Week one of College Football Saturday is in the books and now it’s time to go back and take a look at all the action from the top 25 teams in college football using wacky and stupid gifs for the games that really don’t matter. A good time is had by all (except the teams that lose of course)…..



(1) Alabama: 56          USC: 6

I’m not going to lie. I thought this would be a good football game. Both teams have a ton of history and if anyone can match Alabama with NFL talent, it’s the USC Trojans. Unfortunately for USC, coaching matters and Alabama has the best one in the college game while USC’s is absolutely awful. The Crimson Tide took the Trojans behind the woodshed and made them their daddy. Alabama looks scary once again everyone. This might be the best team Nick Saban has ever had. Think about that one.

(2) Clemson: 19          Auburn: 13

This game was much closer than I expected it to be. I didn’t think Auburn was that great this year, but they definitely surprised me here. Clemson survives by the skin of their teeth in a game that started out extremely slow, but really got going in the second half. Clemson wide receiver Mike Williams looked like an unstoppable beast and if he can keep that up, it’s going to be a long year for defenses in the ACC.

(3) Oklahoma: 23          (13) Houston: 33

It sure didn’t take long for Oklahoma to come out and do what they do every year, blow it. Gotta give credit to Tom Herman and the Houston Cougars though. I was probably the one guy in the world who thought the hype train surrounding the Houston program was a little inflated. I had them going 9-3 this season and finishing 3rd or 4th in the AAC. That’s obviously not going to happen. They look like a legit playoff team right now and if they finish the season undefeated, they should get a playoff spot. I can’t wait to hear THAT debate all-year long.

(5) LSU: 14          Wisconsin: 16

Well that sure didn’t take long. Every year LSU looks like a legit contender for the National Title and every year something happens to destroy that dream. The last few years it’s involved the quarterback position and that’s happened once again. For all the talent that LSU accumulates, why they can’t find a decent quarterback to run a competent offense is beyond me. The Tigers and their Heisman favorite Leonard Fournette were disappointing in a game they should have won. Wisconsin is not a horrible team by any means, but they aren’t exactly a world-beater either. Just a disappointing start for LSU. Les Miles’ seat is already warm and there’s a good chance this changed the temperature of that to NUCLEAR.

(6) Ohio State: 77          Bowling Green: 10


(7) Michigan: 63          Hawaii: 3


(8) Stanford: 26          Kansas State: 13

Everyone say it with me now…..”Heisman! Heisman! Heisman! Heisman!”


(9) Tennessee: 20          Appalachian State: 13

This is easily the most talented Tennessee team in years. This was supposed to be the year the Volunteers jump back up into the SEC’s elite teams. After years of flirting with it, the Vols were for real this year as they just had way too much talent to not be in the mix. All those statements almost came crashing down with a loss to App State. Even though Tennessee survived this game by the skin of their teeth, their stock takes a tremendous hit. An SEC team that is loaded with NFL talent shouldn’t get pushed by a Sun Belt team that probably only has a player or two who will be good enough to play on Sundays. App State is a tremendously well-coached team though and something tells me that even with a loss, Scott Satterfield’s name is on the radar of every big time program looking for a potential head coach next season. That includes LSU.

(12) Michigan State: 28          Furman: 13


(13) TCU: 59          South Dakota State: 41


(14) Washington: 48          Rutgers: 13


(16) UCLA Bruins: 24          Texas A&M: 31

It happens every year. Every year we all fall in love with the UCLA Bruins and every year they disappoint us. The good news is, it happened early in the season this year so there won’t be a whole lot of “Is UCLA actually good” arguments as we get the season going. We already know the answer. As for the Aggies, this was a huge win for Kevin Sumlin and company. It was a long off-season for A&M and they really needed a big win to come out and set the stage for the upcoming season and that’s exactly what they got. Don’t look now, but Texas A&M could be a legit contender in the SEC.

(17) Iowa: 45          Miami, OH: 21


(18) Georgia: 33          (22) North Carolina: 24

This was a huge win for Kirby Smart in his head coaching debut. After years of sitting behind the “Mad Genius” in Tuscaloosa, Smart finally gets the chance to show the world what he’s got and this was a huge debut for him. North Carolina was a good team last season with one of the best offenses in college football. This was a pretty big test for Smart and the Georgia defense and even though the Tar Heels put up a nice fight, the Bulldogs ended up getting the win in the end thanks to Nick Chubb. Chubb had a huge day for the Bulldogs and may have pushed his name to the front of the line of the Heisman race.

(19) Louisville: 70          Charlotte: 14


(21) Oklahoma State: 61          Southeastern Louisiana State: 7


(23) Baylor: 55          Northwestern State: 7


(24) Oregon: 53          UC Davis: 28


(25) Florida: 24          UMass: 7


And that’s it for week one! Make sure to check back Tuesday morning for the UPDATED TOP 25 COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAMS as well as an updated list on the Heisman race!