment for you. Garth Brooks checks every box for Durant as his next tattoo, and that’s without even touching on the whole Chris Gaines thing, Garth’s alter ego. If Durant came out and said that he has an alter ego and that’s the reason why he changes his mind so much and isn’t quite the person we perceived him to be over the years, would anyone be surprised?

Look for Durant to debut his “Friends in Low Places” tattoo in the coming months.