Week three of College Football Saturday is in the books and now it’s time to go back and take a look at all the action from the top 25 teams in college football using wacky and stupid gifs for the games that really don’t matter. A good time is had by all (except the teams that lose of course)…..




(1) Alabama: 48          (22) Ole Miss: 43

Man, what a game. Whenever the Crimson Tide and the Rebels meet up on the college football field, it seems like we get a barn-burner and that’s exactly what we got this weekend. Nick Saban and company finally managed to get that Ole Miss monkey off of their backs (Ole Miss had won the previous two meetings) as once again Alabama looked like world-beaters. A lot of people in the college football world might be pushing the panic button on Alabama’s defense after giving up 43 points to Ole Miss, but it’s nothing to bat an eye at if you ask me. Alabama gave up 43 points last year to the Rebels and they went on to win the National Championship. Hugh Freeze and his boys don’t have a problem putting points up on Alabama. It’s everyone else who struggles with it.

(2) Florida State: 20          (10) Louisville: 63


I don’t even have words for what Louisville just did to Florida State, but “murderous mauling” comes to mind for some reason. So, who saw this one coming? If you say you did, you’re a big fat liar. The Seminoles should be ashamed in their performance. How does an offense that basically returned their entire squad only manage to muster up 20 points against a Louisville team that they’ve blown up since the Cardinals arrived in the ACC? From a pure talent perspective, Florida State is a better team than Louisville, but something happened yesterday.

That something was Lamar Jackson. Every now and then, there’s a player on a team who is so transcendent, that it becomes a magical season for that team. We’ve seen it time and time again. Johnny Manziel/Texas A&M. Marcus Mariota/Oregon. RG III/Baylor. Cam Newton/Auburn. This is another one of those cases. Lamar Jackson is an extremely special player and this was no fluke win. The Cardinals are a dangerous team and definitely one we need to keep an eye on as the playoffs creep up. Lamar Jackson for Heisman? Right now, he’s the front-runner.

(3) Michigan: 45          Colorado: 28

This game was a little closer than Michigan fans wanted it to be (Colorado got off to a 21-7 start and Jim Harbaugh was probably filling up on boogers), but once the Wolverines figured it out….they righted the ship and put the knife in the Buffaloes neck and twisted it. We all know how good Michigan is under Jim Harbaugh, so there’s no reason to come out and beat that drum. Let’s give some credit to Colorado here though. The Buffaloes have been a joke in the college football world for over ten years now. They haven’t made a bowl game since 2007 and ever since joining the PAC-12, they’ve been a dumpster fire. However, the times look to be changing in Colorado as these guys look like the real deal. Even though they couldn’t finish the job against Michigan, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Colorado finish with a 6-7 win season and make a bowl game. Here’s a memo to the rest of the PAC-12. Colorado is no longer a lay-up. I hope you’re ready.

(4) Ohio State: 45          (23) Oklahoma: 24

Poor Oklahoma. They just can’t catch a break this season. First, the NCAA does them no favors in giving them a tough non-conference match-up in Houston to kick off the season. And just two weeks later, the Sooners get to have their teeth kicked in by Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes. What did Bob Stoops do to deserve this? Who’s Cheerios did he piss in? I have no idea, but one thing is for sure….Oklahoma is done as far as being a playoff contender is concerned. Don’t look now BIG 12, but you guys probably just lost your best chance at getting a team into the College Football Playoff at the end of the year. As for Ohio State? The knock on them heading into this game was that the experts thought the Buckeyes were too “young and inexperienced” for a game this big against a team like Oklahoma. C’mon now. To me, Ohio State is a lot like Alabama. It doesn’t matter how “experienced” the group is in the long run. There’s so much talent on that football team, that you can throw experience out the window. Urban Meyer is one of the best coaches in the college football game and don’t look now, but he’s got the Buckeyes primed and positioned for a return to the College Football Playoff. It’s his world, we are all just living in it.

(5) Houston: 40          Cincinnati: 16

Oh. You thought Houston was going to struggle with Cincinnati this week just because of what’s happened in the past between these two teams?


Houston = for real.

Cincinnati = good little team.


(6) Clemson: 59          South Carolina State: 0


(7) Stanford: 27          USC: 10

This result shouldn’t surprise anyone. For anyone who’s been paying attention to the PAC-12, Stanford has owned USC in their recent match-ups. They beat them twice last season, including a victory over the Trojans in the PAC-12 Championship game. Stanford just has the edge over USC in almost every aspect of the game, except for recruiting. It’s a shame to because on paper, USC is an extremely talented team that should be contending for a National Title. Unfortunately, this is what you get when you hire a guy like Clay Helton to lead the team. I’m pretty sure everyone (including USC fans) was disappointed when the Trojans hired Helton this past off-season and this is a big reason why. USC is loaded from top-to-bottom with NFL players and yet they aren’t competitive in big games against teams like Stanford. This is already an issue under the Helton regime and USC had better fix the problem before it gets completely out of hand again. One of the most confusing things in all of sports to me is….how come USC can’t find a competent head coach?  This is one of the best jobs in all of football, yet no one wants to touch it. Why?

(8) Michigan State: 36          Notre Dame: 28

Notre Dame put up a hell of a fight to try and get back into this game, but unfortunately they let Michigan State get out to a massive lead and they just couldn’t cut their way out of the brush in time to save their asses. This was a hell of a performance by Michigan State in a “must-win” game for them to keep their playoff hopes alive. As for Notre Dame? They are done. Stick a fork in them. The only reason to watch them the rest of the season is to see DeShon Kizer play. For all you people who are on the “DeShaun Watson is the greatest pro QB prospect playing in college football right now” bandwagon, you should watch DeShon Kizer play. He might be the most NFL ready QB in college football right now and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him overtake Watson as the #1 QB prospect as we inch closer and closer to the NFL Draft (but we are getting WAAAAAAAAY ahead of ourselves here….).

(9) Washington: 41          Portland State: 3

I can’t wait for the Huskies to play someone worth a damn. Nice opening schedule Washington. Was St. Mary’s School for the Underprivileged busy this week or something so you choose Portland State as an alternative?


(11) Texas: 43          California: 50

Well, the Texas hype train was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? After two impressive weeks including a big win over Notre Dame, the Longhorns and Charlie Strong looked like they were back to being relevant in the world of College Football. Not so fast my friend! This was an ugly loss for Texas. You may not know this unless you’re a fan of the PAC-12, but Cal isn’t a very good team this season. I personally had them pegged as an 5-7 team and after losing to San Diego State last week, I wasn’t even sure they would get to five wins. And then they come out and beat a Texas team that I had on the brink of the top 10. Oops. You live and you learn. Perhaps we were all a little too excited to proclaim Texas as being “BACK” and jumped the gun a little? Texas was perhaps the BIG-12’s best chance to get a team into the College Football Playoff and that dream may have been buried after yesterday’s horrific loss to Cal.

(12) Tennessee: 28          Ohio: 19

And here’s a live look at Tennessee Volunteers fans this season…..


(13) Wisconsin: 23          Georgia State: 17

And here’s a live look at Wisconsin Badgers fans following a close one score game against a Sun Belt team that isn’t very good…..


(14) Texas A&M: 29          Auburn: 16

Auburn continues to disappoint under Gus Malzahn. I know some people may not think this, but his seat has to be at least luke warm at the moment. Ever since he took over the reigns for Auburn back in 2013, the team has continued to nose dive as far as it’s success on the field is concerned. Just a year after playing for the National Championship, Auburn finished 8-5 in 2014 and 7-6 in 2015. Here we are just three weeks into the new football season and the Tigers are all but done already. They have a record of 1-2. It would likely take a miracle for them to be put back into playoff contention and the remaining schedule is BRUTAL. Don’t look now, but Auburn may once again be looking for a head coach once the season is over. As for Texas A&M. Their luck couldn’t be any different. After a horrible off-season, the Aggies are quietly one of the surprise teams of the season so far. They have a very winnable schedule the rest of the way (toughest game is @Alabama) and have one of the best head coaches in the sport. Texas A&M may surprise some folks this year. Don’t ever doubt the greatness of Kevin Sumlin.

(15) Oregon: 32          Nebraska: 35

What happens when you get too cute in football games sometimes? You lose. That’s what happened to the Oregon Ducks yesterday. Rather than go the conventional way and kick extra points like everyone and their mothers do. Oregon decided to get cute and go for two-points after scoring touchdowns, missed the extra points, and are now staring at an “L” in the win/loss column. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be cute and Mark Helfrich and company found that out yesterday. Had they just kicked the extra point after scoring touchdowns, they would have won the game by one point. Instead, they lost the game and the rabid Oregon fan base is once again calling for the head of Helfrich, a guy who I personally don’t think is the guy to lead this team. While I think Helfrich is a good football coach, I think he’s in way over his head with the Oregon job. Both the product on-the-field and the recruiting have both taken a hit under the Helfrich regime and the Ducks may need to fix this problem before it gets really out-of-hand. I’m not quite on the “FIRE HELFRICH” bandwagon just yet, but I’m close and he needs to do something to save this season. As for Nebraska, this was a massive win for Mike Riley and his boys. Kudos to them for getting it done in what is likely the loudest stadium I’ve ever heard on television.

(16) Iowa: 21          North Dakota State: 23

Iowa = still overrated.

North Dakota State = still underrated.

Seriously though. Why is no big-time conference on the FBS level (looking at you BIG 12) trying to score North Dakota State away? These guys are a real college football team and are constantly coming out and beating up on FBS teams. Let’s throw these guys a bone and get them into the big boy leagues. They are obviously the best thing going right now in North Dakota…but that’s not saying a whole lot.

(17) Georgia: 28          Missouri: 27

Remember what I said last week?

“Look out next weekend gamblers. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Georgia get upset by the Missouri Tigers and that could be your chance to make some serious dough”

While I didn’t exactly predict the upset, if you bet some money on the Missouri Tigers….you likely won some cash. The Georgia Bulldogs are just one of those teams that we don’t know what we are getting from week-to-week and that scares the ever-loving shit out of me when it comes to picking football games.

(18) Miami: 45          Appalachian State: 10


(19) Florida: 32          North Texas: 0


(20) Arkansas: 42          Texas State: 3

And the current mood in Arkansas is….


(21) Baylor: 38          Rice: 10


(24) LSU: 23          Mississippi State: 20

The SEC West. Where the games are always close and are usually some of the most exciting football games of the weekend. LSU/Mississippi State was no different. While LSU did manage to take care of business here, I’m still worried about the Tigers going forward. The Bulldogs aren’t a very good football and the fact that were able to trade blow-for-blow with LSU would have me worried as a Tigers fan. Maybe the NFL experts are right and Leonard Fournette should call it a season? LSU isn’t going to go anywhere this year and if something happens to him on the field, he could end up costing himself a future. Look at what happened to a guy like former South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore. He was one of the best running backs in the game until he suffered an injury and was never the same. These guys have to be smart with their bodies, not brave. NFL careers are short and even though a lot of people hate the idea of a guy sitting to insure he’s healthy for the draft, it’s not about what they want….it’s about what’s best for the player.

And that puts a bow on week three of college football! Don’t look now people, but we are getting closer and closer to the College Football Playoff as some teams have taken the lead (Alabama, Louisville, Ohio State, & Houston) while others are right there on their heels (Michigan, Clemson, Stanford, & Michigan State). See you next week for week four of the COLLEGE FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD!