You should know this by now. But just in case: The premise for these previews is simple. I did no research outside of what I typically read on Twitter and wrote down my thoughts. Then I did a little bit of research (meaning I read Dustin James’ previews) just so I don’t look like a complete idiot, and you feel like you got something of value out of reading this.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Presearch: Julio Jones is the best receiver in the league. Matt Ryan still needs to improve. I think their defense will be better in Dan Quinn’s second year. Biggest threat to the Panthers in the division.

Research: Their defense might be better, but it won’t be great unless Quinn is a magician. I wouldn’t rule that out. Forgot about Devonte Freeman, who is really good. It looks like they have no good receiver behind Julio, but if real life is anything like Madden, Ryan can just throw the deep ball to Julio on every play, get him to hold triangle, and watch him make catch after catch over double coverage.

Carolina Panthers

Presearch: This is my team, so I know all about them. Can’t wait to see Kelvin Benjamin’s return. Devin Funchess will be better in his sophomore season. Cam will piss a bunch of people off. Loss of Josh Norman will sting but I think the new corners will be alright, and I trust the scheme and front seven.

Research: Their division to lose. As long as Cam and Luke Kuechley are healthy, I can’t see them losing it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Presearch: For some reason, they fired Lovie Smith. Not good to rotate coaches every year with a rookie quarterback. Jameis Winston might turn out to be good, but I don’t think he’ll make the big leap this year. Mike Evans is still great, Vincent Jackson is good, and I can’t stand Doug Martin. People keep telling me that the Bucs are gonna be good and that everyone should keep an eye on them, but it feels like they’re still a year away.

Research: They replaced Lovie with a guy named Dirk. There’s only one successful Dirk in the history of mankind (Diggler doesn’t count as he is fictional) so I don’t like this guys chances. Their offensive line is garbage, and their defense is pretty bad. I still like their playmakers, and if Winston can take the right step, maybe they’re a respectable team.

New Orleans Saints

Presearch: Their defense automatically improves since they got rid of Rob Ryan. They also signed Road Warrior Animal’s son and he automatically improves their defense cause he’s Road Warrior Animal’s son. Drew Brees will throw for a lot of yards and probably a lot of interceptions as well. Mark Ingram could be poised for a big season.

Research: Coby Fleener kills me in Madden, so I’m picking him to win the MVP award. Cameron Jordan and Nick Fairley give their defense some respectability, but they’re pretty bad outside of those two. They’ll score a lot and give up a lot, which is pretty much how the Saints have rolled for a few years now.

Division Winner – Carolina Panthers