Week four of College Football Saturday is in the books and now it’s time to go back and take a look at all the action from the top 25 teams in college football using wacky and stupid gifs for the games that really don’t matter. A good time is had by all (except the teams that lose of course)…..




(1) Alabama: 48          Kent State: 0

Current mood in Alabama:


(2) Louisville: 59          Marshall: 28


(4) Houston: 64          Texas State: 3

Is it too early to start the “Tom Herman to Oregon” rumors? I know Houston has extended his contract and gave the guy a raise….but they don’t have Nike money. You hear me Phil Knight? Open the Nike vault, let Tom Herman walk in and ask him what it would take to get him to be the head coach of your program. Don’t take “no” for an answer.


(5) Michigan: 49          Penn State: 10

The Michigan Wolverines brought Jim Harbaugh on board as coach two years ago.

The Penn State Nittany Lions brought James Franklin on board as coach three years ago.

One of the hires is working out REALLY well.

The other hire…..not so much.

I don’t need to tell you which is which.

(6) Clemson: 26          Georgia Tech: 7

This game was actually a sneaky test for Clemson. Even though expectations weren’t very high for Georgia Tech this season, they’ve been off to a quiet good year so far. Heading into this game they were 3-0 with wins over Boston College and Vanderbilt. Unfortunately for the Yellow Jackets, Clemson is a little more talented than either one of those teams and they mauled GT from the opening bell. This was a good warm-up game for Clemson though because now Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals are coming into town for one of the biggest games of the season. Can we just go ahead and fast forward to next Saturday yet? The hype for that game is going to be unreal…..


(7) Stanford: 22          UCLA: 13

Stanford is the cream of the crop in the PAC-12 for a reason. They are the best “built” football team. They are the best coached football team. And once again, they dominate another California team that a lot of people considered to be a top team in the conference. I swear it doesn’t matter how good UCLA is or what kind of expectations are placed upon the program, Jim Mora just can’t beat these guys. Since getting hired in 2012, Mora is 0-6 against the Cardinal and honestly, I would be shocked if he ever figures out exactly how to beat these guys. It’s sad really. UCLA on paper is an extremely talented team. They have arguably the best NFL QB prospect on their roster (Josh Rosen), yet they just can’t win the big games when it counts. I’m not sure exactly how hot Mora’s seat is. I’m sure when the Bruins hired him, they were expecting some PAC-12 titles by now and it just hasn’t happened. Watch this one closely as it could get interesting down the road…..

(8) Michigan State: 6          (15) Wisconsin: 30

And thanks for coming Michigan State! So, who saw this one coming? After a good start with a nice win over Notre Dame last week, the Spartans came out and shit all over themselves in a home game against a Wisconsin team that is on fire right now. The Badgers didn’t just beat the Spartans here, they destroyed them and no one is more shocked than myself. I personally had Wisconsin as a 6-6 team myself, but it’s looking like that could turn out to be the worst prediction I’ve made this year. Don’t look now, but Wisconsin looks like a playoff team. They have a rough four game stretch coming up (@Michigan, Ohio State, @Iowa, & Nebraska) and depending on how they pick themselves up from that, they could end up surprising A LOT of us. Gary Andersen who?


(9) Washington: 35          Arizona: 28

Can we stop the “hype train” on the Huskies now? I’m sick and tired of hearing about how Washington has a potential “all-time” great team this year. I’m sorry, but an all-time great team doesn’t struggle with an Arizona team that struggled with GRAMBLING STATE! I don’t care how bad this season goes for Oregon….just beat Washington.


(10) Texas A&M: 45          (16) Arkansas: 24

Did anyone see this coming with Texas A&M? After the horrendous off-season that Kevin Sumlin and company endured, did anyone really expect A&M to get off to this kind of a start? After a surprising win over UCLA in week one, the Aggies have now beat Auburn and Arkansas in back-to-back weeks and not only that, but they crushed the Razorbacks. Arkansas got the game off to a decent start, but A&M turned it up in the fourth quarter and never looked back. I still think Arkansas is a good little team, they were just over-matched here and out-coached. It happens sometimes. There’s a reason I’ve been praising Kevin Sumlin as one of the top coaches in college football. He’s really good at his job and it shows on a weekly basis.


(11) Nebraska: 24          Northwestern: 13

Anyone else think Mike Riley is more than happy he left Oregon State? Anyone else think Gary Andersen wishes he never left Wisconsin? Hmmmm……


(13) Tennessee: 38          (14) Florida: 28

This was easily the “Game of the Week” in college football and it more than lived up to it’s hype. It looked like Florida was once again going to beat the Volunteers (wash, rinse, repeat), but in the mighty words of Lee Corso…”NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND”! This is not your brother’s Tennessee team. Oh no. This is a different team. These guys are resilient and battle back. They don’t fold up and take their ball home when things aren’t going their way. Even though a lot of people were ready to start throwing dirt on Tennessee’s playoff chances in the middle of this game, the Volunteers fought back in the second half and ended up crushing Florida in the fourth quarter to get their first win over the Gators in YEARS! To say this was a big win for Tennessee would be an understatement. It was a massive win. The Volunteers now have to be considered the favorites to win the SEC East and will likely end up facing Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Of course, I’m getting a little ahead of myself because the schedule doesn’t get any easier over the next few weeks. Tennessee now has to face Georgia (in Athens), Texas A&M (in College Station), and Alabama. Depending on how the Volunteers come out of that tough slate will really give us a feel on if these guys are a legit playoff team. Right now, I would slap anyone who says otherwise.

(17) Florida State: 55          South Florida: 35


(18) Baylor: 35          Oklahoma State: 24


(19) LSU: 13          Auburn: 18

And LSU fans get those “FIRE LES MILES” websites going in 4….3…..2…..1……


(20) Utah: 31          USC: 27

Speaking of coaches that need to be fired. Every week that Clay Helton manages to survive at USC, is another week that has me in shock. I bashed the hiring from the minute it happened and much to no one’s surprise, it already looks like an awful decision. Helton is rumored to have lost the locker room. There are plenty of players that are considering tranfers and there were even rumors that a freshman PUNCHED Helton in practice this week. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. The USC job is one of the best jobs in football and their inability to find a successor to Pete Carroll absolutely puzzles me. Look at a team like Utah for example. Utah isn’t a top job in college football, yet Kyle Whittingham is quietly one of the best coaches in the sport. How about offering that guy $6-7 million to coach your team instead of watching scrubs like Clay Helton come through and continue to disappoint the world? It’s not that hard to figure out USC.

(21) Boise State: 38          Oregon State: 24


(24) Ole Miss: 45          Georgia: 14


And that’s it for today. See you next week for week five of COLLEGE FOOTBALL ACTION!!!!!