Free agency is pretty much over with and man….was it ugly or what? We saw all sorts of mediocre NBA players get their pockets filled by NBA teams who are looking to take that next step among the elite teams and the whole thing got really ugly really quick.

Now that the dust is clear and everyone is rich again, it’s time to take a look at the worst contract on every single NBA team.

Pretty simple to figure out, right?


Dallas Mavericks


Harrison Barnes (SF)

Average Salary: $23,609,631

Signed Until: 2020

Harrison Barnes was a panic move by the Dallas Mavericks. After once again striking out on all the best free agents available, the Mavericks are taking another big gamble on a guy who isn’t that great in my opinion. The free agent market for Barnes wasn’t exactly high and the Warriors likely would have brought him back, until Kevin Durant decided to pop into town and Barnes was sent packing. The Mavericks are a team that is loaded with bad contracts, but the newest addition definitely takes the cake. Barnes is nowhere near a superstar and now he’s going to be expected to play like one.

Denver Nuggets

Minnesota Timberwolves v Denver Nuggets

Wilson Chandler (SF)

Average Salary: $11,625,000

Signed Until: 2019

The Nuggets don’t have a whole lot of bad contracts, but then again….they don’t have a whole lot of good players (HAYO!). I would say that Wilson Chandler’s contract is likely the worst one. He’s getting paid double digit money for three more seasons and you have no idea how he’s going to rebound after missing the entire 2015-16 season with an injury. If he comes back and is the player he once was, fantastic. If not, the Nuggets are screwed.


Golden State Warriors

Warriors at Wizards 2/3/16

Andre Iguodala (SF)

Average Salary: $12,000,000

Signed Until: 2017

The Warriors are another team that don’t have a lot of bad contracts. Of course, that’s what happens when your team is absolutely loaded from top-to-bottom. Iguodala gets the nod here because I have to pick SOMEONE from the team. If you want to nitpick, you could complain that Iguodala is making way too much money for a guy who’s coming off-the-bench (he’s the fourth highest paid player on the team, and yes…he makes more than Stephen Curry). Other than that, you can’t really bitch too much about what Golden State has going on. 


Houston Rockets

Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon (SG)

Average Salary: $13,221,622

Signed Until: 2020

The Houston Rockets are a mess. After the “Dwight Howard/James Harden” SUPER TEAM failed to do anything, the team is left picking up the scraps and are trying to build around Harden once again. They are apparently loading the team up with nothing but guys who can shoot the ball and contribute little else. That’s what Eric Gordon brings to the table….when he’s able to play that is. Gordon is a good scorer, but he’s extremely injury prone. The Rockets are spending nearly $13-million on a guy who has never played a full NBA season. So let’s say the Rockets somehow sneak into the playoffs in the Western Conference. Will Gordon even be around to help them out or will he be wearing a suit on the sidelines? Something tells me we already know the answer.

Los Angeles Clippers


Austin Rivers (PG)

Average Salary: $11,825,000

Signed Until: 2019

Sometimes it’s good to be the coach’s son and in Austin Rivers’ case…it’s also good to be the President of Baskeball Operation’s son. That way you can make sure that your pockets get lined fat with cash even though your a mediocre “shoot-first” point guard. Not only that, but Rivers’ contract comes with a player option in the third-year, because you know, that’s been so rightfully deserved. What happens if there’s a fall-out between Doc and the Clippers owners by the way? I know that’s a long shot, but still. If that happens, the Clippers are stuck with Doc’s angry son until 2019. Actually I change my mind. I love this contract.

Los Angeles Lakers


Timofey Mozgov (C)

Average Salary: $16,000,000

Signed Until: 2020

The easiest pick in this entire column. Not only is Mozgov’s contract the worst one on the Lakers, but it’s arguably the worst one in the entire league. Just gross. Then again, hasn’t that been the Lakers standard the past few seasons?

Memphis Grizzlies


Chandler Parsons (SF)

Average Salary: $24,000,000

Signed Until: 2020

This was a tough call between Chandler Parsons and Marc Gasol. Now don’t get me wrong. I think Gasol is a good player, but he just suffered a foot injury last season and there’s no telling how he’s going to be able to heal from it. A big man making $20-million a year coming off a FOOT injury scares me. Almost as much as a small-forward making $24-million a year with knee problems. I have to admit, when the Trail Blazers chased Parsons this off-season and were reportedly ready to offer him the same kind of deal, I got a little nervous. Haven’t us Blazers fans been teased with knee injuries enough already? Let the Grizzlies have him. 

Minnesota Timberwolves


Ricky Rubio (PG)

Average Salary: $14,000,000

Signed Until: 2019

The Minnesota Timberwolves have one of the nicest young teams in the NBA. They have a pretty sweet collection of young talent….and Ricky Rubio. This is a marriage that is over with people. Rubio is no longer a fit with the Timberwolves and both parties would be best if they went their separate ways. There’s a reason Minnesota currently has him on the trade block as it is. He’s the team’s highest player, but is far from their best player. With a slew of first-round picks that the team is going to have to re-sign soon, the T’Wolves would be wise to try and move Rubio and bring in a point guard who fits the team better and perhaps comes with a cheaper contract.

New Orleans Pelicans


Omer Asik (C)

Average Salary: $12,000,000

Signed Until: 2020

Omer Asik’s contract is pretty awful. Outside of Anthony Davis, the Pelicans don’t have a whole lot of long-term contracts. Other than Omer Asik of course. New Orleans is paying Asik $12-million for the next four years and the guy is just not that good. Where does he excel on the court? On the offensive side where he averaged a booming 4 points per game last season? Maybe on the defensive side where he’s an average rebounder and is no longer a good rim-protector? The Pelicans are a mess, but at least they got “THE BROW” and…..Omer Asik? Bleeeeeeh. 

Oklahoma City Thunder


Kyle Singler (SF)

Average Salary: $5,000,000

Signed Until: 2020

The Thunder don’t have a lot of bad contracts to choose from. That’s because they are one of the best ran teams in the NBA and had Kevin Durant stuck around…they would still be considered NBA title contenders. I still think they will be good next season, but as far as title contenders? Ya, that’s not happening. Anyway, as far as long-term contracts are concerned, the Thunder have two guys under deals that go beyond next year (that don’t include team options). They are Enes Kanter and Kyle Singler. I’m going with Singler because even though he doesn’t get paid THAT much, he sucks. I’ve followed his career since he was a high school kid in Oregon and it pains me to say this….but gross. 

Phoenix Suns


Brandon Knight (PG) 

Average Salary: $14,500,000

Signed Until: 2020

The Suns are another team that don’t have a lot of bad contracts. I basically have to choose between Brandon Knight, Tyson Chandler, and Eric Bledsoe. Out of all of those players, I’m picking Knight. No disrespect because I would gladly take him on my NBA team, but it’s gotta be someone and he draws the short straw. 

Portland Trail Blazers


Allen Crabbe (SF)

Average Salary: $18,500,000

Signed Until: 2020

I like Allen Crabbe. He’s my boy. But this contract. Man, this contract! Last year the Blazers forced the Oklahoma City Thunder to overpay for Enes Kanter and this year karma bit them in the ass when the Brooklyn Nets forced the Blazers to overpay for Allen Crabbe. Crabbe is a good scorer and he has plenty of room to develop and has done so over the course of his first three seasons, but the Blazers will need him to take that next step in order to justify his contract. They are paying Evan Turner similar money and they will need one of these guys to step up and play near an All-Star level if the Blazers are going to take that next step in the Western Conference. With C.J. McCollum due for a huge raise next off-season the Blazers are going to be strapped for cash now. This is your team for the next few seasons Portland. You’d better hope Crabbe continues to take that next step or it could get ugly going into the 2019 season (where Crabbe has a player option). 

Sacramento Kings


Garrett Temple (SG)

Average Salary: $8,000,000

Signed Until: 2019

Power to Garrett Temple. The 30-year old finally had a decent season in Washington and the Sacramento Kings took notice and decided to sign the guy for $8-million a year for the next three seasons. Something tells me Kings fans will end up hating this contract real quick, but when’s the last time Sacramento Kings fans were happy anyway? Let’s not give them that pleasure. 

San Antonio Spurs


LaMarcus Aldridge (PF)

Average Salary: $21,500,000

Signed Until: 2018

He’s a bum.

Utah Jazz


Alec Burks (SG)

Average Salary: $10,000,000

Signed Until: 2019

The Jazz don’t have a lot of bad contracts. They are going to have to re-sign Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward at some point in the next two years, but those guys are both fantastic players. Alec Burks is a good player, but his contract is disgusting when you look at what he provides on-the-court. That’s because the guy BARELY SEES THE COURT! He only played 31 games last year and do you care to take a stab at how many games he played the year before that? TWENTY SEVEN! Good news Jazz fans. You have Burks signed for at least the next three years so you’re sure to at least get 82 games out of him at that point. And yes I mean 82 games total.