In case you forgot, here’s how this works:

The premise for these previews is simple. I did no research outside of what I typically read on Twitter and wrote down my thoughts. Then I did a little bit of research (meaning I read Dustin James’ previews) just so I don’t look like a complete idiot, and you feel like you got something of value out of reading this.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

Presearch: Ben Roethlisberger will throw for a ton of yards and touchdowns because he has Antonio Brown. Le’Veon Bell will run for a bunch of yards if he stays healthy and not suspended. DeAngelo Williams was really good for them last year, but I’m not falling for that trap. Mike Tomlin is a good head coach so they’ll win a bunch of games.

Research: They’ll challenge the Packers for the top offense in the league. Also, like the Packers, their defense might struggle. Can we just get a Packers vs. Steelers Super Bowl in a game of first 100 wins? Actually, it doesn’t even have to be the Super Bowl. Just book them in a First to 100 game. Make the NFL fun again.

Cincinnati Bengals

Presearch: They are going to break Steve Cook’s heart again because Marvin Lewis isn’t a good head coach. I think Andy Dalton is good, and AJ Green is a beast. Is Giovani Bernard still their top running back? I feel like he was supposed to be their top guy, and then he got replaced. Pacman Jones will do something dumb. I think their defense is good, but I’m never going to trust this team in the playoffs until they prove me wrong.

Research: Jeremy Hill is their running back. So there’s that. Bernard is still on the team at least. They signed Brandon LaFell to be great for one or two series a year and disappear the rest of the season. They’ll good, but none of it will matter if they lose in the first round of the playoffs again. Did I mention that Marvin Lewis is their head coach?

Baltimore Ravens

Presearch: Dustin James picked them to win the Super Bowl last year, and then they sucked and now no one is talking about them. Joe Flacco is still elite, and Steve Smith is going to be awesome because Steve Smith gives no fucks. They’ll be better than last year. Terrell Suggs is getting his ass whipped by The Rock on Ballers, so I don’t have much hope for their defense. They’ll hang around in the division but are still behind the Steelers and Bengals.

Research: Dustin James picked them to win the Super Bowl last year and is really bitter. Their defense doesn’t look that bad on paper. Holy shit, they have Mike Wallace. I feel like he’s been on ten teams in the past two years. Injuries crippled them last year, and if they manage to stay healthy, they could challenge for the division. Sort of waiting for everyone to turn on John Harbaugh.

Cleveland Browns

Presearch: They brought in the Bengals offensive coordinator to be their head coach but he’s going to struggle because “throw the ball to AJ Green” isn’t I’m the Browns playbook. Robert Griffin III is their starter so that should be fun. They also have Travis Benjamin, and he made Johnny Manziel look good for a couple of games. Browns will continue to Browns.

Research: Holy shit, they lost Travis Benjamin. Terrelle Pryor is a wide receiver for them? I mean. I guess that could work. Quarterbacks trying to be quarterbacks haven’t don’t well in Cleveland so they may as well try them at other positions. Let’s build on this theory. What if every Browns QB in the last 20 years played a different position? I feel like they would’ve been a much better team throughout the years.

Division Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers