Hi sports entertainment fans! Women’s wrestling expert Steve Cook here. WWE is in an interesting place right now. The Brand Extension is back with split rosters on Raw & SmackDown. More spots are open for people to produce. On Raw we’re seeing previously unthought of things like Finn Balor challenging for a new championship on a PPV. Cesaro wrestling in a main event against Rusev. Enzo & Cass pretty much getting the first segment to themselves most week. Braun Stroman & Nia Jax squashing fools. Sasha Banks & Charlotte are kicking ass & taking names. It’s different than what we’re used to seeing.

SmackDown Live has been different too. It’s Live, for one thing. Dean Ambrose is leading the way as champion. AJ Styles & John Cena are doing their thing outside the title picture. Dolph Ziggler is challenging for a title at a PPV. They don’t have access to the Women’s Championship, but several of the ladies drafted by the brand will probably compete over some sort of title soon enough if I had to guess.

One of them, once she finally makes her spectacular debut, will be Eva Marie.


The Red Queen has had her doubters since Day One. When she debuted on Total Divas, the knock on her was that she was only on the show because E! producers loved her. Well, duh. Why wouldn’t they? She’s literally the most beautiful woman that ever stepped on the face of God’s green earth.. If I still did the Hot 100, this would be the list:

1. Eva Marie
2. Everybody else

THAT’S THE LIST! So all the IWC people got upset because Eva got on the show while other Divas were left to not have their personal lives violated by cameras. Poor babies. So Eva was a reality show star for awhile, and eventually she needed to be something else too. Ring announcing was not her forte, but who can blame her for not knowing Jinder Mahal’s name? I barely knew it and I used to write Ask 411 Wrestling. She decided that in-ring wrestling was going to be her thing, and after training with THE Brian Kendrick, she finally made her way to NXT full-time.


Did the NXT fans accept her? Of course not, they’re stupid idiots. Eva went down to Florida to train with everybody else & earn her spot in WWE, and the fans still gave her crap because she wasn’t as technically sound as girls that had been wrestling all across the world for years before moving to Florida. The bottom line is that Eva tried her hardest, she put it all on the line against some of the best in the business, and she earned a spot on SmackDown Live when Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan selected her in the WWE Draft.


Eva trained hard for this opportunity & fans everywhere awaited her Spectacular Debut on SmackDown with bated breath. Her appearance on the first SmackDown Live after the draft with her own voice-over ring announcer was glorious. She was set to debut in the ring the week after when disaster struck…she injured her leg during her entrance! Just when we were ready for All Red Everything, it was taken away from us. So disappointing. So we waited for next week…

A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION. Those just always seem to happen at the worst possible times. Just when we were about to see Eva’s Spectacular Debut, her top came undone. I mean, I wouldn’t have minded seeing her compete without it, but we gotta think of the children and the show’s PG for a reason, so what can ya do. We can only hope that next week, Eva Marie will finally be able to debut and set the world of women’s wrestling on fire.


In all seriousness, the usage of Eva Marie since being drafted to SmackDown has been tremendous. The over-the-top voice-over announcer. The questionable reasons she’s been unable to wrestle. Her outfit. Wrestling fans don’t want to like her because of their preconceptions about her ability to work & their awkwardness around ridiculously attractive women, but even a good portion of them have to admit that this is working.

It’s reminiscent of Chris Jericho’s refusal to talk prior to the 2012 Royal Rumble…all it did was make people want to hear what he had to say. The longer Eva Marie doesn’t wrestle, the more people want to see Becky Lynch kick her butt. Without actually wrestling, Eva Marie has become more valuable to WWE & the SmackDown brand.

I can’t wait until she’s champion. Been down since Day One.