Halfway there. Once again:

The premise for these previews is simple. I did no research outside of what I typically read on Twitter and wrote down my thoughts. Then I did a little bit of research (meaning I read Dustin James’ previews) just so I don’t look like a complete idiot, and you feel like you got something of value out of reading this.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers

Presearch: Aaron Rodgers will do Aaron Rodgers things. Jordy Nelson’s return will make their offense even better, and Eddie Lacey doesn’t look 50 pounds overweight yet. Even Packers fans hate their defense, so I imagine that it sucks. They were in Pitch Perfect 2 though. Vikings will push them for the division, but I don’t bet against Aaron Rodgers.

Research: Oh yeah, Mike McCarthy is their head coach. I don’t think he’s very good. Julius Peppers has to slow down at some point, right? Will probably have the top offense in the league but lose some games due to McCarthy’s play calling and the defense.

Detroit Lions

Presearch: Dude, they drove Calvin Johnson into retirement. He was the best receiver in the league and could’ve played at a high level for at least another five years before falling to a slightly lower level that was still better than 90% of the receivers in the league. But he retired because he played for the friggin‘ Lions. There is literally no reason to care about the Lions anymore. Lions gonna Lions.

Research: Yup. Still missing Calvin Johnson. Somehow Jim Caldwell is still the head coach. I like Golden Tate, but don’t like Matthew Stafford. Totally forgot that they have Haloti Ngata, and I like Darius Slay. Their defense might keep them in games, but remember when they gave up that Hail Mary last year? Never trust the Lions.

Minnesota Vikings

Presearch: Adrian Peterson has to show his age at some point, right? Is Blair Walsh still allowed to kick for them? I can’t name anyone on their defense, but I know it’s really good. The injury to Teddy Bridgewater might sink the ship before it gets out of the no wake zone.

Research: I just got done playing the Vikings in Madden. Yup, their defense is good. However, their offense was absolute garbage. Poor Teddy had no time to throw. So it’s smart that they traded for a super injury prone quarterback in Sam Bradford. The Vikings will compete with the Packers as long as their defense holds up. However, with the loss of Bridgewater, there’s almost no chance they overtake the Packers.

Chicago Bears

Presearch: They still have Jay Cutler, so they’re pretty screwed. Kevin White and Alshon Jeffrey should make for a great duo. No clue who is running the ball for them and I don’t think their defense has been good for a couple of years now.

Research: Jeremy Langford is running the ball for them. Never heard of him. Completely forgot that John Fox was their head coach. Never trust a John Fox team. It looks like their defense will be pretty good if all the new pieces fit. Maybe they’re competitive. But again, never trust a John Fox team.

Division Winner – Green Bay Packers