When Mick Foley was announced as the General Manager of Raw, it was a surprise to many. Most expected Commissioner Stephanie McMahon to pick her husband Triple H to be her co-chair on the flagship brand. Instead, Stephanie swerved us and chose a man who she loathed 16 years ago as she tried to rid him from wrestling. Foley wasn’t necessary a bad pick as his passion cannot be questioned and, despite the chair shots and bumps, is a knowledgeable man.

In just over a month as the Raw General Manager, Foley has disappointed.

In honor of Chris Jericho and The List of Jericho, allow me to give you 50 reasons as to why Mick Foley has been a poor General Manager. We’ll call it, The List of Jerecho.

  1. Tipped picks at the draft, allowing Smackdown to get Becky Lynch
  2. Lacks intestinal fortitude to stick up for himself as Stephanie berates him
  3. Booked a best-of-seven series between Cesaro and Sheamus even though Cesaro was already up 2-0
  4. Forced Cesaro and Sheamus to team together instead of giving us a definitive conclusion to the series.
  5. Could you imagine if The Warriors and Thunder were tied at the end of Game 7 and David Stern was like, “Instead of playing overtime, you two are going to combine teams next season.”
  6. I guess that sort of happened anyway
  7. Fuck Kevin Durant
  8. Armbar
  9. Gave Seth Rollins a title shot at Clash of Champions even though Roman Reigns also got screwed in the Fatal Four Way match
  10. Gave Roman Reigns a chance to get into the title match at Clash of Champions, but did nothing about Rusev’s interference
  11. Gave Roman Reigns a rematch in a cage, but made it non-title
  12. What I’m saying is Roman Reigns kinda got screwed
  13. Told Seth Rollins not to get involved in the match between Owens and Reigns
  14. Rollins got involved
  15. There was no punishment for Rollins
  16. I guess he had to face Rusev, but that doesn’t really seem like much of a punishment because even Rusev was upset at having to wrestle
  17. Should have had him face Kane
  18. Remember when anytime someone was going to get punished, they always had to face Kane?
  19. The Demon Kane
  20. Knows Stephanie has talked to Triple H in the month since Kevin Owens won the title and is no closer to finding out if she knew about the interference
  21. Is trying to drive a wedge between Chris Jericho and his best friend Kevin Owens
  22. Flubbed his lines when introducing the Cruiserweights
  23. Needed notecards to introduce the Cruiserweights
  24. Left Enzo and Cass off Clash of Champions even though they are the most popular team on the show
  25. Booked a bunch of rematches following Clash of Champions
  26. That shows a lack of creativity
  27. Seriously, The Club and Brian Kendrick lost, why do they get rematches?
  28. Used the word “arse” even though he’s not European
  29. Didn’t sign Bayley sooner
  30. Didn’t give Bayley a one-on-one rematch after she pinned the champion
  31. Doesn’t feature his daughter Noelle on TV
  32. Armbar
  33. Terrible fashion sense
  34. Allowed Reigns to interrupt the wedding of Rusev and Lana and rewarded him for such behavior
  35. Booked Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens a month after they had a match that was supposed to end their rivalry and keep them away from each other
  36. Why were they even drafted to the same show?
  37. Let Jack Swagger walk as a free agent and got nothing in return
  38. Did not make an offer to The Miz while he was unhappy on Smackdown and trying to re-negotiate his contract
  39. Makes bad jokes
  40. Probably thought the Old Day segment was funny
  41. I have no proof of #40 but the record shows that I’m right
  42. Daniel Bryan was right about his creepy obsession with women
  43. Called out Daniel Bryan for stealing James Ellsworth
  44. Didn’t actually do anything about it
  45. Failed to sign Heath Slater
  46. Armbar
  47. Punishes Dana Brooke for no reason
  48. Allows Charlotte to slap around Dana
  49. Maybe he sees Charlotte and Dana as he sees Stephanie and himself and he’s taking out his anger on Dana but really he’s just angry at himself?
  50. That’s 50