Hi folks! THE USB Fantasy Football Expert Steve Cook here. The other day I gave you some general advice for enjoying your fantasy football draft. Today, I present my official rankings as of August 7. They are bound to change as events transpire before the season, but if I was drafting today this is how I would go. 25 quarterbacks, running backs & wide receivers. 20 tight ends. 10 defenses. 0 kickers. Let’s rank.



1. Cam Newton: I feel that he’ll rebound strong from the disappointment of the Super Bowl & be determined to come back. And he has Kelvin Benjamin now.
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Russell Wilson
4. Ben Roethlisberger: He’ll certainly miss some time, and he’ll certainly have some 40 point weeks.
5. Carson Palmer
6. Blake Bortles: I might be overrating this kid. But he looked real good last season with the Allens.
7. Drew Brees
8. Andrew Luck: I’m sure I’m underrating Luck, but he needs a big year to reassert himself as the future of the QB position.
9. Tom Brady: This is as low as Brady should go among QBs before you start thinking about taking him with another option for the the first 4 weeks.
10. Andy Dalton
11. Derek Carr
12. Philip Rivers
13. Eli Manning
14. Tony Romo
15. Kirk Cousins
16. Tyrod Taylor
17. Jameis Winston
18. Matt Ryan
19. Matthew Stafford
20. Ryan Fitzpatrick
21. Joe Flacco
22. Teddy Bridgewater: I can’t rank him any higher than this seriously, and I can’t rank him any lower and live with myself.
23. Brock Osweiler
24. Marcus Mariota
25. Ryan Tannehill

Running Backs


1. Todd Gurley: The only option in Los Angeles because there’s no passing game to speak of. They need him.
2. Adrian Peterson: Has no age.
3. David Johnson:
4. Jamaal Charles
5. Devonta Freeman
6. Lamar Miller
7. Mark Ingram
8. Doug Martin
9. Le’Veon Bell: Gonna be awesome when he comes back from suspension.
10. LeSean McCoy
11. Thomas Rawls
12. Ezekiel Elliott: I can’t rank a rookie in the top five. Especially one that plays for the Cowboys & has been hyped to the moon. It screams “BUST”.
13. Carlos Hyde
14. Eddie Lacy
15. C.J. Anderson
16. DeAngelo Williams: He was very good when Bell wasn’t around last year, and I expect the same this year.
17. Latavius Murray
18. Jonathan Stewart
19. Jeremy Hill
20. DeMarco Murray
21. Jeremy Langford
22. Dion Lewis
23. Frank Gore
24. Arian Foster
25. Giovani Bernard

Wide Receivers


1. Antonio Brown: #1 overall in my book. Mr. Consistency.
2. Odell Beckham Jr.: I worry about what’ll happen when he sees Josh Norman twice this season, hopefully he got the stupidity out of his system.
3. AJ Green
4. Julio Jones
5. Allen Robinson
6. Dez Bryant
7. DeAndre Hopkins: I feel like the QB situation and his preoccupation with his contract might be problematic.
8. Brandin Cooks
9. Amari Cooper
10. Sammy Watkins
11. TY Hilton: Every year I think he’ll take off because Luck is his QB. I swear it’ll actually happen this year.
12. Brandon Marshall
13. Keenan Allen
14. Mike Evans
15. Jordy Nelson: The knee worries me.
16. Randall Cobb
17. Demaryius Thomas
18. Alshon Jeffery
19. Kelvin Benjamin
20. Julian Edelman
21. Doug Baldwin
22. Eric Decker
23. Michael Floyd
24. Jarvis Landry
25. Golden Tate

Tight Ends

NFL: New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys

1. Rob Gronkowski: He’s Gronk.
2. Jordan Reed
3. Greg Olsen
4. Delanie Walker
5. Tyler Eifert: Might drop depending on when he can start playing. This is assuming he’s good to go in Week 1.
6. Travis Kelce
7. Coby Fleener: Watch out for this guy with Drew Brees throwing to him. Brees can make a TE a lot better than they have any business being.
8. Dwayne Allen
9. Antonio Gates
10. Martellus Bennett: I actually think he’ll thrive as New England’s second tight end.
11. Ladarius Green
12. Gary Barnidge: I think he might be a little overrated heading into this season. Good things don’t last for the Cleveland Browns.
13. Zach Ertz
14. Julius Thomas
15. Jason Witten
16. Jimmy Graham
17. Charles Clay
18. Will Tye
19. Vance McDonald
20. Clive Walford



1. Seattle
2. Arizona
3. Denver
4. Carolina
5. Kansas City
6. Los Angeles
7. Houston
8. Minnesota
9. Buffalo
10. Oakland

Next time…sleepers? Yeah. Sleepers.