Still? Fine.

The premise for these previews is simple. I did no research outside of what I typically read on Twitter and wrote down my thoughts. Then I did a little bit of research (meaning I read Dustin James’ previews) just so I don’t look like a complete idiot, and you feel like you got something of value out of reading this.

AFC West

Denver Broncos

Presearch: Peyton Manning retired so they’ll be better at quarterback. Wait. Didn’t they sign Mark Sanchez and draft some guy? Yeah. They’ll still be better. Their defense is going to be good, although they lost a bunch of guys so it probably won’t be as good as last year. They still have some good receivers. This might finally be the year that the Broncos finally lose the division.

Research: It turns out, they released Mark Sanchez and the guy they drafted is backing up some guy named Trevor Siemian. I’m still deathly afraid of their defense, especially Von Miller. I’m not looking forward to Thursday.

Kansas City Chiefs

Presearch: All I know is they couldn’t sign Eric Berry, the dude who beat cancer, longterm. What the fuck, Kansas City. Give this guy all the money. Dude beat cancer. Dustin James seems really high on the Chiefs, but Dustin James is high on a lot of things. Alex Smith is still their quarterback and aren’t they pushing Jamaal Charles out the door?

Research: They’ll be good, but they’ll lose games that they probably shouldn’t because they have Andy Reid. Going to be a tight race between them and the Raiders for the division.

San Diego Chargers

Presearch: They can’t sign their first round pick. Phillip Rivers is going to throw for a lot of yards and a lot of interceptions. I know Keenan Allen and Antonio Gates and that’s about it. Are they still searching for a good running back?

Research: They eventually signed their first round pick, and I think Joey Bosa is going to be really good. I don’t have much confidence in Mike McCoy as the head coach, but the offense could be really good with Rivers, Allen, Gates, and Travis Benjamin. Maybe Melvin Gordon makes the leap. Their defense looks like trash, but remember Mante Te’o?

Oakland Raiders

Presearch: Offense will be good. Might be a Top 8 Offense. Huge fan of Derek Carr and Amari Cooper. Defense might be pretty good as well with Khalil Mack, Bruce Irvin, and Aldon Smith if Smith manages to stay out of trouble. I wouldn’t bet on Aldon Smith staying out of trouble. I’m high on the Raiders. I don’t know why. Fuck it. They win the division.

Research: Shit, Jack Del Rio is their head coach. He’s not good. Whatever, Raiders are shocking the world. Except not much of the world because I feel like everyone is going to pick them to do well this season. That means they’ll suck.

Division Winner: Oakland Raiders